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Propaganda. a.k.a., Messing with Minds. Mass Media. Forms of communication that transmit information to large numbers of people (e.g., newspapers, television, radio, films, books, and magazines). Biased information :. Information that is one-sided.

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a.k.a., Messing with Minds

mass media
Mass Media
  • Forms of communication that transmit information to large numbers of people (e.g., newspapers, television, radio, films, books, and magazines)
biased information
Biased information:
  • Information that is one-sided
propaganda techniques
Propaganda Techniques
  • Testimonials
  • Bandwagon
  • Name-Calling
  • Glittering Generalities
  • Plain-Folks Appeal
  • Card Stacking
  • An endorsement by a person (most often a famous person) for a product, service, or candidate (e.g., Tiger Woods for Nike)
  • This method of propaganda appeals to people’s desire to follow others and be part of the “winning team.” It’s a lot like peer pressure.
name calling
  • Trying to make people think negatively of the opposition by labeling them (e.g., “Linda Stender is a Spender”).
glittering generalities
Glittering Generalities
  • Uses words that sound good to people without supporting them with specific details (e.g., “A Safer, Stronger America”).
plain folks appeal
Plain-Folks Appeal
  • Tries to communicate to people that the candidate is like them. For example, “I was born and raised here, and I understand the problems of our community,” or a scene showing the candidate doing ordinary things or working side by side with local people.
card stacking
Card Stacking
  • This technique uses only the facts that support a particular product, idea, or candidate (“stacking the cards”). For example: "Senator Mladnick introduced more new bills than any other member of the Congress," and neglect to mention that most of them were so ludicrous that they were laughed off the floor.

group assignment
Group Assignment:
  • Write six different campaign slogans or commercials that use each of the propaganda techniques that you learned today. You may create your own slogans/commercials, or you may use examples from actual commercials.