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Bells Softech

Bells Softech

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Bells Softech

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  1. Bells Softech Bells Softech

  2. Bells Softech Company Overview Bells Controls Industrial Automation Company 30 years old Management Adarsh Jalan V.L. Shetty S. Ravishankar B.K. Prabhavathi S. Jayaram Engineering staff Experience of over 40 projects IT Infrastructure Management Bells Softech US INDIA UK / EUROPE Bells House $ 75 M Industrial Automation, Process Control, Tea, Currency Ink, Food Services Supervisory Board Sudhir Jalan Adarsh Jalan Saurabh Srivastava Vikram Shah Investment Commitment Corporate strength Board

  3. Bells Softech Management Profile Adarsh Jalan, MD B.COM (Hons), ACWA, Exec.Dev Prg (Singapore,USA) 12 Years of exp in Setting up and Managing Companies V. L. Shetty, President B Sc, MBA 22 Years of exp in IT S.Ravishankar, VP, R&D MTech, IIT Madras 22 Years of exp in Networking & Industrial Automation B.K. Prabhavathi, Program Manager, Industrial Automation BE, Bangalore University 19 Years of exp in Industrial Automation Management Adarsh Jalan V.L. Shetty S. Ravishankar B.K. Prabhavathi S. Jayaram

  4. Managing Director President VP/GM -Technology Human Resource Marketing Finance & Administration PM Industrial Automation PM Quality Systems System Admin US UK/Europe PM Embedded Systems Test Engineers INDIA Technical Staff Project Leaders Sr.Software Engineers Software Engineers Trainees PM Engineering Bells Softech Organization

  5. Business Models Bells Softech

  6. Bells Softech Human Resources

  7. Infrastructure Bells Softech Physical Infrastructure 10,000 sq. ft facility centrally located at Bangalore, IT Capital of India Redundant power support Registered STP Unit. Networking Infrastructure LAN with structured cabling High speed link to internet People All our people are engineers some have masters degree Continuous training Bells-People Induction training Continuing training Advanced training Personality Development training

  8. Skill Matrix Bells Softech

  9. Information Control Bells Technology Platforms Bells Softech Mission Providing solutions for collecting data from various sources, transporting using various media and delivering to appropriate devices as and when needed for monitoring, controlling and decision making. Bells Technologies

  10. Bells Softech Industrial Automation Internet Wireless Networks Telephone Network Development of Interfaces DCS Engineering System Design Control Database Graphics & Reports Complex Loops & Batch Control Configurator Device Drivers Protocols Standard Interfaces (OPC) OS/Platform SCADA/DCS/PLC Systems E N G I N E E R I N G We are a member of the OPC foundation Platform Migrations (Pervasive Devices) OS Migrations (CE, NT, PSOS) Display Components Containers Embedded Systems Protocols Add Functions RTOS/Platform Controllers HCI PLC Engineering System Design Control Database Graphics & Reports Ladder Logic Embedded Systems Field Devices

  11. Bells Softech Embedded Systems Application Drivers Protocols Real-Time OSes HARDWARE


  13. Bells & Engineering - 1 Bells Softech DCS & SCADA RELATED ACTIVITIES • System Configuration • Control Database Generation • Dynamic & Passive Graphic Building / Graphics Configuration • Control logic implementation • Continuous control Batch/Sequence Control Closed loop and Complex loop Ladder logic • Historian & Trends configuration • Report Generation • Special Applications like Writing custom applications for integrating two different systems like writing an OPC (Ole for Process Control) driver etc. Special report generation like management reports which may need programming (C/C++) Any other customized software development using the APIs provided by the DCS system like developing a Sequence of Events (SOE) tool, Administrator tool which may not be freely available with the standard DCS system.

  14. Bells & Engineering - 2 Bells Softech DCS & SCADA SYSTEMS • Foxboro • Yokogawa • ABB • Fisher-Rosemont • Honeywell PLC RELATED ACTIVITIES • System Configuration • Control Database Generation • Control logic implementation using Ladder logic or any other PLC programming language.

  15. Bells & Engineering - 3 Bells Softech PLC SYSTEMS • Allen-Bradley (Rockwell) • Siemens • Modicon • Mitsubishi • GE Fanuc BELLS INDUSTRIAL EXPERIENCE • Fertilizers and Chemicals • Utilities (Power) Plants • Petrochemicals • Refineries. • Synthetics & Textiles • Steels

  16. Bells & OPC - 1 Bells Softech • Development of OPC Server for Accusonic Flowmeter 7510 Interfaced to Fix 32 HMI of Intellution. Developed using Intellution’s Advanced Server Development Kit with suitable modifications for handling the multiple sequence command-response protocol of the flowmeter. • Development of OPC Server for Accusonic Flowmeter 7500 Interfaced to Fix 32 HMI of Intellution. Developed using Intellution’s Advanced Server Development Kit with suitable modifications for handling the Data dump protocol of the flowmeter. • OPC Enabling of the HCI (Human Computer Interface) system of a major Power Equipment manufacturer in India as both OPC Server (supporting redundancy of Servers) and OPC Client. • Enhancement of OPC Server with browsing facility for an US based Building Automation company • Development of OPC Server for Honeywell, India

  17. Bells & OPC - 2 Bells Softech OPC Servers • OPC Server for Modbus protocol with both RS232/TCPIP and RTU/ASCII • OPC Server with ODBC database access OPC Clients • OPC Client with data display on WAP enabled Cell phone / Web / PC with SMS alerts OPC Server Redundancy • OPC Redundancy Manager to handle redundancy of OPC Servers

  18. Bells & HCI - 1 Bells Softech Development of ActiveX controls for HCI in Industrial Automation – One of the focus areas of Bells We have a Sole Developer relationship with a leading Industrial Displays manufacturer in Europe. • developed more than 40 controls for Visualisation Controls Meter, Symbol, Label, Bar, Selector, Trend, Profile etc. • developed back end Controls for Data Acquisition, Alarm Management, Operator Action management etc. Some of the salient features of these controls are • developed in VC++ using MFC/ATL • for Windows CE, NT, 2000 and XP platforms • support dual interfaces • support full transparency i.e. see through a dynamically changing background • compatible with .NET based client applications also

  19. Bells & HCI - 2 Bells Softech

  20. Bells & HCI - 3 Bells Softech Other projects in SCADA / DCS / HCI are listed below: • Development of Configurator for an US based Display panel company for interfacing their displays to different PLCs • Development of HCI for Turbine Control System

  21. Bells & Palm OS Bells Softech • Display format conversion class This system takes input data from the PLC, which is connected through serial port. It converts these data to a string as per IEEE 754 format (only for Real and Scientific notation) or BINARY format or ASCII format and display the converted string in a palm device • PDA Inventory Application. The requirement was for user to collect data from the field place using HH and transfer data to the remote database. The Main objective of this system is to sync (full duplex) a database between a handheld and a PC (SQL SERVER). We have designed and developing a MFC conduit (dll) using Palm OS CDK toolkit. Developing a front end in Palm OS to edit, view and delete records in handheld database. • Logic Developer –PDA (LDPDA) This application is developed to handle PLC data in the Palm Handheld. LDPDA handles data from various Process Control applications like PROCESS 90, Logicmaster and CIMPLICITY. These applications get data from the PLC unit and write it in the SNF (Shared Name File). SNF format is an extension of the industry-standard Comma Separated Variable (CSV) format. • Impact 'S-type' link This project is to achieve a data link between a PalmOS and Impact's link interface computer on CD Net 2. The Palm OS can send and receive messages to and from the Impact Moisture, Caliper, & Weight systems through a single link interface. For sending and receiving we are using the IPMACT system’s handshaking protocol.

  22. Bells & RTOS Bells Softech RTOS ENHANCEMENTS FOR AN US BASED RTOS COMPANY The RTOS has been designed to co-exist with various versions of Windows Oses. This provides the required RTOS capability to windows platforms. Bells had carried out various enhancements to this RTOS. 1. Porting of TCP/IP onto the customer’s RTOS 2. Porting of RTOS onto different service packs of NT/win 2000 3. Porting of RTOS onto Windows XP 4. Development of ODI driver on RTOS- The RTOS did not have support to DMA devices. Bells developed a driver with this support for Intelpro100 ethernet card on PCI bus. 5. Ported NE2000 driver from DOS to RTOS.

  23. Bells & Embedded Systems Bells Softech • High Speed Protocol Conversion for flight testing Data from cockpit on four channels are combined on a predetermined format and are sent out as two-biphasic signal for recording, replaying and future analysis. • Speed and Altitude Monitoring for unmanned aircraft Two non linear analog signals, one for Altitude and the other one for Speed are linearised and retransmitted as analog signals to the cockpit controller for recording, indication and control. The module, which uses this software, is used in an unmanned aircraft. • Precision Measurement & Image Processing This is a PC based precision measuring software tool used in Standard precision tool rooms. This receives the displacement in x and y-axis in the form of pulses from the job table through the glass scales. This s/w performs lots of trigonometric operations on the inputs provided to measure the dimensions of the jobs accurately to the precision of 1.0 micron or 0.1 micron. The s/w has also graphics features and will also generate suitable files for AutoCAD or CNC. • Distributed Data Acquisition system This PCbased front-end software acquires data through a PCI module. The handshaking and data transfer between the module and the CPU takes place through a dual port memory. The data is collected at regular interval through the interrupt and stored in database. The software also provides MMI, setup features for each channel, alarm setting, display and graphical representation of continuously varying parameters and report generation. • Auto do outer ball groove classifier • This is an integrated setup consisting of an Industrial PC, Stepper motor drive, stepper motor, six LVDT probes along with the driver modules, proximity switches and a control panel assembly. The application was developed using VB 6.0 with MS ACCESS as the back end. This application will run on win 9x or NT Platforms • Error proofing based on vision technology This application is also for an automotive parts manufacturing company. This consists of digital cameras, frame Grabber modules and mechanical setup with necessary lighting arrangement. The software tools used are LAB WINDOWS and IMAQ VISION.

  24. Bells & Micro controllers Bells Softech

  25. Other Projects Bells Softech WAP INTERFACE FOR PROCESS CONTROL Using this the data can be obtained from any OPC Data Access Server and Made available to a WAP enabled Cell phone. Displayed on the OPC Client GUI Accessed over Internet Automatically send a SMS message to his mobile. Automatically dial the given phone number & play the configured Wave files CSI-UT Bi-directional communication between various control systems/data acquisition devices/PLCs to software framework of Unicentre TNG JEOCS Makes control system objects available over the information LAN This is based on Java & Jini Technology PAYLOAD CHECKOUT 3 Tier software for online and offline testing of satellite payload APPLICATION WIZARD TO UPGRADE PCs Upgrade wizard for migration from Win3.x/95 to 98/2000 BELLS BIZ Wizard for Web/WAP enabling of ODBC compliant database applications BROWSER FOR AN US BASED SOFTWARE COMPANY Enhancement of Microbrowser which can be ported on to any client platform for handheld / mobile devices, Specially tuned to optimally perform for dedicated web sites/pages and made compliant to COMPACT HTML

  26. Porting Jobs COM Interface Port(RS232C) PLC Control End User GUI (VB Exe) Communication Object .Ini File Bells Softech Configuration editor. The configuration editor (used to configure display panels through RS-232 port) was converted from 16-bit version( developed using version 1.5 of VC++) to a 32-bit version. Though porting the code on to 32 bit was one of the options, based on client’s needs the s/w was rewritten.The 32-bit was be developed in VB(Visual Basic) and VC++. .ocf File (Import & Export) The diagram indicates the s/w architecture

  27. Porting Jobs Bells Softech 2 Payload checkout software The software works on Unix systems. The same was rewritten to function on NT systems. The package helps evaluate the performance of Remote Sensing Payloads of a satellite and the user has the flexibility of adding and configuring any new remote sensing payloads by properly defining the required parameters as databases. The main functions of software was : • Data Processing, which includes auxiliary and video data collected by the special hardware for remote sensing payloads. • Generation on the processed data. • Presentation of processed data and results in a graphical manner. • Batch processing of various utilities to reduce user interaction. • Archiving and retrieving of payload data for future

  28. Onsite Consultancy Projects - 1 Bells Softech

  29. Onsite Consultancy Projects - 2 Bells Softech

  30. Bells Softech Product Support Services • Study of the Product, functionalities, development environment, Product Road Map, Release deadlines, Support setup and load • Definition of support metrics and goals ( turn around time for problem resolution, 24x7 support etc. ) • Ramp up the team with required skill levels • Training on the Product support and processes (Organization, interaction with other divisions) • Transition and setup of H/W, S/W and infrastructure • Parallel operation for 2/3 months • Complete transfer of support to Off-shore center • Periodic Reviews

  31. Partnership Bells Softech • Out Sourcing partners (for outsourcing development work) - Matching skills and domain expertise. - Customizing products, special interfaces, protocols - Experience in handling off-shore development jobs for US companies • On-site consultancy work. - Development assignments. - System integration jobs - Field implementation and testing/support - Durations of 1 month + • Product Offerings. - OPC Client, - OPC server redundancy manager - HMI components

  32. Bells Softech Quality Systems We are an ISO 9001 Company QUALITY POLICY We shall strive for total customer satisfaction by supplying defect free software products and services on time every time • Quality Goals: • Number of defects (post-development in first one year of release) • Mission-critical Real-time systems : 1 in 100KLOC • Commercial Systems : 1 in 10KLOC • Rejected solution on maintenance : Not greater than 2% • Deliverable Timeliness : Number of delayed Projects • Should not be more than 5% of total number of projects and none of the projects should be delayed by more than 10% of the schedule • Training time (on yearly basis) : 5% of working time

  33. Tools Bells Softech • Microsoft Project (for Project Management) • Rational Suite Development Studio and Rational test real time • Visual Modeller (for designing UML diagrams) • Bounds Checker (for checking the memory leaks)  • Windows Kernel Debugger (for debugging kernel mode device drivers)  •  WinGUI (for kernel debugger for remote systems)  • Hardware compatibility test (for verifying the H/W compatibility) • Visual SourceSafe (for Version maintenance) • InstallShield (for Installation programs) • WinZip (for S/W compression) • Norman Virus Control (for virus checking and removal)

  34. Bells - People Bells Softech • Bells-Peopledefines people-oriented policies and practices that • we have adopted to attract, nurture, retain and develop our people. • Attract • Sound promoters • 30-year legacy in Indian industry • Grown over 60% average since inception • Selection & Recruitment • Written tests-Technical/Aptitude • 2-4 personal interviews, depending on seniority • All are Engineering graduates/MCAs • Organizational and Work culture • 24/7 flexible work environment • Technical & cultural clubs etc • Compensation management • In the 80th percentile • Flexible/Tax friendly compensation structure • Medical covers for family • Incentives systems for senior people • ESOP scheme for all

  35. Bells - People Bells Softech • Induction and Training • Training to keep abreast of changing technology and competencies • Recognition and reward • Spot awards • Incentives • Mid-year pay raises for outstanding contribution • Career growth • Promotions • Foreign Assignments / Postings • Small team leadership • Retention • Average attrition rate is less than 5%, in line with the best in the industry

  36. IP Protection Bells Softech The Customer will have the complete ownership and all the applicable rights to all the source code, manuals and all other deliverables of a project. Following is the summary of processes followed for the protection of IPR • All engineers working on the project would have signed a general nondisclosure agreement with Bells • All engineers working on the project will also sign a special nondisclosure agreement with the Customer, if required • Bells Softech will sign a nondisclosure and IPR protection agreement as part of our contract • All engineers working on the project (except the quality engineer) will not be assigned any other work during the project • All documents and software pertaining to the project will be controlled and access will be restricted, defined and monitored • All documents received from the Customer will be either destroyed or returned at the end of the project • The quality engineer will oversee and audit the correct implementation of these processes

  37. Bells Softech Core Values Obsessive Closeness to our Customers Bells-Model Protection of IPR Bells-Way Quality in all we do (We are ISO 9001 certified) Bells-People • Dignity of Individual Ethics in all we do Constant Innovation

  38. Bells Softech Summary The Company Services Benefits Onsite Offshore Turnkey ODC Costs Savings Manpower availability Quality Technical Expertise B E L L S S O F T E C H Infrastructure People Processes Quality Systems Metrics Background Promoter Strength Track record Technical Strength Technology Savvy Management