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Multi Day Projects

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Multi Day Projects - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Multi Day Projects. Ideas and Procedures. A Week of Tarts. Day 1- Pastry Discussion on basic pastry types and how they are best utilized. Emphasize the 3-2-1 ratio! Production of pastry types can begin. 3-2-1 Blitz Pate Brisee Pate Sablee Pate Sucree. Day 2-Blind Bake.

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multi day projects

Multi Day Projects

Ideas and Procedures

a week of tarts
A Week of Tarts

Day 1- Pastry

Discussion on basic pastry types and how they are best utilized. Emphasize the 3-2-1 ratio!

Production of pastry types can begin.

  • 3-2-1 Blitz
  • Pate Brisee
  • Pate Sablee
  • Pate Sucree
day 2 blind bake
Day 2-Blind Bake

Discussion of Make up, Panning and Blind Bake.

Scale, Make up, Pan

Fluted pans, Flan rings, Tarts, Tartlets

Blind bake, docking, weighting, baking

day 3 fillings
Day 3- Fillings

Discussion on basic fillings, and how they will be used. Be certain students understand what pastry will be used for which style tarts.

Production of Fillings

Pastry Cream for Fresh Fruit tart using Pate Sablee

(Blind bake 9” shell)

Lemon Cream Tartlets using Pate Sucree

(Blind bake 3-4” tartlets)

Pear and Frangipane Tart using Pate Brisee or 3-2-1 Blitz

day 4 assembly
Day 4- Assembly

Discuss importance of presentation in baked goods. How to fill properly, and have nice look, patterns and coverage of fruits, utilizing natural shapes. Discuss glazes.

Tarts requiring further baking.


Glaze with Apricot or perhaps a reduction of poaching liquids.


day 1 cures
Day 1- Cures

Discussion on appetizers. Their purpose, things to consider, etc. Discuss the elements of this one.

  • Crème Fraiche (Make first) Label time and date.
  • Prepare Salmon (filet, skin, bone)
  • Prepare Salmon Cure, Lemons, herbs
  • Cure Salmon, wrap and refrigerate.
day 2 crackers
Day 2- Crackers

Discuss the procedure for making the cracker. Why we want this crisp stage for our salmon to rest. How the ingredients will work together.

  • Turn salmon, first thing.
  • Prepare cracker dough and place
day 3 shooters
Day 3- Shooters
  • Discuss how this ties in with the appetizer. Have a plating/presentation plan and have clean and ready vessels to be used.
  • Turn the salmon
  • Take Crème Fraiche to refrigerator today.
  • Cut and bake off crackers, cooling completely and into airtight container.
  • Prepare the Cucumber soup
day 4 plating
Day 4- Plating

Review presentation.

  • Pull salmon from refrigerator, rinse, pat dry and slice very thinly.
  • Crème Fraiche can be whisked smooth, fresh ground pepper added and placed in squeeze bottles.
  • Assemble plates or platter.
day 1 chiles
Day 1- Chiles

Discuss chiles in general, the capsaicin we need to be aware of when handling chiles (gloves) and how their heat can vary dramatically, even within a species. Give an overview of how you will be roasting these chiles.

Roast chiles, careful to blister all the skin.

Allow to cool uncovered

When cool enough to handle, glove up and peel all the skin from the chile, being careful not to tear it.

Use a paring knife to carefully slice it open on one side only.

Carefully remove the seeds and membranes, no tearing!

day 2 picadillo
Day 2- Picadillo

Discuss this traditional mixture of meat and it’s savory, sweet, salty, spicy and crunchy elements and how it varies regionally throughout Mexico.

  • Discuss how your class will work, team size, etc.
  • Mise en Place
  • Grind meat if part of your production.
  • Cook off Picadillo
day 3 sauce
Day 3- Sauce

Discuss the use of the sauce. What it’s role is, and additional sauces used to garnish. Students can explore various plating ideas. Having a set idea for plating on day 4

Prepare sauces for plating on day 4

Basic Red Chile Sauce

Smoked Chile Crema-Squeeze bottles

Stuff chiles for plating on day 4, return to refrigerator

day 4 plating1
Day 4- Plating

Students should now how they are plating the dish.

Mis en Place

Plates are clean, sanitized and ready for plating

Pan chiles and place in oven to heat through, hot!

Warm up basic chile sauce

Prepare any garnish

Plate and enjoy!

the order of things
The Order of things

Original Formula

My Class

Make Lemon filling, chill

Make Espresso Filling, chill.

Make Tuile Batter-rest

Make Pate a Choux, pipe onto parchment lined baking sheets and bake.

Bake Chocolate Tuiles.

Fill puffs

Make Caramel


  • Make Pate a Choux, pipe onto parchment lined baking sheets and bake.
  • Make Lemon filling
  • Make Espresso filling
  • Make Tuile batter-rest
  • Bake Chocolate Tuiles
  • Fill puffs
  • Make Caramel
  • Assemble