How to make a ZOMBIE!
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How to make a ZOMBIE! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to make a ZOMBIE!. I Want Your Brain. A Zombie. WARNING: Do Not Attempt this at home without adult supervision. The Background. Human muscles are controlled by neurons (nerve cells) called axons . An Axon. Nerve Impulses.

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How to make a ZOMBIE!

I Want Your Brain

A Zombie

WARNING: Do Not Attempt this at home without adult supervision

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The Background

  • Human muscles are controlled by neurons (nerve cells) called axons.

An Axon

Nerve impulses l.jpg
Nerve Impulses

  • Axons carry electro chemical impulses as waves of alternating sodium (Na+), and Potassium (K+) ions across a membrane.

  • After a neuron fires however, it must recharge itself by pumping the Na+ and K+ back to where they started.

  • This is the Sodium / Potassium pump and uses up to 85% of the body’s metabolic energy

Enter the pufferfish l.jpg
Enter the Pufferfish

  • Voodoo practitioners from the Caribbean isolated an unusual poison found in the pufferfish called Tetrodotoxin


Tetrododotoxin l.jpg

  • Tetrodotoxin works by shutting-down the Sodium / Potassium pump of axons controlling your voluntary muscles causing paralysis, and usually death.

  • However, in small doses applied to the skin, only paralysis results, and since the body uses 85% of it’s energy for the sodium / potassium pump, the victim’s oxygen needs are only a fraction of what they used to be.

Buried alive l.jpg
Buried Alive

Someone poisoned this way would not be able to move, would only breathe a couple of times a minute and would have an undetectable heartbeat.

They would appear dead

Accordingly, they would be promptly buried.

Slavery l.jpg

  • After being buried, those people responsible for the poisoning would return and dig-up the unfortunate victim.

  • They would be taken to a different island, and when they recovered, be sold into slavery.

The warm welcome home l.jpg
The Warm Welcome Home

  • Needless to say, if the victim managed to escape or buy his/her freedom and return home, the victim's relatives would be quite shocked since the victim was believed dead.

  • Many believed that the person had risen from the dead…hence the legend of the zombie was born.

Voodoo pr l.jpg
Voodoo PR

  • Some voodoo practioners would poison victims to “prove” their powers.

  • They would stand over their victims performing various rituals until the person revived. It would appear to be the result of the witch-doctor’s powers. Great PR