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Virtual Security Solution Feature and Benefits

Cyberoam’s Data Security and Leakage Prevention Solutions protects against data leakage and loss occurring with data transfer over applications and removable storage devices.

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Virtual Security Solution Feature and Benefits

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  1. Virtual Security Solution Feature and Benefits

  2. Virtual Security Solution  A virtual security appliance is a computer appliance that runs inside virtual environments. It is called an appliance because it is pre-packaged with a hardened operating system and a security application and runs on a virtualized hardware.  Virtual security appliances are playing a significant role in meeting your expectation today and will continue doing the same in the future.

  3. Virtual Security Services  When unified threat management comes short, virtual security services and appliances come into play. Physical security applications can be effective, including massive integrated services. However, imagine a scenario where you have a small office. Or maybe you need certain security services, such as IDS/IPS, DLP, or a software firewall. Yet you would prefer not to use the cash on a physical machine.  This is the point where you prefer virtual security systems. They can sit anyplace on your system and screen different kinds of traffic. The simplicity of a virtual framework can make some truly influential network observing and curb methodologies.

  4. How Virtual Security Solutions Help?  The security solutions help inter-VM traffic scanning with security enforcement policy and firewall. The scanning system eliminates the loopholes created by hardware security applications.  It enables division of Hypervisor Management Console in the demilitarized zone (DMZ). This process routes all web traffic via appliances of virtual security and ensures security against exposure to hypervisor.  Securing the data between and around the virtual entities assist in meeting the regulatory requirements. It provides detailed reports and logs of all types of activities in the virtual networks, and helps organizations with the regulatory compliance.

  5. Virtual Security- Key Highlights  Protection in virtual environments  Comprehensive virtual security  Compliance Management  Centralized Management of virtual and physical appliances  Centralized Logging and Reporting

  6. Where You Prefer Virtual Security Systems  They can sit anyplace on your system and screen different kinds of traffic. The simplicity of a virtual framework can make some truly influential network observing and curb methodologies.  The datacenters are evaluated by administrators at higher pace. They are always on the lookout for enhanced ways to enrich user experience. When you are improving your infrastructure, try to turn to optimization which won’t cost you much. Yet, enhance your datacenter model and business. For this, you can always contact a reputable service provider online.

  7. Cyberoam Virtual Security – How You Want  Choose between individual and a mix of physical and virtualized environments without worrying about security.  Get deployment flexibility with a licensing model that is based on the number of vCPUs.  Upgrade to a higher virtual security appliance model only when you want to even when the number of network users increase beyond the recommended number for a given model.

  8. Cyberoam Virtual Security – What You Want  Get a virtual security solution for virtualized environments without deploying a hardware security appliance anymore.  Get support to scale-up your security in virtual network as your business grows.

  9. Cyberoam Virtual Security-How much You want  Upgrade your virtual security appliances using a simple activation key to match your growing business needs.  Get benefits of a shared infrastructure by capitalizing on the lean and peak periods of network activities.

  10. Advantages of Virtual Security Solution  Reduce capital and operating costs : Server consolidation lets you get more out of your existing hardware by running multiple virtual machines (VM) on a single physical server. Fewer servers means lower capital and operating costs. For the most cost savings, make sure you go with a virtualization solution that has the highest VM density per host.  Deliver high application availability. Integrated availability and fault tolerance protects all your virtualized applications. Should a node or server ever fail, all its VMs are automatically restarted or continued on another machine, with no downtime or data loss.  Improve business continuity. Virtualization makes it easier to survive unplanned potential IT disasters. You can move VMs from one server to another in a different location.  Increase IT productivity. Streamlined and automated management tasks mean you’ll spend less time on maintenance and more time on innovation.  Improve responsiveness. Virtualization lets your business scale rapidly because you can deploy desktops, applications and servers quickly and flexibly.

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