texas colonies and stephen f austin n.
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Texas Colonies and Stephen F. Austin

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Texas Colonies and Stephen F. Austin - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Texas Colonies and Stephen F. Austin. Picture : Brazos River. Background: Colonies in Texas. Spain wanted people living in Texas but had a difficult time getting many people there. Except San Antonio, the civil settlements were not large and closer to Mexico than Louisiana.

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background colonies in texas
Background: Colonies in Texas
  • Spain wanted people living in Texas but had a difficult time getting many people there.
  • Except San Antonio, the civil settlements werenot large and closer to Mexico than Louisiana.
  • There was a need for population that would soon be fulfilled.
moses austin
Moses Austin
  • American born in Connecticut, lived in Missouri
  • Owned a bank in Missouri; had problems after Panic of 1819
  • Felt Spanish territory (Mexico) was a good opportunity to re-establish business prospects
  • Met with Texas governor Martinez who did not trust Americans due to filibuster threats
  • Moses Austin leaves the meeting discouraged
bastrop and colonies
Bastrop and Colonies
  • Moses meets an old friend, Baron de Bastrop, who offered to help him with Governor Martinez.
  • Bastrop helps Moses formally request land to bring settlers to in Texas.
  • Martinez approves of the colonies and Moses returns to Missouri.
  • He becomes seriously ill on the journey home and calls for his son Stephen to see him.
stephen f austin
Stephen F. Austin
  • Son of Moses Austin
  • Trained lawyer and spent time in Missouri and Louisiana
  • As a promise to his dying father agrees to build colony
  • Begins the process by meeting with officials in San Antonio

Famous Portrait of Stephen F. Austin

austin prepares for the colony
Austin Prepares for the Colony
  • August 1821, Austin meets with Erasmo Seguin to begin planning the colony.
  • He explores east Texas looking for a suitable place for the colony.
  • He chooses an area between the Brazos and Colorado rivers.
  • The area had rich farm land, water, timber and mild climate.
ready the colony
Ready the Colony!
  • Austin now goes to Louisiana to advertise for settlers.
  • He reports proposed location of the colony and land terms to Governor Martinez in Texas.
  • Finances and a ship, The Lively, are secured in New Orleans with Joseph Hawkins.
  • Austin sets the terms and price for purchase into the colony as well as applicant’s requirements.

Brazos river

Map of Texas coastline

colonists requirements
Colonists’ Requirements

Applicants to the colony must meet the following:

  • Willing to become loyal Mexican citizens
  • Join Catholic Church
  • Law-abiding citizen
  • Have reputation as hard working
  • No history of drunkenness or vagrancy

All others need not apply

first attempt to settle colony
First attempt to settle Colony
  • The Lively took the first colonists to Texas.
  • The ship landed on the Brazos instead of the Colorado where Austin settled in 1822.
  • Many of these settlers returned to U.S.
  • On the second trip to Texas The Lively wrecks outside Galveston; many supplies lost and colonists struggle.
  • Austin goes to San Antonio to report to Martinez and seek help and finds a surprise…..
a new agreement
A New Agreement
  • Austin must travel to Mexico City to renew the colony’s contract with the new political leaders of Mexico.
  • Austin spent most of 1822 in Mexico City trying to convince the new leaders to approve the colony.
  • In January 1823, the Imperial Colonization Law was passed which secured the colony and allowed for new settlers to join.
  • Austin gains the respect and trust of Mexican officials during his meetings and returns to Texas in April 1823.
the colony grows
The Colony Grows
  • Austin establishes the first headquarters of the colony to help discouraged settlers and secure order.
  • He establishes a set of laws to guide the colony based on American and Mexican laws. Austin was also the only legal authority in the colony.
  • By Fall 1824, the colony’s contract was almost complete as 297 families had settled in the colony.
  • This group became known as “The Old Three Hundred.”
the old three hundred
The Old Three Hundred

These people were:

  • Mostly Americans from south United States
  • Farmers with some education
  • Some slaveholders

Some important members:

  • Samuel May Williams
  • John P. Coles
  • Jared Groce
  • Jane Long

They become the foundation of colonization of Texas.

Gravestone of David McCormick, member of Old Three Hundred. He is buried in Brazoria County

further developments
Further Developments
  • 1824, San Felipe de Austin, near the Brazos, becomes the official capital of Austin’s colony
  • It becomes the financial and political capital of the colony and becomes second largest business center in Texas. San Antonio is the 1st
  • The new areas of the colony grew between 1825 and 1831. “The Little Colony” was separate from Austin and was home to 100 new families.
other empresarios and colonies
Other Empresarios and Colonies

1824- Many changes in Mexican Government

  • Constitution of 1824
  • National Colonizational Law of 1824
  • Texas and Coahuila combined to create new state of Coahuila y Texas

The success of Austin’s colonies allows others to become empresarios. Some were:

  • Green DeWitt- had colony near Guadalupe river and founded town of Gonzalez
  • Martin de Leon- founded Victoria, mainly had colonists from Mexico
austin s legacy
Austin’s Legacy
  • Austin’s colony settled over 1500 families.
  • San Felipe de Austin and Bastrop were important business centers during the colonial times in Texas.
  • Mexican officials trusted him and his colonists.
  • He is known today as the “Father of Texas.”
thank you stephen
Thank You, Stephen
  • Think about Texas without the contribution of Stephen F. Austin……
  • We all need to tell him: