camera aided robot
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Camera Aided Robot

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Camera Aided Robot . Progress Report. AIM?. Develop a camera guided robot. Has to be able to detect red circular objects and the object position in each frame. Needs to translate image co-ordinates to real world co-ordinates for robot. R obot uses the real world information to locate object.

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camera aided robot

Camera Aided Robot

Progress Report

  • Develop a camera guided robot.
  • Has to be able to detect red circular objects and the object position in each frame.
  • Needs to translate image co-ordinates to real world co-ordinates for robot.
  • Robot uses the real world information to locate object.
  • Draws a dot on centre of object.
block diagram
Block Diagram




Motor 1

Motor 2



4460 Core

Dagu 4 channel motor driver


Motor controls




Motor 3

Dagu Rover 5

system flow
System Flow


Initialize camera and robot

Start looking for objects

object found?

object found?

Stop robot



Detect position of object









Turn robot left

Drive forward

Turn robot right

development environment
Development Environment
  • Hardware Development Board
    • The development board chosen is the Pandaboard ES.
    • 1.2GHz Dual core Arm

9 processor, SGX540

graphics core which

supporting all major


    • 1GB RAM, Adequate memory.
development enviroment
Development Enviroment
  • Logitech 330 HD webcam being used for camera.
  • Operating System
    • The OS chosen for this

project is Ubuntu OMAP4.

    • TI kernel for the Pandaboard ES.
    • Support for OpenCV .
    • Driver support for camera’s (v4l) and arduino.
development environment1
Development Environment
  • Robot
    • To control the robot I have

decided to use an Arduino

for the sole control of the robot.

    • Dual motor driver from Pololu with two MC332926 chips has been

chosen as the motor driver.

    • Dagu Rover 5 is used for

the robot chassis.

progress to date
Progress To Date
  • Pandaboard And Ubuntu Issues
    • Difficult integration of Ubuntu OS and the Pandaboard.
    • TI kernel ondemand issue with clock solved.
    • Boot.script issue with RAM solved.
progress to date1
Progress To Date
  • Application
    • Finds red circular objects in an image.
    • Elliptic Morphological kernel used to manipulate image to find circular objects.
    • CvBlobs library used to extract circular objects which are then stored in arrays.
    • Kalman filter used for tracking the object based on centre point of object. noise and other external factors need to be taken into account.
progress to date2
Progress To Date
  • Yellow x is the predicted centre of the object.
  • Blue square is the bounding box drawn by CvBlobs library.
  • The Memory used is small (Just 15 – 25 MB).
progress to date3
Progress To Date
  • Robot& Arduino
    • Robot is not working.
    • Simple code developed for Arduino to control the robot.
    • PWM generated depending on character received over USB serial.
future plans
Future Plans
  • Once a new motor driver is gotten the entire robot will be set up (excluding arm).
  • Possible change in motor driver. Dagu

provide a driver with 4 channels.

  • Simple starting application to

calibrate the robot.

  • Integrate current Application on

Pandaboard with Arduino and chassis and check


future plans1
Future Plans
  • Get a robotic arm and

integrate into application.

(Dagu - 2DOF Arm with

Gripper and Servos) 

  • Develop an algorithm to convert 2D image co-ordinates to real world co-ordinates.
  • Translate the real world co-ordinates into robotic arm commands and chassis movement.