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Enterprise Security

Cyberoam delivers cost-effective and comprehensive network security solution, offering enterprise-class security appliances to Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). SMEs can function with assured Security-Connectivity-Productivity with Cyberoam features integrated over a single appliance, eliminating the need to invest in multiple network security solutions.

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Enterprise Security

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  1. Enterprise Security Key Highlights

  2. Enterprise Security Enterprise application security refers to the protection of enterprise applications from external attacks, privilege abuse and data theft. By implementing security across all applications, enterprises can achieve greater data security and protect applications from vulnerabilities.

  3. Enterprise Security: Need Protection to Maintain the Following Aspects of Data • Confidentiality: Businesses exchange strategic and critical data with their clients, partners and other stakeholders over the Internet. Any leakage and subsequent misuse of such information can be detrimental for the businesses interests. Moreover the threat of hackers breaking into the system has never been as real and as alive as it is today. The IT system should therefore be designed to withstand such attacks. • Integrity: Businesses also deal in data, the integrity of which if compromised can result in huge losses. Such data should be protected from unauthorized, unanticipated and unintentional modifications by taking necessary steps. • Availability: The availability of data on a timely basis enables the management in making swift strategic decisions that are critical for a business’s success. .

  4. Establishing strategies: Proactive and Reactive • Proactive Strategies : Administrators should follow proactive as well as reactive strategies while designing a security system. Using a proactive strategy would enable them in evaluating the weaknesses of the system. This information can be used in designing contingency plans. • Reactive Strategies : Reactive strategies or post-attack strategies on the other hand are centered around assessing the damage caused due to an attack. Keeping a note of such attacks also helps administrators in strengthening the security.

  5. Enterprise Security : 6 Most Probable Threats for the Future • The Internet of Things (IoT): Responsible for unprotected points : As more and more objects are getting connected to the internet, the threat is increasing. Did you know that by 2026, the number of devices connected will be approximately 212 billion? These devices will certainly find a way to business organizations, hence increasing threats in a protected environment. Some of the products are asset tracking systems, plant control systems and smart retail shelves, among others. • Enterprise Network Intersection : There are no stand-alone networks, therefore the device that the network points to intersects with the enterprise network that is under threat. It’s predicted by experts to be an extremely messy situation where the internal and external devices can’t be controlled from accessing critical enterprise data.

  6. Enterprise Security : 6 Most Probable Threats for the Future • Mixture of Heterogeneous and Embedded Devices : Since there will be an extensive range of devices available on the market, it is impossible to have the same technology. It is predicted that for the same technology to be applied, it will take from a few months to 20 years for certain devices. • Physiological as well as Physical Damage : Previously, online threats were only confined to data, but now it can affect both the physiological as well as physical aspect of the device. For e.g., IP enabled insulin pumps, pacemakers and glucose monitors have a high chance of being compromised and wearers may be susceptible to damages. In the times to come, even the printers will be vulnerable to attacks as they are mostly found in default settings.

  7. Enterprise Security : 6 Most Probable Threats for the Future • Creation of Supply Chain : In the near future, it is expected that enterprises will rely on technology from non IT companies. There will be vendors who will help in the management of complexities between enterprise networks and IP enabled devices. In fact, companies with complex technologies taste success in such an Internet of Things ambience. Partnerships will take more time to develop and there will be strong competition for skills and acquisitions. • Online Attacks will worsen : The online attacks on a smartphone or tablet these days are not any different from the IT sector. In fact, with IoT attacks, each and every device that is connected to the internet will be really vulnerable, and that too on a large scale. The experts have predicted that the volume of the attacks will increase by ten times with no switching off devices.

  8. Enterprise Security : Steps Should be Taken to Mitigate the Risk • The most ideal approach to save enterprise data is to make sure that it is encrypted prior to sending to cloud, utilizing a key that isn’t held by the cloud administration supplier. It might likewise be reasonable to restrict workers from utilizing consumer cloud services at office. You can block the traffic that leads to these services in your corporate firewall.

  9. Enterprise Security : Key Highlights • Layer 8 Identity-based policies – Cyberoam’s Layer 8 technology allows identity and role-based network access along with visibility into who is doing what. • Comprehensive network security – Cyberoam integrates multiple security features like Stateful Inspection firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, Application Visibility & Control, Web Filtering, Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam, on-appliance Reporting, Web Application Firewall and more, on a single platform, to offer robust network security. • Secure Remote Access – With Cyberoam’s network security appliances, SMEs get assured secure remote access with IPSec, L2TP, PPTP and SSL VPN. • WAN Connectivity and Availability – Cyberoam delivers assured WAN availability and reliable connectivity with features like Bandwidth Management and Multiple Link Management. Cyberoam also supports wireless WAN technologies like 3G/4G/WiMax, offering WAN redundancy.

  10. Enterprise Security : Key Highlights • Extensible Security Architecture & Multicore Technology – Cyberoam’s Extensible Security Architecture works with Multicore technology, to offer advanced networking by accelerating parallel processing of multiple security features in Cyberoam, ensuring that security is not achieved at the cost of performance. • FleXi Ports – The FleXi Ports available in NG series (XP) security appliances offer flexible network connectivity with I/O slots that allow additional Copper/Fiber 1G/10G ports on the same security appliance, allowing organizations to upgrade to new technologies easily and cost-effectively, making them future-ready. • Wi-Fi Security – Cyberoam offers security over Wi-Fi with its Wi-Fi range of appliances that combine the features of a router and Cyberoam’s complete set of network security features. The appliances also offer Layer 8 Identity-based security and come with an in-built wireless access point featuring 802.11 n/b/g standards, MIMO technology and up to eight virtual access points.

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