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Plastic fibre optic cable PowerPoint Presentation
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Plastic fibre optic cable

Plastic fibre optic cable

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Plastic fibre optic cable

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  1. Top 4 Commercial Varieties of the Fibre Optic Cables

  2. Fibre optic cables are glass cables bundled in an insulated casing. These cables are capable of carrying signals across long distances. The speed of the data transmission is magnified by many times over as compared to conventional cabling units. The fibre optic cables have a very high bandwidth measure in the range of Giga bytes. The signals are transmitted through the fibre optic cables using the light pulses. The initial cost of laying and adopting network lines using the fibre optic cables is considered a little higher than the conventional set ups but the ‘Return on Investment’ is significantly great when compared with the traditional copper wire cables.

  3. Let us explore the types of industrial and domestic fibre optic cables used in the modern era. 1    Fibre Optic Distribution cables Distribution cables are also called as the “Compact Building” cable. They have an individual diameter of 900 micro metres. The buffering sheath reduces the cost of manufacturing. The distribution optic fibre cable has a smaller size as compared to the Breakout cables. The fibre optic connectors are installed directly on the buffered fibre optic cable sheath. The connectors are located at the Breakout Box junction.

  4. 2    Indoor and Outdoor Fibre optic cable with Tight Buffer The leading manufacturers of the Fibre optic cables offer the indoor and outdoor rated tight buffer cables. The cables are rated with the Riser and Plenum varieties. The cables are designed with maximum structural and operational flexibility. The ease of handling and installation makes these set of fibre optic cables very good option for domestic uses. The cables have no gel in them. It makes the installation of the connectors without the need of any breakout kits over the fibre optic cables..

  5. 3    Breakout cable The indoor and outdoor breakout cables from the fibre optic cable range. It is easy to install and very simple to renovate as well. The fan-out kits are not required to terminate the breakout cables. They are designed for use in rugged condition. The durability of this fibre optic cable is exceptionally high. They can be used in damp conditions without any issue of being riddled with moss, fungus or microbe growth. The UV protection sheath prevents the cable from damage when installed in the outdoor areas. These fibre optic cables are available in plenum rating as well.

  6. 4    Hybrid and Composite Fibre optic cables Hybrid and composite fibre optic cables are the most popular set of outdoor and indoor cables available in the market. They are offered in both single mode as well as multimode fibre segments. Bunched versions are also available. The cables are offered with solid 14 gauge wires used in variety of applications that includes Power transmission, grounding purposes and manufacturing of electronic appliances.

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