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  2. A Peer Group of Volunteers Also known as…. Hear@Boston

  3. Our Mission: To empower people who have hearing loss by facilitating opportunities for • Social engagement, • Education, • Skill Development.

  4. 2012-13 Speaker & Workshop Series Hearing Loss and Adolescence: Successful Transitions Michael Dormer, CCC-SLP Speech and Language Therapist National Education for Assistance Dogs Services John Moon, Director of Programs and Communications

  5. 2012-13 Speaker & Workshop Series…. Hands-on Assistive Listening Device Workshops Carol Agate, Barbara Johnson HLAA Hearing Assistive Technologies (HAT) Trainees Members, HLAA Boston Chapter

  6. 2012-13 Workshops & Speaker Series…. Hearing, Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids: 2012 Douglas Beck, Director of Professional Relations Oticon, Inc.

  7. 2012-13 Workshops & Speaker Series…. A Conversation about Captioning Larry Goldberg, Founder and Director Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family National Center for Accessible Media, WGBH

  8. 2012-13 Workshops & Speaker Series…. Aural Rehabilitation: A Gold Standard in Hearing Healthcare Kathleen Cienkowski Associate Professor, Department of Audiology Director, Aural Rehabilitation Laboratory, University of Connecticut

  9. Workshops & Speaker Series Pre-Holiday Wine and Cheese Gathering: Stress Management and Communication Strategies Tune-up PyschologistMichael Harvey, Ph.D.

  10. 2012-13 Workshops and Speaker Series… Legislative Self-Advocacy: Principles and Strategies LiseHamlin, HLAA Public Policy Director Lisa Adams, Massachusetts Hearing Aids for Children Coalition Chair

  11. 2012-13 Workshops and Speaker Series… Let’s Loop New England! Juliette Sterkens, Ph.D. Presented as part of the “Get in The Loop” campaign, American Academy of Audiology and Hearing Loss Association of America

  12. Museum of Fine Arts Boston Partnership A Series of Guided Tours at the MFA, BostonUsing the MFA’s Gallery Tour Assistive Listening System

  13. HLAA Convention Scholarships • 2012: Providence, Rhode Island – Five first-time attendees ($2,000) • 2013: Portland, Oregon – One “100 Portland” scholarship and one scholarship to an adult with hearing loss, awarded by the national office ($1,000)

  14. HLAA Convention Scholarships • “Being able to attend the HLAA Convention this summer is so important for me to keep learning about technologies and the people that provide so much for those with hearing loss.” • “Thank you so much for making this trip a reality for me.” • “Life changing!”

  15. New England Walk4Hearing Sponsorships 2012 - $1,000 2013 - $1,000

  16. Chapter Outreach • Regular mailings to 25 Boston area audiologists with information about our programs and publicity materials for dissemination to patients • Regular blast emails about our programs to our membership, a wide range of senior centers, university audiology programs, and additional audiologists • An Interests and Needs Survey issued bi-annually through online tool, Survey Monkey, to identify programs and services desired by the membership and to facilitate empowerment through opportunities for leadership roles. • Massachusetts Academy of Audiology outreach to the hearing healthcare providers through Constant Contact email blasts and Facebookposts.

  17. Up and Coming A new website launching in Fall 2013! • Blogs! • Young Adults and Senior Citizens with hearing loss • Auditory Training • Parents of Children with Hearing Loss • Legal Issues and Disability Rights • News about Our Neighboring New England HLAA chapters! • A Comprehensive Reference Calendar of Events Programs! New social events! • Ice Cream Socials at the Aquarium • Pizza Gatherings in the North End

  18. Contact us at

  19. Serving Cape Cod, the Islands and South East Massachusetts Purchased Three Loops for Demonstration in Public Places and Loan to Chapter Members

  20. of Central MA Provided CART and Promotional Materials for Programs on • assistive technology, hearing aid and ci compatible cell phones • coping strategies within the family setting and workplace • how to use skype • Captioncall • Cochlear implant users panel • Emergency Preparedness • New advances in hearing aids and its accessories • Coping strategies within the medical setting

  21. ALLIANCES Proceeds from New England Walk4Hearing Support the Creation of Exceptional Programs and Resources by Non-Profit Organizations Working on Behalf of Children and Adults Affected by Hearing Loss

  22. Emerson College Thayer Lindsley Family-Centered Program Created a Lending Library of Take-Home Materials for An Early Intervention Program

  23. A.G. Bell Held Events for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and Their Families

  24. HEAR TOGETHER Held Gatherings and Excursions for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and Their Families ---- Purchased Administrative Materials & Equipment ---- Developed a Lending Library ---- Held Formal Monthly Parent Meetings

  25. READS COLLABORATIVE • Held Deaf Story Teller Event • Provided Team Shirts for The Academic Bowl for Deaf and Hard of Hearing School Age Children

  26. THE LEARNING CENTER…… “The Walk4Hearing has given us the means to go above and beyond what we ever thought possible.” --Funded Gallaudet University Academic Bowl Trip for 4 High School Students --Funded China Bo’ai Sister School Trip for Trip 3 High School Students

  27. …THE LEARNING CENTER… Supported Athletic and Special Olympics Programs • --Provided Athletic and Special Olympic Programs

  28. …..THE LEARNING CENTER “We could never have done this if it weren't for the walk and HLAA.” --Created Science Camp for Elementary Students --Supported the Parent Infant Program (PIP)


  30. National HLAA Programs • Responds to over 60,000 email and phone inquiries annually • Provides information, referral, education and coping resources through, Hearing Loss Magazine, the annual convention, and the HLAA electronic newsletter • Gives one year complimentary membership and free convention registration to veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) • Social networking site for young adults with hearing loss at

  31. National HLAA Programs • Supports parents of children with hearing loss • Advocates for the rights of people with hearing loss • Advocates for more affordable hearing aids and implementation of other technologies and non-technical approaches to hearing loss treatment

  32. National HLAA Programs • A nationwide network of chapters that provide personal support locally • 14 state organizations advocating for expanded state services • Leadership trainings for HLAA volunteers

  33. Hearing Loss Association of America The Nation’s Voice for People with Hearing Loss