Barnhart elementary school
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Barnhart Elementary School. Reaching ALL students through differentiation Ms . Farren. What is differentiation?. D ifferentiation is “changing the pace, level, or kind of instruction you provide in response to individual learners’ needs, styles, or interests.” ( Heacox , 2011).

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Barnhart elementary school

Barnhart Elementary School

Reaching ALL students through differentiation

Ms. Farren

What is differentiation
What is differentiation?

  • Differentiation is “changing the pace, level, or kind of instruction you provide in response to individual learners’ needs, styles, or interests.” (Heacox, 2011).

  • Differentiation instruction means “One side doesn’t fit all” (Heacox, 2011).

Why differentiate instruction
Why differentiate instruction?

  • Not every student is the same or learns the same.

  • In order to optimal learning to occur, instruction should be based on students learning styles, cognitive abilities, background knowledge, SES status, readiness, learning pace, gender, cultural influences, values, and confidence.

  • With differentiation, students will be challenged based on their individual abilities.

How to differentiate instruction
How to differentiate instruction?

Instruction can be differentiated through:

  • Interest surveys (Survey Monkey)

  • Flexible grouping

  • Tiered assignments with varying levels of difficulty

  • Differentiated technology (TrackStar, ThinkPort, ThinkFinity)

  • Differentiated resources (leveled texts)

What would differentiation look like in a kindergarten classroom
What would differentiation look like in a Kindergarten classroom?

Teachers can differentiate:

  • the content or material being learned

  • the learning process

  • the product

Differentiation can be:

  • Whole group

  • Small flexible groups

  • Individual students

Differentiate the content
Differentiate the Content classroom?

Some students play an addition game with sums up to 6, while other students are playing the same addition game with sums up to 12.

Differentiate the process
Differentiate the Process classroom?

While playing the same addition game, some students will be able to look at the numbers and quickly think of the sum in their head, while other students may need to use manipulatives, such as cubes to build 2+3.

Differentiate the product
Differentiate the Product classroom?

Using an addition game, students are still learning to add and the concepts of addition (putting together), yet not all students have the ability to write number sentences so they are using flash cards to practice addition.

Resources classroom?

Heacox, D. (2012). Differentiating instruction in the regular classroom. Minneapolis: Free Spirit Publishing Inc.