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  1. Aone Software Technologies


  3. Contents • Introduction • Home

  4. Introduction Aone Software Technologies is a Single window services partner for all your requirements related to Digital Marketing solutions. we have a team completely involving and who are also specialists in Analytic's, strategy and planning, Search marketing, social media, Content development, Web design, Android development always focused to do world class work.

  5. Home We as our first project developed which is again a single window for all your shopping needs where you can search, compare and discover the best products from "n" number of Categories that include Mobile Phones, Tablets, Electronics, Computers, Fashion trends, Home and Furniture, Health products, books, Personal care available for you where you can shop smart and you can pay really smart.

  6. Home • Aone Software Technologies can ensure that this interaction between you and the customer happens very smoothly and help you to build and register your brand through proper engagement. • AoneSoftware Technologies has a young and smart passionate team who can handle all the tasks and deliever the product on time.

  7. Home Aone Software Technologies have a dedicated Quality Assurance team that will identify key parameters where high quality is expected. These quality parameters are usually based on the individual customer's requirements and expectations.

  8. Aone Software Technologies

  9. Home Apart from these customer-specific parameters, other quality norms such as accuracy, turnaround time and productivity will be taken into consideration. A quality process is then designed to ensure that high quality is achieved in these parameters.

  10. Website Designing A Connection plays a vital role for connecting two sources and the website is the one which acts as a bridge between you and the customer

  11. Search Engine Optimization After building a proper Website/ Mobile application if your products and services are not found in search engines by the audience whom you targeted

  12. Android Developing Aone Software Technologies development team can transform your thoughts into android apps and our digital marketing team can help you promote your apps on the Play Store

  13. Aone Software Technologies

  14. Social Marketing Online Marketing is broadening and your audience is spending more and more time online. Social Media Marketing finds them where they are and speaks to them in their language

  15. Web Development Aone Software Technologies development team can transform your thoughts into websites and our digital marketing team can help you promote your sites more effective

  16. Web Hosting A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web...

  17. Web Hosting Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center….

  18. Web Maintenance website maintenance was very simple. Businesses had html websites that they didn’t have the skills to update, but needed simple updates, without starting over with a new website each time.

  19. Aone Software Technologies

  20. Contact Contact information #20-3-118/F, 1st Floor, Hanuman complex, Leela Mahal Circle, Tirupati, A.P, India. Website: http:// +91 9966856347, +91 9966637794 AONE SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES