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Importance of sales representatives


Independent sales rep or manufacturer’s sales rep is a completely independent business which

comprises of sales, marketing and customer service professionals. They represent at least two

related but non competing products to any customer in a pre defined territory. They are

compensated through commissions based on the sales they make. The principal holder can be

anyone like a manufacturer, distributor, importer, or service provider. Manufacturers representative

are very sought after and the successful ones can be a bit hard to find.

These people are not the same as internal salesmen though. Independent sales rep may end up

using the showrooms, trade shows or telephones to converse with customers but their primary

focus remains on being face to face with customers. They often travel to meet new customers and

take up different territories from time to time. They tend to carry complementary product lines to

help them in giving demonstrations and raise the customer’s interest.

Sales agency

Sales agency offers management structures which come in handy and a team of two or more reps.

These agencies operate regionally and each of these agencies cater to any type of companies as long

as the rep is prepared to demonstrate the product they are given.

National sales force

National sales force is basically a combination of the different sales agencies and reps. Along with

administrative and support individuals they are able to get the sales to go higher effectively. They

help in expanding the coverage and result in nationwide campaigns. Around 50 to 80 per cent

companies use sales rep to boost their sales. They are able to get quality sales done through them

since they add to the already selling amount of the original stores. Independent sales rep generally

tend to work in industries like Agriculture, Mining, Utilities, Construction, Manufacturing, OEM,

Wholesale, Distributors, Retail, Transportation, Information, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Rental,

Professional Management, Educational, Health Care & Hospitals, Medical, Pharmaceuticals,

Entertainment, Recreation, Hotel & Motel, Food, Restaurant, and Public Administration,

Administrative & Support and Waste Management.

The main reason why sales rep can increase sales is that they carry multiple lines with them. When

more than one product is shown to the customer they are able to get a broader idea of what they

wish to buy. For instance, a fashion sales rep would be able to see quite a few customers while

carrying multiple product lines than stores do, and due to a high amount of customer input the ratio

of sales increases a lot. Also the sales rep never shows clashing products to the customers. Their way

of showing the products includes similar products of different costs but not different products. They

do tend to carry the products but they do not show them one after the other. Go through for more information. If the customer likes what they see, they approach the

sales rep and then according to the customer’s taste the rest of the sales process is carried out.

Using sales rep is a good idea to boost your company’s sales and getting rid of stocks.

Importance of sales representatives

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