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Overview of UV Curing PowerPoint Presentation
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Overview of UV Curing

Overview of UV Curing

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Overview of UV Curing

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  1. APL Machinery Pvt. Ltd.

  2. What is UV Curing? • Ultraviolet curing is a photochemical process in which high-intensity ultraviolet light is used to instantly cure or “dry” inks, coatings or adhesives. • It have been around as a coating for paper in magazines and brochures and as a clear coating on printed circuit boards for years. • It is fast becoming one of the most popular techniques in the paint and coatings industry.

  3. Look What UV Curing Can Do For You UV curing offers manufacturers many benefits. Below you’ll find additional information on some of the most significant ones. • Inks, coatings, and adhesives with dramatically improved physical properties.  • Faster production speeds and capacity  • Dramatically reduced set-up/clean-up labour  • Environmentally Friendly – Energy savings, no emissions controls 

  4. Applications of UV Curing Coating • UV Curing Coating have a variety of application in paper and board, graphic art, automobile paints, plastic coating etc. • UV curable inks are also available for different printing equipment like flexo, offset, letterpress etc for a variety of substrates. • UV curing equipment comes as an optional attachment after every printing station on a lot of flexographic printing machines, and offset printing machines nowadays.

  5. Best of UV Curing Machines From APL Machinery Pvt. Ltd. • APL is constantly devoted to research and development to improve on their self devised, designed and manufactured machines for UV Coating & Curing System. • APL is a leading company engaged in manufacturing of full range of UV Coating and Curing System.

  6. Range of UV Curing System In APL UV Curing System is available in different sizes and power. • High speed UV Curing Machine • UV Interdecks • 3D UV Curing System • UV Curing Lamps

  7. High speed UV Curing Machine APL have different kinds of UV Curing(of coating by ultraviolet radiation) Systems for different kind of jobs.

  8. UV Interdecks • One can attach our UV Curing system with any make & size of offset machines. • This gives an extra advantage to printer for printing with UV ink on Existing offset machine.

  9. 3D UV Curing System • UV curing of 3D objects can be a challenge because UV curing is needed on each dimension of an object to get cured. • APL  UV System has worked extensively on 3-D curing projects.

  10. UV Curing Lamps • APL is one of the biggest Importer of UV Curing & Metal Halide Lamps. • They got a variety of UV Lamps from 4” to 70” in power range of 200 w/inch to 500 w/inch.

  11. Reach Them Plot No. 70. Sector-59, HSIDC Industrial Estate,Faridabad-121004 (Haryana) INDIA. +91-9811016182

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