The need to maintain biodiversity and efforts to monitor it
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The need to maintain Biodiversity (and efforts to monitor it) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The need to maintain Biodiversity (and efforts to monitor it). What is biodiversity?. The variety, or numbers of plant and animal species and their genetic material with in ecosystems is called biodiversity . Species diversity.

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What is biodiversity
What is biodiversity? it)

  • The variety, or numbers of plant and animal species and their genetic material with in ecosystems is called biodiversity.

Species diversity
Species diversity it)

  • Species diversity is the abundance and variety of species in an ecosystem.

Ecosystem diversity
Ecosystem diversity it)

  • Ecosystem diversity is the number and variety of ecosystems that exist

Why is biodiversity important
Why is biodiversity important? it)

  • Biodiversity is important because every species, and the way it interacts with others in an ecosystem, plays a role in maintaining the balance of life and continuing the survival of each species

Why is biodiversity important put it simply
Why is biodiversity important? it)Put it Simply...

  • In simple terms, genetic diversity provides alternatives of the same basic gene within a species.

  • Diversity needs to be conserved so that individuals with certain variations will survive environmental pressure and pass this trait on to its offspring.

  •  This is the basis of evolution

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Intermission – teacher Joke #1...Another Hilarious teacher Joke #2

Q. What do you call a pig that is angry because he lost his voice...

A. disgruntled?"

Maintaining biodiversity
Maintaining Biodiversity teacher Joke #1...

  • Sometimes, even with genetic diversity, environmental pressures can become too great and a natural population of a species may become extinct.

  • Organisations such as the “Botanic Gardens Trust” at Mt Annan act to maintain this genetic variation

  •  Seedbank

Human impact on biodiversity
Human Impact on Biodiversity teacher Joke #1...

  • The greater number of plants and animals within an ecosystem, the greater chance they will be sustained.

  • But humans have not managed this well:

    • Introduced species

    • Land clearing

    • Overharvesting

    • Global warming

      Have all contributed to a decrease in genetic diversity.

  • Activity:

  • Watch the clip, then in pairs, explain how each of these factors have lead to a decrease in biodiversity.

Governmental acts to maintain biodiversity
Governmental Acts to Maintain Biodiversity teacher Joke #1...

  • NSW Dept. Of Environment and Conservation  stated something needs to be done to maintain biodiversity

  • In NSW, the “Threatened Species Conservation Act”, and the “National Parks and Wildlife Act (1974)” was introduced.

Increasing biodiversity
Increasing Biodiversity teacher Joke #1...

  • To increase biodiversity, specific species will have specific needs.

  • Eg, to increase the biodiversity of birds in your garden, you must increase food, water, shelter, nest sites and nest material

Monitoring biodiversity
Monitoring Biodiversity teacher Joke #1...

  • When monitoring biodiversity, it is important to take measurements and observations at different times and in more than one season.

  • It is also important to consider

    different species and their habits

     Birds

     Snails

Birds in backyards program
Birds in Backyards Program teacher Joke #1...

  • Introduced as scientists realised that increased urbanisation has taken bird habitats  decreasing bird diversity.

  • Some species decline, some increase, but overall decline

  • Common people registering types and numbers of 30 common birds

  • Conclusion  relationship between suburb design and bird species numbers and plant diversity.

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