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Effective Tips for Mobile UI Design

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Effective Tips for Mobile UI Design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Designing a mobile UI design? The best approach is to use the standard interface coupled with the design pattern expected by the end user. User like it to be the gesture enabled with the flow which is clear & requires a very little effort.

  • Replicating a desktop approach to mobile experience will not help. It has to be developed & extend it further in a top down method.

The desktop, mobile, laptop, tablets has varied screens, hence it is essential that the design concept is kept as responsive to adapt the evolving innovative screen sizes.

  • User Interface (UI) is actually a subset of user experience. Only adding the beauty & smart apps will not help.
  • Until & unless the user finds the information what he desires, the overall experience would end up in a failure.

Effective Tips for Mobile UI Design

1) Develop an app which is as per customer preference with design patterns expectations by user:

Providing a consistent & an excellent UI experience, you can definitely avoid the bounce rate & user abundance numbers. Listen to what the customer expects from your app. It could be speed, it could be fun element or even it could be about getting the fastest possible accurate information. Their insights are often based on their experience with several apps. It is always beneficial to have an objective view of the user expectation. Sharing the wire information, alpha, beta & prototypes often with customers, the better will be the experience.


Effective Tips for Mobile UI Design

2) Outline a target segment of users & develop an app around them:

Before developing an app, you need to understand it very clearly that for whom you are designing the app. A right app for the right segment of people can fetch you more traffic & hence the better revenues. Outline the user profiles like the app would be used by novice segment of people who are usually known as the slow & cautious users or the experienced people who are much more confident, expect the power pact performance with some powerful features or you would like to cater to both the segment of the people. Considering the varied needs of distinct segment of a group would be a deciding factor for your app usage. In short, the mobile apps do not require the lengthy tutorials hence it has to be user friendly & intuitive.


Effective Tips for Mobile UI Design

3) Concentrate on the least practical app (Minimum Viable product):

It is generally the app which has no more than the features you desire. It would only cater to the features you have paid money for. It allows you to focus on the core features of the product helping you avoid the unnecessary investment on the features which are less used by the users.


Effective Tips for Mobile UI Design

4) Create intuitive & a flowing navigation experience:

Using the obvious & catchy designs, you would be able to get the users glued to your app. Context is the primary requirement. Ensure that the app you are developing for mobile UI is easy to use & then there is an easy way to go back to previous screen. For each small activity highlight it through the pop up like it’s a button is being pressed, it should prompt to use the correct key to get the information. At each step, ensure to educate the user. Don’t expect him to guess the next action he is supposed to do. Design some cues to help him with.


Effective Tips for Mobile UI Design

5) Constantly innovate & add new features:

Newness always attracts the users. The smart phone & tablet has introduced a revolutionized change in the IT sector. The new features, a new kind of screens & the type of interactions are changing the way people make use of available technology. Ensure that the information flows smoothly, freely, cleared & in a time bound manner.


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