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Sustain Y o ur Bo d y Sustain T he E a r th PowerPoint Presentation
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Sustain Y o ur Bo d y Sustain T he E a r th

Sustain Y o ur Bo d y Sustain T he E a r th

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Sustain Y o ur Bo d y Sustain T he E a r th

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  1. Sustain YourBodySustainThe Earth

  2. OUR Totally Green Bottles & Caps believes in leaving future generations a healthier planet where consumer product packaging has a softer environmental impact, generates less waste, and is both functional and sustainable.

  3. OUR MISSIONIn pursuit of sustainability and environmental stewardship, Totally Green Bottles & Caps is committed to becoming the premier global supplier of compostable bottles, caps, and other liquid containers in the world to those companies committed to a robust recovery plan.

  4. Totally Green Bottles & Caps is the first company in the world to manufacture a 100% compostable container—bottle, cap, and label. All materials break down naturally through industrial composting or may be incinerated for clean fuel in bottle or briquette form.

  5. Our plant-based product insures safe consumption from a sustainable, plant-based container.Even the production of our containers is more environmentally-friendly. Compared totraditional hydrocarbon-based polymers likePET and polystyrene,the process to produce our bottles:--Produces60%less greenhousegasses--Uses50%lessnon-renewableenergy.

  6. Totally Green Bottles & Caps is the result of a decade-long pursuit of Bill Horner, company president and CEO. In 2003, Horner founded Naturally Iowa, LLC. Horner’s enterprise provided consumers with high-quality organic milk and yogurt delivered in the world’s first compostable containers for dairy products. In 2010, Horner folded Naturally Iowa, Inc., into an established manufacturer of composting equipment, Totally Green, Inc.

  7. Now located in Toronto, Canada, Totally Green, Inc., manufactures the unique ORCA Green Machine Food Composter—a green alternative to management of commercial food waste. In order to focus solely on the development and production of compostable containers, Totally Green Bottles & Caps, LLC, was separated from Totally Green, Inc., in 2012.

  8. Unfortunately, some manufacturers label their products “biodegradable” or “compostable” when they are not. Despite confusing claims, PET plastic, plant-based PET, and “bio-PET/oxy-biodegradable PET” containers currently on the market do not meet ASTM D6400 standards for biodegradability. Only our containers meet this standard.

  9. Our recently developed and tested caps are a major technological breakthrough in container packaging. Totally Green’s new cap meets, in full, market strictures and specifications for composting and incineration. The cap overcomes, for the first time, the intractable challenge of brittleness that befuddled development of compostable caps. With this breakthrough, consumers can dispose both bottle, cap, and label together, confident that their container will not harm the environment.

  10. Bill Horner, President & CEO (Iowa) 402-510-7705 Larry Cohen, External Affairs & Government Relations (Virginia) 703-297-0505 Ed Lacy, Product Development (Colorado) Bruce Kucera, Equipment Design & Engineering (Nebraska) Shane Vannoy, Special Projects (North Carolina) Maryann Dintino, Operations (North Carolina) 336-846-7191, ext Brendan Magone, Public Relations (Nevada) 702-985-2920