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Presentation Building 101

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Presentation Building 101 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation Building 101. Creating And Presenting In PowerPoint. Our Objective. Starting the Ball Rolling. New Presentation Choose a Design Template (Azure) Choose an AutoLayout Add Title Add Text. Add a Second Slide. Insert a New Slide Choose an appropriate AutoLayout Add Title

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presentation building 101

Presentation Building 101






starting the ball rolling
Starting the Ball Rolling
  • New Presentation
  • Choose a Design Template (Azure)
  • Choose an AutoLayout
  • Add Title
  • Add Text
add a second slide
Add a Second Slide
  • Insert a New Slide
  • Choose an appropriate AutoLayout
  • Add Title
  • Add Text
slide with text graphics
Slide with Text & Graphics
  • Insert New Slide & choose AutoLayout for Text & Clipart
  • Add Title & Text
  • Double Click on Clipart Box to choose clipart
adding graphics
Adding Graphics
  • Clip Gallery
  • Double-Click on a Category
  • Choose a graphic
  • Click OK
  • Right-Click and select Format Picture to Resize
adding sounds
Adding Sounds
  • Sounds play for the Current Slide ONLY
  • Insert Menu/Movies and Sounds
  • Choose Sound from File
  • Default Folder is your MS Office Installation Folder
  • Microsoft puts TESTSND.MID in this folder
  • Select this file and click OK
adding sounds part 2
Adding Sounds, Part 2
  • Answer YES to play the sound automatically when the slide is loaded
  • The sound icon is placed on the slide
  • Move the icon to a corner
custom animations
Custom Animations
  • Insert a New Slide
  • Add Title
  • Add Text for FIRST BULLET ONLY
  • Collapse text box around first bullet (Use bottom center handle & drag it up)
add second bullet
Add Second Bullet
  • Add a second text object (bullet point) by COPYing the first one (Edit Menu/Copy)
  • Edit Menu/Paste it below the first
  • Align using Arrow Keys & Change Text
tips for aligning objects
Tips for Aligning Objects
  • To move or copy a text object, click on the BOUNDARY of the object first
  • Ensure that the text cursor isn’t flashing in the text anywhere
  • Move using the arrow keys, it’s easier to align things precisely
add third bullet
Add Third Bullet
  • Add third bullet by copying the 2nd bullet just like you copied the first.
  • Move using arrow keys & Change Text
custom animation step 1
Custom Animation, Step 1
  • Pull down the Slide Show menu and select Custom Animation
  • Check the box beside Text 2
  • Ensure ON MOUSE CLICK is selected
custom animation step 2
Custom Animation, Step 2
  • Select the Effects Tab
  • Select Fly
  • Select From Right instead of From Left
  • Select Whoosh instead of No Sound
custom animation step 3
Custom Animation, Step 3
  • Do the same thing for Text 3 and 4
  • Click OK!
  • Your bullets will fly in when you click the mouse