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PDT’s. First, the PDT Status. Readout All 6 crates in global run. x39 & x34 frequently stop due to MFC related Front End errors. 85/94 PDT’s are in the global runs. Infrastructure & Electronics during access 3 FEB’s replaced (MW + TM + HH)

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pdt s

First, the PDT Status

  • Readout
    • All 6 crates in global run. x39 & x34 frequently stop due to MFC related Front End errors.
    • 85/94 PDT’s are in the global runs.
  • Infrastructure & Electronics during access
    • 3 FEB’s replaced (MW + TM + HH)
    • HV work on PDT 113/213 to jumper out a broken wire until Oct. shutdown. (MW + TM)
    • Reprogram of B&C-layer cobo’s Completed (HH)

Trigger = Minbias*ticksel 0

OLD Timing Plots

First crossing after synch gap (d.t.=550 ns)

  • We have made adjustments to move the hits a little earlier (reducing t0’s).
  • T0’s are available for All PDT’s
    • For 67/94 I have measured T0’s from timing distributions. For the others I made an estimate based on the t0’s of similar PDTs.
    • Three timing sets used so far
  • We haven’t looked at Pads yet - unpacking problems.
pdt s1
  • Example of T0’s from run 130080
pdt problem
PDT Problem
  • Mujet triggers provide sample of relatively clean high-pT muons. Sooo… where are the tracks?
    • I used D0ev to identify the first event (14th in the file) that satisfied the mujet trigger. I used the save event button to extract it.
    • I used dsdump --raw --byteswap to display the contents of the event (~200000 lines).
    • I hand-unpacked and hand event-displayed There were nice hits in B & C layer PDT’s that corresponded with the scintillator hits.
    • Onne Peters ran the muon code and made an event display picture of that event too.
event display picture
Event Display Picture
  • Then
    • Onne disabled hit selection and made the event display picture again.
summary plans
  • Central Muon ID suddenly will achieve higher efficiency.
  • Short Term proposed plan for muons
    • select and tapout dimuon event-tuples
      • initially these will be |eta|>~1
      • hopefully within a week or so Reco will have a fix for central muons, too.
    • Use these to study performance and develop W and Z to muon object identification
    • I believe the events will be primarily b-bbar with non-isolated muons until we use isolation. Probably we should start where we were in Run I:
      • delta R (mu-jet) > 0.7 for 0.5 cone jets
      • good idea to check Run I publications
      • I recall W/Z and top had slightly different criteria
  • We believe PDT’s are operating well.
  • Starting to put shine on the electronics.
    • Kill hot cells
    • fix missing channels.
  • We’ve got t0’s for all runs taken since April 27th and a set of timing parameters which will set them to an average of 100 ns.
  • We have identified a change in software which will make it possible to find tracks in the PDT’s.
  • A quick scan appears to show some electronics has been cables backwards.
  • Next step: hand scan 500 tracks.
central muon during october shutdown
Central Muon during October Shutdown
  • Scintillators
    • The major task is an SFE cycle to correct a time-of-flight gate mistake.
  • PDT’s
    • A-layer access to
      • Reprogram timing chips on Cobo’s
      • Replace a couple Cobo’s and FEB’s to suppress hot or missing channels
      • Rewire FEB<-->Cobo connections in Oct 1.
    • Broken wires
      • ~10 PDT’s have had broken wires jumpered out.
      • Procedure to fix the wire involves pumping and refilling with operating gas. So we ill need a Bob Kubinsky or other expert to assist with that.
central muon during october shutdown1
Central Muon during October Shutdown
  • PDT’s continued
    • Survey
      • The Run II position of some unsurveyed PDT’s is known to no better than 1” from Run I data. Implication is (Dp)/p ~ 300% instead of ~20% in those directions.
      • It’s important to complete the muon survey!