how to burglarproof your doors solid security n.
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Best Home Security Systems Slough

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Professionally designed Home Security Furniture, Window & Door Alarms by Apex, helping you keep your home or business safe from intruders. Now feel safe at Home & Workplace

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Best Home Security Systems Slough

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how to burglarproof your doors solid security

How to Burglarproof Your 



Solid Security​​: ​​Bottom line: All exterior doors need to be solid and

kick-proof. That means you want a solid wood door, or at the very least a door

with a solid-wood core. Other options are fiberglass or metal. If you choose a

metal door​​, make sure that it has interior reinforcement and a lock block, to

prevent a thief from bending it open with a car jack. Reinforced steel doors are

your sturdiest option, but they also require extra maintenance to prevent rust.

Go Windowless​​:​​Door windows allow light to filter into your entrance way

and they look inviting, but they’re also a home security risk. If the window is

located within arm s reach of your lock

located within arm’s reach of your lock, it is easy to smash the window and

unlock your door from the inside. If you are installing a new door, choose one

without a window. If you already have a windowed door – or fall absolutely in love

with a door that has a window – you’ll need to take a few extra security measures.

Choose ​​reinforced glass​​, and consider adding decorative bars or metal



Install a Deadbolt​​: ​​They say a door is only as strong as its lock – and

they couldn’t be more right. Even the strongest reinforced steel door can be

neutralized by one swift kick if your lock does not extend deep enough into the

doorframe. When choosing a deadbolt, go with a brand name and don’t choose

the cheapest model.


Secondary Protection:​​​​Speaking of deadbolts, you can even install a

secondary, one-sided deadbolt. These deadbolts do not have keyed access to the

outside, so they can only be used when you are home (to engage the lock from

the inside), but they’re nearly impossible for a burglar to bypass. These locks can

save you from a dangerous home invasion while you sleep or spend time with

your loved ones.

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