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Al Sibille February 20, 2007

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Please stand by…..our meeting will start in a few moments. email Archiving. Al Sibille February 20, 2007. Why Should Partners Focus on e-mail Archiving?. Customers are buying it It’s a highly visible customer pain point Fast growing segment of the software market The time is now!

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Al Sibille February 20, 2007

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al sibille february 20 2007

Please stand by…..our meeting will start in a few moments.

email Archiving

Al Sibille

February 20, 2007


Why Should Partners Focus on e-mail Archiving?

Customers are buying it

  • It’s a highly visible customer pain point
  • Fast growing segment of the software market
  • The time is now!

Partners make money

  • Adds significant software value to hardware sales
  • Increases presence within the customer account
  • Creates additional upsell opportunities

Why Sell It? There Is High Demand !

e-mail archiving software market

what is e mail archiving
What is e-mail Archiving?
  • Extracting e-mail from the messaging system
      • E-mail message and attachments
    • Meta data (e.g. to/from/cc/bcc, subject, date, time, …)
  • Archiving e-mail in an electronic repository
    • E.g. Content management system
  • Retrieving archived e-mail when needed
    • Through the e-mail client (Outlook, Notes) by end users
    • Through the archive repository client by authorized staff



Messaging System

Electronic Archive System (Repository)




email Archiving

What is it?

Provide customers with critical email & doc mgmt to retain important business

info needed to satisfy regulatory & audit requirements

What does it cost?

  • Commonstore - $51/user (100 min)
  • Content Manager - $695/user (5 min)
  • eMail Search - $19/user
  • Records Manager - $40/user



  • Ave deal size
    • $75k ENT
    • $40k SMB
  • Entry deal size = $8.6k

Who to sell it to?

Highly regulated industries: Gov’t, Banking, Insurance, Pharm, Legal , etc

e mail continues to grow in volume size significance



e-mail Continues to Grow in Volume, Size & Significance

E-mail has become the primary medium for how we communicate. The consequence is that e-mail has become a de facto [record] repository.

CIO Magazine, Jan 2005

Estimated 131 billion e-mails sent daily; predicted to increase to 276 billion by ‘09

  • E-mail contains 75% of corporate Intellectual Property
  • E-mail is subject to government & industry regs
  • E-mail is increasingly being subpoenaed in litigation

3,390 PB

Size of WW Business Email Volume Sent Annually in 2006

50% CAGR

2004 2006

1 Petabyte (PB) = 1 Million GB = 1 Billion MB

Sources: The Radicati Group, Inc., April 2005; IDC 2004; Network World (2003); Socha / Gelbmann (2004)

e mail is how we conduct business



e-mail IS How We Conduct Business
  • Negotiations & business relationships maintained with clients, vendors, etc
  • Products & services purchased
  • Employees communicate with execs & HR department
  • Receive or transmit business-related complaints, recommendations, problems, questions or inquiries
  • Communicate info about product dev, sales, service offerings, customer service, marketing or advertising
e mail systems have simply become overloaded



e-mail Systems Have Simply Become Overloaded

E-mail systems are not designed to store vast amounts of email & attachments for long durations.

Overloaded e-mail systems cause:

  • System down time
  • IT imposed mailbox size limits
  • Private archives (.pst/.nsf files)
  • Lost data due to .pst/.nsf corruption
  • Increased storage costs
  • Increased backup and restore times
  • Time consuming server upgrades
  • Challenge managing e-mail backups
companies are struggling with regulations lawsuits



Companies are Struggling with Regulations & Lawsuits
  • Small-business owners say being sued is one of the most threatening experiences they encounter.
  • Approx 75% of enterprises required to search backup tapes for old e-mail in past three years.
  • Five U.S. Banks were fined $1.25M for being unable to retrieve subpoenaed e-mails stored on backup tapes.
  • A single legal discovery for e-mail can cost between $150,000 and $250,000.
  • Mounting Regulatory Pressure
    • High penalties and brand damage associated with not meeting regulatory compliance
  • Increasing Litigation Risk & Cost
    • Inability to rapidly & cost effectively retrieve subpoenaed emails
    • Most electronic messages are deleted or stored on tape that isn’t indexed or accessible
  • Companies must ensure email authenticity

Sources: Gartner; Osterman Research; various news articles.

e mail backup tapes do not help they hinder



e-mail Backup Tapes Do NOT Help…They Hinder
  • Backup tapes are a snapshot for system restore after failure
    • NOT an ongoing history of e-mails of compliance, legal or business value
  • Backup tapes are kept for a period of time suitable for IT
    • NOT according to laws, regulations and standards
    • NOT protected from deletion or edit
  • Backup tapes store everything for the same period of time
    • NOT selective emails for periods of time according to laws, regs, etc
    • NOT possible to utilize “single instance store” (keep 1 copy of e-mail sent to many)
  • Backup tapes store e-mails sequentially
    • NOT easy to find specific e-mails for a compliance audit or lawsuit

What will e-mail archiving do for your customers?

Compliance, legal support and discovery

  • Demonstrate compliance with laws, regulations and internal policies
  • Reduce time, effort and expense of discovering e-mail evidence for litigation
  • Monitor e-mail communication and help prevent information leaks

Improve e-mail system performance

  • Reduce the size of e-mail storage
  • Improve e-mail system performance and operations
  • Reduce backup and restore times

Knowledge management

  • Leverage information contained in e-mail
    • E.g. for customer service, cross marketing, fraud detection, etc.

Value Statements - WIIFM

Archiving benefits:

  • Reduced risk of possible costs of legal discovery
  • No storage restrictions on e‑mail & attachments
  • Increased productivity / Better response time
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Good Revenue Opportunity:
  • High demand – everybody has email !
  • Up-sell & cross sell (Notes/Exchange = $2.5B)
  • Customer relationships / expand portfolio
  • High drag into other solutions/services
  • Increased revenue / profit ($476M oppty in ’07)
target organizations
Target Organizations

Tier 1:

  • Insurance (includes Broker/Dealers), Financial Services, Securities & Mutual Fund Brokers, Healthcare, Legal (large law firms)

Tier 2:

  • Government, Telecommunications/Media, Service Providers, Education, Regulated Utilities

Tier 3:

  • Non-profits, Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, High Tech (medical devices), Pharma, Transportation, Consumer Goods
target e mail archiving buyers everyone is buying it
Target e-mail Archiving Buyers – Everyone is Buying It
  • Email Administrator
    • “My e-mail users are complaining about poor response time”
  • CIO
    • “The business units are all over me about the restrictions we impose to keep mail box sizes down”
  • Line of Business Executive
    • “My employees don’t have the time to think about which e-mails should

be saved and which should be destroyed. We need a standard policy”

  • Corporate Attorneys
    • “We must treat e-mail like any other business document – protect it, control it, retain it. Our users currently can erase anything they want to. This has to stop!“

Questions To Help Partners Identify Archiving Opps

  • CEO/President/Owner
  • • Are you in compliance with SEC record keeping regulations?
  • • Are you concerned about cost of discovery regarding your company records in the event you are sued?
  • • How quickly could you locate a critical business document for a legal purpose?
  • • Are you paying for storage for documents you may not legally need anymore?
  • • Are you aware the federal gov’t requires every public company to have careful retention of financial records?
  • • Do you know that the Sarbanes-Oxley Act can hold you and your top officers personally liable for inadequate record keeping practices?
  • IT Manager
  • Do you know what documents can be kept and which ones can be destroyed?
  • • Can you electronically locate critical business documents, email, attachments and messages?
  • • Are your critical business docs, email, attachments, & records avail electronically for auditors to review?
  • • Did you know the CEO & top execs at your company can be personally liable for adequate record keeping?
  • • Have you electronically deleted documents that need to be retained for legal purposes?
  • If you company was sued, could you easily locate critical business documents?
  • CFOs, Financial VPs:
  • Are you in compliance with SEC record keeping regulations?
  • Are you concerned about the cost of discovery regarding your company records in the event you are sued?
  • Do you know the Sarbanes-Oxley Act may hold you personally liable for adequate record keeping practices?
  • Are you paying for the storage of documents that you may not need to legally keep anymore?

Elevator Pitch For email Archiving

Do you use Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes for email?

We have a hot solution that will help you store emails in a safe place…AND

  • Saves you from the hassle of doing backups
  • Improves your employees productivity – less down time
  • Insures you have important docs saved in original format
  • Makes it easier to locate old attachments for lawsuits

PLUS the gov’t issued an archiving mandate on Dec 1.

How about I forward you that link and some add’l info so we can

discuss this oppty further?


Cross sell/upsell opps with Commonstore

  • email Search
  • Content Manager
  • Records Manager & Document Manager
  • Lotus Notes & Sametime
  • IBM Hardware

Leveraging Your Customer Base

Large Renewals

  • Where there is smoke, there is fire
  • Consider automatic quotes

Total Solutions

  • Customers for life
  • More profitable / stable
  • Niche is great, value is even better
ibm commonstore email archiving preload
IBM CommonStore eMail Archiving Preload


  • Helps companies address immediate & future challenges with growing e-mail systems
    • Performance improvement
    • Storage optimization
    • Reduce backup/restore times
    • Faster server upgrades and consolidation
    • Retain e-mail for compliance and legal discovery
  • Helps Value Added Distributors and Resellers add value
    • Preloaded configuration
    • Fast, easy implementation
    • Opportunities for e-mail system maintenance, upgrades, etc.
  • A hardware & software solution
  • Rapid implementation of e-mail archiving
  • In Small and Medium Businesses

IBM CommonStore for Lotus Domino V8.3, or

IBM CommonStore for Exchange Server V8.3


IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition V8.3

AMD Opteron Powered

System x – LS21 Blade

2007 sales marketing resources
2007 Sales & Marketing Resources
  • $3000 IOD funds for Business Partners
      • Direct Mail
      • Telesales
      • Events
  • Incentives: 35% off Commonstore bundle in 1H ‘07
  • Resources Available to Ingram Partners
    • Ingram Sales & Marketing Teams
    • IBM Cross Brand Territory Reps
    • IBM Info Mgmt Specialists
    • IBM Solution Builders Express Team
    • Al

Implementation Guide

Structured learning opportunity showing how to quickly set up an instance of the solution and important techniques to develop and deploy a custom solution

Sample code, data, scripts





Use cases for demo & education

Instructions &

tips for solution installation

Solution Builder Express for E-mail Archiving

All assets are available at no charge to all BPPartnerworld members at:

Solution Overview

Solution Planning Guide

Helps you identify skill requirements and plan your customer engagement

Helps you understand solution concepts, business value, and system architecture considerations

  • Skill 1
  • Skill 2
  • Skill 3
  • ….

Skills required

to implement

the solution

Assumptions & task list

with time estimates to plan

services engagement

Task descriptions

& best practices

Solution concepts & business value

Solution architecture


SW, HW, tools

Demo Toolkit

Provides customizable demonstration assets to help you sell the solution

How-to document to

assist with using & customizing the assets

Customizable presentation with solution benefits & overview

Video clips of

the solution


Sales Play Book

  • What’s Included?
  • Customer Pitch
  • Brochures
  • Direct Mail Template
  • Seminar Template
  • Telemktg Scripts
  • Cheat Sheets

information mgmt demo site
Information Mgmt Demo Site


Information Management Workshops for You


Information Management Portal


For More Information

  • Visit IBM online:
    • IBM DB2 CommonStore Homepage:
    • IBM CommonStore eMail Archiving Preload press release:
    • IBM CommonStore eMail Archiving Preload:
    • eMail Archiving demos:
  • Industry Articles:
    • Gov't announcement on archiving
    • Microsoft & Commonstore partnership
    • VAR Business article validating industry trend
    • Link to announcement in education industry
how to grow your software revenue
How To Grow Your Software Revenue ?

Large Renewals

  • Where there is smoke, there is fire
  • Consider automatic quotes

Offering Total Solutions

  • Customers for life
  • Partners are more profitable/healthier

Leverage Resources

  • IBM & Ingram team is eager to take the lead
  • IBM co-marketing
  • IBM demos/references/customer materials