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Graduate Professional Student Senate. Finance Orientation. GPSS Structure: Summary. Main Campus (UPC) Senators Executive Board Programming, Finance , Community Service, etc. Health Sciences Campus (HSC) Senators HSC Governing Council Programming, Operations, Community Service, PR.

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Gpss structure summary
GPSS Structure: Summary

  • Main Campus (UPC)

    • Senators

    • Executive Board

      • Programming, Finance, Community Service, etc.

  • Health Sciences Campus (HSC)

    • Senators

    • HSC Governing Council

      • Programming, Operations, Community Service, PR

Gpss in relation to you
GPSS in Relation to You

Representation (Senators)



SMGSA (Medical PhDs)

ASSM (Medical MDs)

ASSP (Pharmacy PharmDs)


(Pharmacy PhDs)

There are more umbrella groups for OT and PT…but I ran out of space on this slide!

50+ Student Organizations

20+ Student Organizations

Andrew hasn’t figured this out yet

Gpss funding two ways
GPSS Funding: Two Ways

  • Method One: “UmbrellaFunds”

    • Student Organization is funded from their umbrella organization (ASSP, ASSM, SMGSA, PGA, OTSC, etc.)

      • Procedures may vary: ex, reimbursement is allowable for ASSM, not allowable for ASSP

    • The umbrella organization is funded in turn by GPSS

      • One giant check each semester

Gpss funding two ways1
GPSS Funding: Two Ways

  • Method Two: “Four-Funds”

    • There are four different funds aside from the umbrellafunds

      • “Volunteer, Joint Programming, Sustainability, Discretionary”

    • Can get $$$$ if you apply to these funds on top of your umbrellafunds

      • You must have already applied for funds from your umbrella group, if this is possible

      • Reimbursement not allowable

Four funds deadlines
“Four-Funds” Deadlines

  • If applying for extra $$$ from these funds:

    • “Volunteer, Joint Programming, Sustainability, Discretionary”

  • The following paperwork deadlines apply:

    • For requests under $1000: 2 week minimum deadline…

      • …plus however many days it takes to get it in the Wednesday before that limit

    • For requests over $1000: 5 week minimum deadline

      • …also plus however many days it takes to get it in the Wednesday before that limit

    • The Finance Committee meets on Thursdays to approve these requests, so that’s why your “real” deadline is the Wednesday before the 2 or 5 week spread.

Nag nag nag nag nag 4 funds rules
Nag nagnagnagnag (4 Funds Rules)

  • No alcohol

  • T-shirts require strong justification

  • No fundraisers

  • Must be free to attend (for students)

  • Cannot get more than $2500 per semester

    • Does not apply to Umbrella Groups

  • Must be recognized by Office of Campus Activities

  • Usage of university logos must be pre-approved by Trademarks and Licensing department

  • Must use vendors with vendor codes

  • Paperwork paperwork paperwork

Rule elaboration recognition
Rule Elaboration: Recognition

  • Must be recognized by Office of Campus Activities


    • Steps

      • “The online application (must be submitted online). Please read all instructions on this page, and follow the link at the bottom of the page.

      • The online advisor form (must be submitted online).

      • Constitution (all organizations must submit the most updated constitution to TCC 330 or email copy to

      • Submit a roster with full names of all members to the Student Involvement Transcript

      • Attend a mandatory student organization meeting. You have as of now!

Rule elaboration expenses
Rule Elaboration: Expenses

  • Vendors

    • All purchases for events must be made with companies/merchants who have entered into a contract with USC for such

      • These vendors will have a vendor code

    • List of established vendors is elusive every year

      • Talk to the Operations Chair when (not if, ha) you get hung up on this

        • Operations email:

    • Your merchant isn’t an approved vendor? There is a process they can go through to become one…

      • …but it’s a bit of a hassle

      • Remember, if this is too much trouble, you can always just get your funding from your umbrella group – they might do reimbursements (much simpler!).

Rule elaboration paperwork
Rule Elaboration: Paperwork

  • Funding paperwork starts online


    • Fill this out in its entirety

  • This stuff has to be in at least a few weeks in advance, because there is a review process

    • “The applicant must be available for questions by phone Thursdays 6PM-8PM and Monday from 6PM to 8PM until the application is funded.” Proxies are okay, but they are responsible for details!

  • After approval, must go back online and submit expense request paperwork

    •; click on “Expense Request Form”

      • Mandatory fields:

        • Purpose (explain who, what, when, why, where)

        • Event Name

        • Amount Requested

        • Date Needed

        • Payable To

  • After event, all receipts/invoices must be given to GPSS

Contact information
Contact Information

Dushyant Singh

Director of Finance

Graduate and Professional Student Senate, USC Ronald Tutor Campus Center, Rm #224


Phone: (213) 740 5649

Andrew Pouw

HSC Operations Chair

Office: Right beside Starbucks in Seaver Residence Hall