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Virtual Private Network Feature and Benefits

Cyberoam VPN offers the option of IPSec VPN, SSL VPN, LT2P, PPTP on the UTM appliances, providing secure remote access to organizations. It replaces most other best-of-breed firewall-VPN appliances to offer cost-effective security to organizations.

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Virtual Private Network Feature and Benefits

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  1. Virtual Private Network (VPN) Feature and Benefits

  2. Virtual Private Network (VPN)  A virtual security appliance is a computer appliance that runs inside virtual environments. It is called an appliance because it is pre-packaged with a hardened operating system and a security application and runs on a virtualized hardware.  Virtual security appliances are playing a significant role in meeting your expectation today and will continue doing the same in the future.

  3. How Does VPN Function  As soon as you connect to the VPN, the VPN client interface is launched on your computer. This in turn will require you to fill in your credentials with a remote server.  This helps both the systems in verifying each other. What’s more, as the Internet communication is encrypted, it ensures that the integrity of data is maintained throughout its path.

  4. Why Your Business Needs A VPN  A VPN service changes the IP address assigned to the computer. This enables you in accessing sites which may be banned in your country. This can prove to be of great help if your business requires specific data. For example, you are a player operating in the media industry and are working on a certain story. It is quite possible that during the course of your research, you may need some information which has been censored by the state. This problem will be taken care of if you are using a VPN.  Using a VPN helps you to provide the much needed access to your employees to remote devices such as files, printers, applications, etc. via the Internet. You also do not need to take any extra measures in order to secure the network.  Using a VPN will also help you in connecting multiple networks, hence, making it possible for you to connect your branch offices located across the globe (if this is the case).

  5. Types Of VPN  IP security protocol or IPsec is one of the types of VPN connections that is available. IPsec uses Layer 3 of the OSI model to encrypt the data.  The second type of VPN connection available is Layer-2 Tunnel Protocol or L2TP. A point to point tunnel protocol along with Cisco Layer-2 is used for this. Secure Socket Layer or SSL is the third type of VPN connection that is used. SSL depends on certificates to verify the identity of a server or a computer.

  6. Who Does VPN Work?  Most people don’t have a clear idea about how VPN works. A general perception is that when you connect through a VPN, your data is secured and cannot be accessed by anyone else. However, if you look into the technical side of it, VPN uses the technique of tunneling. When data is sent through internet, it is divided into packets. The data is further divided into ‘bite sized’ pieces to send with ease and convenience. VPN uses tunneling protocol and encryption to secure your data.  In order to prevent your data from being accessed by someone else, the data will be encrypted. Encryption is a process where the encoded data can be decrypted only by an authorized computer. Anyone who tries to intercept the data on public network will not be able to read it. Public-key and symmetric-key are the two main types of encryptions that are used.

  7. Cyberoam(VPN) - Thread Free Remote Access  Flexibility with range of VPN options compared to dedicated VPN appliance  Strong security  Assured VPN connectivity, hence higher security levels  Anywhere, Any Time, Any Device VPN connectivity  Flexible options  Eliminates the need to install VPN clients over individual devices

  8. Selecting the Right VPN Service  Businesses with offices and presence across the world feel the need of connecting with their employees at different locations through a fast, secure and reliable way. This is where a Virtual Private Network (VPN) comes into picture. It is a group of computers or discrete networks connected to each other over a private network which is the Internet. While businesses can connect remote datacenters through VPN, individuals can use it to access network resources without being physically present on the same LAN.

  9. Advantages Associated With Using A VPN Service  The data that you send and receive is encrypted. Hence, Using a VPN network ensures that your communications are not picked up by any unauthorized party. This also helps in maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the data.  You do not need to be an expert in order to set up and use a VPN system. These systems are user friendly and easy to understand.  Service providers have come up with various flexible plans like a monthly or an annual subscription plan. You can choose from among these options the plan best suited to meet your business needs. This has also helped the providers to cater to the varied needs of their VPN clients.

  10. Disadvantages of VPN  VPNs require an in-depth understanding of public network security issues and proper deployment of precautions.  The availability and performance of an organization's wide-area VPN (over the Internet in particular) depends on factors largely outside of their control.  VPN technologies from different vendors may not work well together due to immature standards.  VPNs need to accomodate protocols other than IP and existing ("legacy") internal network technology.

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