when you think about inquiry what comes to mind n.
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When you think about “Inquiry” what comes to mind? PowerPoint Presentation
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When you think about “Inquiry” what comes to mind?

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When you think about “Inquiry” what comes to mind? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When you think about “Inquiry” what comes to mind?. Write a few thoughts on a card without your name. You will pass in the card. You will be asked to share what you’d like. Ferdinand Magellan. Magellan’s Route 1519-1522 CE. Another World Explorer. Ducks Ahoy!!!.

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When you think about “Inquiry” what comes to mind?

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    1. When you think about “Inquiry”what comes to mind? Write a few thoughts on a card without your name. You will pass in the card. You will be asked to share what you’d like.

    2. Ferdinand Magellan

    3. Magellan’s Route1519-1522 CE

    4. Another World Explorer

    5. Ducks Ahoy!!! Jan. 1992 – 29,000 plastic bath toys wash off of a ship in the Pacific near Int’l Dateline Nov. 1992 – First recorded find of toys; six toys found on the southern coast of Alaska Late 1990’s—Estimate of when toys passed Bering Straight and entered Arctic Ocean Late 2001—Estimate of when toys entered Atlantic

    6. Curtis Ebbesmeyer

    7. Toy Recoveries

    8. Toys’ Route Over 5 Years

    9. How did the toys move? Which could lead to investigations about… • Floating and sinking • Ocean currents • Ocean winds • ???

    10. Hmmm… I was just thinking about ocean currents, and that led me to the question… What makes ocean currents move?

    11. Let’s Investigate! • What do we know about ocean water? • If you were to go swimming in the ocean, what might it feel like? • Would it matter where on Earth you were swimming? • What would you need to think about to stay safe as you swam in deeper water?

    12. On Your World Map Draw arrows to show the general flow of major ocean currents. Write a few words, phrases or sentences to tell something you know about how and why ocean currents move.

    13. By now, we’d expect students to have brought up… • Differences in ocean water and fresh water, especially salinity. • Differences in temperature based on geographic locations. • Aspects of the ocean that cannot be seen easily, such as riptides.

    14. Cup Simulation Predict Observe

    15. Explain What makes the set ups behave differently? How does this relate to our question: What makes ocean currents move?

    16. Predict Observe Explain Note that the dye is just a marker How does this relate to ocean currents? Words, Phrases, Sentences

    17. Explain What do we know is happening? • Fluid (water is moving), but so is heat • Has to do with differences in heat • Has to do with differences in density Convective Heat Transfer— The movement of heat due to the differences that heat causes in the density of a fluid

    18. Warm and Cold in the Ocean

    19. Label Your Second Handout Map Compare Your Two Maps

    20. Ocean Currents—Major Gyres

    21. How is this like/unlike… • Magma • Hot Air Balloon • Bubbles • (Your favorite leisure activity)

    22. So… What makes ocean currents move? How did the duckies end up exploring so far? What else might be affected by ocean currents?

    23. Magellan’s Route1519-1522 CE

    24. Some Terms Convective Heat Transfer Water temperature Warm water Cool water Density Floating Sinking Gyre What are two attributes of ocean currents you could put on your concept map? What are two examples of ocean currents or things that are affected by ocean currents that you can put on your concept map? Create a Concept MapOcean currents

    25. So what?Does it matter? Bird carcass with trash that had been eaten visible inside.

    26. Center for Marine Conservation has been coordinating coastal cleanups since 1986. The CMC keeps careful track of all the debris that is collected The CMC divides their data into debris found, listing the "dirty dozen"--twelve items found most frequently: 1) cigarette butts 2) paper pieces 3) plastic pieces 4) styrofoam 5) glass pieces 6) plastic food bags 7) plastic caps and lids 8) metal beverage cans 9) plastic straws 10) glass beverage bottles 11) plastic beverage bottles 12) styrofoam cups

    27. A Clean Beach Is A Beautiful Thing

    28. Additional Resources • Flotsam Sciencehttp://www.sciencenews.org/articles/20070428/bob9.asp

    29. In what ways did this model “systems”? • Parts • Processes • Functions • Interactions • Matter • Energy • Input • Output • Feedback • Scope • Boundaries • Limits (Limiting factors) • Scale

    30. Debrief Think-Pair-Share What were the parts of the lesson? Was this inquiry? How do you know? How could this be more like authentic inquiry?