country germanyall is quiet on the western front n.
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  1. COUNTRY-GERMANYALL IS QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT Grayson Moye K. Gaspari English 10 1/12/2012

  2. INTERESTING PLACES AND PICTURES München, although known as a large and sophisticated business center, is a city that carries a warmth and charm unlike many other of Germany's major urban areas. München offers numerous galleries, exceptional museums, wonderful opera and a world-class symphony orchestra. Romantic Road-Contrary to the name, the attraction of the Romantic Road is not the road, but the towns that are loosely linked to it.

  3. FESTIVALS AND EXCITING EVENTS One of the biggest festivals takes place in down town Munich. The festival is called Oktoberfest. This festival celebrates the celebrates the early German history or in other words it is a big family reunion. The reunion is so big in fact it is the largest festival in the world. Nearly every year the minimum amount of people that attend this is about 5 million people.

  4. WHAT THIS BOOK HAS TAUGHT ME. This book has taught me many interesting and different things. The book has taught me that whether your from America or Germany we are all still people inside. We feel the same things, we communicate in same ways and we all feel the same. Also, I have learned that the military system in Germany is very harsh. They believe that in order to make one stronger they punish the soldiers with brutal tasks like getting beat up but with no repercussion, the German military feels that this will make them stronger and harder to break if they were ever captured or tortured.

  5. HOW MY VIEWS HAVE CHANGED. My views have changed by realizing that people aren't so different. I Actually now realize that I have it really good and that other people who have next to nothing they just do what they need to do and live life at the fullest. So, I now feel like I have nothing to complain about anymore. Also I learned that Germany isn’t all beautiful country sides it has a lot of rural areas along with ghettos. I like how the Germans act in their royalty and dedication to their faith, community, leader, and people of there country.

  6. HOW I WOULD HAVE HANDLED THE CONFLICT The conflict was that he would have got out of the war in one month but he couldn’t take it anymore so he tried to leave early. He was caught in and thrown in prison until he escaped three years later. But, what I would have done differently is that I would have just stayed in the war and do the best I could do. But, it is easier said than done because you have no idea what you would do in WWII so you cant really say what you would do but that’s what I feel like I would do.

  7. WORKS CITED I had a lot more sites but I couldn’t find the URL, I hope you enjoyed this Mrs. G

  8. CULTURAL DIFFERENCES Nick and I are very different he has a totally different style than me at least how the book describes it. In his culture the government systems in Germany can be very one sided and slack at times. Versus America we have a very hands on and equal government system. Its almost like that it is a totally different world over there. Americans tend to get stuck on the material things like clothes or electronics. The Germans just kind of go with the flow they honestly feel like everything will be okay no matter what happens and not to get to caught up on what id happening around them or what obstacles come up or have passed.