over view of working of accounts department l.
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Over view of working of Accounts department

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Over view of working of Accounts department - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Over view of working of Accounts department . Accounts Department Gazetted cadre . Sr.DFM- ( K.K.Goyal) DFM-I -( Sri N.G.Das) DFM-II -( Sri Ujjawal Goswami) ADFM-I –( Sri. R.N. Banarjee) ADFM-II – Sri S. Goswami) ADFM-PC- (Sri S. N. Datta). Accounts establishment( NG) Accounts office.

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accounts department gazetted cadre
Accounts DepartmentGazetted cadre
  • Sr.DFM- ( K.K.Goyal)
  • DFM-I -( Sri N.G.Das)
  • DFM-II -( Sri Ujjawal Goswami)
  • ADFM-I –( Sri. R.N. Banarjee)
  • ADFM-II – Sri S. Goswami)
  • ADFM-PC- (Sri S. N. Datta)
activities of different sections
Activities of Different Sections
  • Administration- Salary, D& AR, Pass, PTO and other general staff matters, efficiency, Audit, Court Cases.
  • Establishment / Non Gazetted---Salary, restructuring arrears, TA & OT vetting, Bonus payment, watching recovery on accounts of Admitted Debit, Hospital Diet Charge, Stock Sheet, Accounts and Audit Inspection. BOS
  • Establishment Gazetted---
  • PF section: mainly accountal of PF Credit and Debits and their monthly reconciliation, PF withdrawals( approx. 800 Per Months), PF settlement (Approx. 80-100 Per months)
  • Pension and Settlement– Disposal of all normal and abnormal retirement cases, court cases, service continuity, verification, printing of PPO, despatches etc.
  • Suspense Section: This section maintain different suspense heads like HBA, MCA, Computer Advance, Cycle advance, Fan Advance, etc.
  • Finance Earning: Finance earning proposals,( mainly commercial) SLR, STD/PCO, canteens,Land,Advertising etc. bills recoverable from outside parties like land building, siding, .
  • Expendiure: All contractors and other Misc. bills. Telephone, electricity……….
  • Finance Section: Scrutiny and vetting of Proposals, estimates, vetting of Briefing Notes and Tabulation Statements, Vetting of agreements, variation statements and other Misc. works
  • Books II( mainly Records keeping): all the paid Vouchers are received and checked ........ and preserved for future references .........
  • Books and Budget: All accountal, Debit and Credit from other units…printing of Cash Book……. Accounts currents
  • Efficiency: Mainly MPR/ PCDO, replies to different letters from other offices.
  • Inspection: Mainly inspection of different executive offices.
  • Stock verification : Stock verification is done by HQ Stock verification wing but their replies, recovery and closure is watched by Division.
  • Cash Side-Sr. DC Cash
  • Pay side- Sr. DC Pay
work distribution sr dfm
Work distribution( Sr.DFM)
  • Administration
  • Efficiency
  • Budget
  • All Finance proposals, Estimates, variations
dfm i
  • Audit objection
  • Stock verification
  • Inspection
  • Tenders ( Sr.DEN-II,Sr.DEN- III, Den-Bridge and Electrical & Commercial Deptt.)
dfm ii
  • Pension
  • New Pension Scheme
  • Books
  • Tender cases of Sr. Scale finance power other than looked after by DFM-I
  • Computerization and AFRES
adfm i
  • Establishment both Gazetted and Non- Gazetted section.
  • TA, OT, NDA and KMA vetting.
  • Tenders of Junior Scale level.
adfm ii
  • PF withdrawal, settlement and Expenditure
  • Post Audit including Cheque writing and Suspense section.
  • Tender cases of Junior Scale level.
adfm pc
  • Pension section.
  • Bills recoverable and other recoveries.
  • Agreement vetting, Briefing note vetting.
  • Tender cases at Jr. scale level.
important parameters which are monitored through pcdo
Important Parameters which are monitored through PCDO
  • PAN Numbers
  • New Pension Scheme
  • Revenue Expenditure
  • Capital Expenditure
  • Audit reports
  • Stock Sheets
bills recoverable
Bills Recoverable
  • There is Rs. 55 Lakhs outstanding against sidings which have been closed since last 15-20 years. And there is very remote possibility of its realisation.
  • There is Rs. 97.75 Lakhs out standing against In-operative siding which also is very difficult to realise.
  • There is Approx. Rs. 30 Lakhs as electrical dues against Co-operative societies, union offices , Institutes/ Clubs which is also not being paid .
bangladesh railway
Bangladesh Railway
  • Engine Hire Charges.
  • Damage and deficiency.
  • Single control
revenue and capital expenditure
Revenue and Capital Expenditure
  • Are available in separate sheet.
periodical transfer of staff holding sensitive posts
Periodical transfer of staff holding sensitive posts
  • All staffs holding sensitive posts have been periodically transferred.
  • AFRES programme for Computerization of Accounts activities is under implementation.
problem area revenue expenditure
Problem AreaRevenue expenditure
  • All department should strictly stick to the sanctioned Revenue grant.
  • For all Revenue proposals of more than Rs 15 lakhs or Rs 20 Lakhs – prior administrative approval of DRM be obtained before processing.
problem areas bank payment
Problem areasBank Payment
  • The division is lagging in salary payment through banks ( Poor 13 % of total employees). A drive be started to cover at least all supervisors. (Action Plan 50%)
problem area eft
Problem AreaEFT
  • For contractors payments EFT scheme have been implemented since Oct. 2008 and nearly
over time suggestion for reduction
Over time – suggestion for reduction
  • For all staffs earning OT more than 50 hours in a Spell ( 14 Days ) should be countersigned by ADRM
completion report
Completion Report
  • As per Engg. Code for all Capital works Completion reports be prepared ( Chapter XVII- Engg. Code) but presently it is not being prepared.
any other items
Any Other Items
  • Copy of Last month MPR is also attached for more detail information.