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What are Ayurvedic Cosmetics?

At AP Clinic Vadodara, Dr Aarti Parimal suggests Ayurvedic Cosmetics which considers that beauty is the harmony of the entire body, soul and mind.

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What are Ayurvedic Cosmetics?

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  1. What are Ayurvedic Cosmetics?

  2. INDEX • What are Ayurvedic Cosmetics? • Most 5 Ayurvedic Cosmetics for Beauty Skin • Pratima • RasasaraSkinfood • JivaApoha • SundaraHolistic • Arya Essentials

  3. What are Ayurvedic Cosmetics? • Ayurvedaconsiders that beauty is the harmony of the body, soul and mind. • Ayurvediccosmetic procedures, supplies and formulations endure for numerous thousands of years and are represented in classical manuscripts, and has transferred the test of experience. • Ancient Indian medicine shows that where there is peace, there is also health, but when there is no harmony, there is a disease.

  4. Most 5 Ayurvedic Cosmetics for Beauty Skin • Ayurvedic Cosmetics are used typically to the skin and its tentacles to clean, polish, improve, change the face and conclusively to enhance the resolution of the customers. • Beauty is more intense than skin deep, according to Ayurveda. • Below are the ayurvedic cosmetics are made from the ayurvedic herbs for beauty skin, includes:

  5. 1. Pratima • The original Pratima preferences which include the rejuvenating essential oil, a post-cleansing must-have for anyone with dehydrated skin, and the liposomes vitamin c serum, which helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

  6. 2. RasasaraSkinfood • The pitta hydrating mist calms everything down for the fierier amongst rose water and jasmine essential oil, while the kapha cleansing bar removes out cramming for those with a more latent composition, applying neem, lavender, and raw clay in a potent anti-bacterial method that fights blackheads.

  7. 3. JivaApoha • The consisting solely of lubricants, the line appears in a variety of blends for both face and body including a personalized redaction. • If you don’t understand from where to start, ayurveda recommends Sundara Face Oil, which is considering and refreshing, as well as Sukhin Body Oil, which ensures to restore and approve.

  8. 4. Sundara Holistic • The Brahmi Hair Oil, which emphasizes Brahmi, an ayurvedic herb that’s supposed to improve brain vitality, nervous system strength, and hair growth. • It’s revitalizing for the brain cells, the nerves, and memory. • The Brahmi leaf even resembles the brain in nature.

  9. 5. Arya Essentials • AryaEssential is an intensive eye balm uses great super herbs like ashwagandha and manjistha to diminish under-eye curves and puffiness, while Brahmi depreciates the occurrence of little scars and wrinkles. • Get in touch with us for our specialized Beauty Treatment or Beauty Care Therapy to acquire a radiant skin, and lustrous hair. • To undergo with Ayurvedic Cosmetics treatment, please contact us at +91 7201811528 or BooKan appointment now!


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