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  1. YPP "HEP Young Particle Physicists Club at CERN” • part of the CERN Staff Association Club system since 11/02 • Constitution: create a forum for discussion, integration and help for Young Particle Physicist at CERN YPP Statutes • Adhesion and Contribution • Steering Group • Roles of the Steering Group Officers • General Assembly Valeria Perez Reale YPP GA 6/03

  2. Adhesion and Contribution • YPP member: Anyone interested in YPP issues • Voting member: a YPP which does not hold a permanent position. • Observer: anyone else participating in can participate in all types of YPP activities but has no decision making nor voting rights • To become a member of the club, it is necessary to sign up using the official YPP at CERN web page: • There is no annual financial contribution required! • Demission: Any member can terminate its membership by unsubscribing from the mailing list Valeria Perez Reale YPP GA 6/03

  3. Steering Group • Steering Group: • Voting members of the Club • President, Treasurer, Secretary • The quorum for a Steering Group meeting is 3 members • A decision to be taken by the Steering Group needs the simple majority of its members present at the meeting, or including votes sent by email for a pre-announced decision. In case of equal votes the President takes the final decision. • Steering Group also has the responsibility of the Club administration and its accounting. Valeria Perez Reale YPP GA 6/03

  4. Roles of the SG Officers • President: • convene, set the agenda for and preside over the Steering Group and General Assembly meetings • serve as the contact person for the club and as the representative of the CERN chapter in the global YPP • Treasurer: • keep track of the YPP at CERN club funds, play an active role in applying for new funding, and organize the effort within the Steering Group for drafting the budget section of the annual report • responsible for the distribution of funds received from the global YPP organization • Secretary: • contact person for the official YPP at CERN Web page, including collecting the minutes of the SG meetings • be responsible for votes among the GA assembly members or among the SG member Valeria Perez Reale YPP GA 6/03

  5. Fill of the Officer Positions • The officers positions are filled during a General Assembly by a vote of the voting members present. • In case of several candidates interested in a position, the candidate with the highest number of votes fills the position (vote shall be performed using a paper ballot). • In case of a single candidate interested in a position, a simple majority is required for the candidate to fill the position. This kind of vote shall be performed using a show of hands, with the candidate outside the room. • The officers shall serve for a 1 year term inside the Steering Group. Valeria Perez Reale YPP GA 6/03

  6. General Assembly • The General Assembly is composed of all members, including observing members. • It is summoned once per year or, in special circumstances, by the Steering Group or by, at least, one fifth of the voting members • The legal quorum of the GA is one third of its voting members. The General Assembly approves by a single majority, with a show of hands, the club statutes and any amendment to it. • The GA votes to fill the officers positions • The GA discusses YPP at CERN activities and global YPP activity participation. • Any voting member of the club can suggest that YPP at CERN take an official stand regarding a specific issue. This vote is done with a show of hands at a GA. Any voting member of the club should bring such an official position or anyamendment to the statutes to the Steering Group prior to the GA. Valeria Perez Reale YPP GA 6/03