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to. English class. Unit 8 First Aid. Outline 1 1. First aid is important 2. Reason 1 3. Reason 2 4. Reason 3 Outline 2 1.Learn how to give first aid 2. First ,…(step 1) 3. Second ,…(step 2 )

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English class


Outline 1 1. First aid is important

2. Reason 1

3. Reason 2

4. Reason 3

Outline 2 1.Learn how to give first aid

2. First ,…(step 1)

3. Second ,…(step 2 )

4. Third ,…(step 3)

Outline 3 1. There are two types of first aid

2. The first type

3. The second type

4. Similarities and differences


Answer the questions:

1.Why is first aid important in our daily life?

2. What’s the most important thing to remember

when dealing with an emergency?

3. What do the hospitals recommend?

4. What we should do when we have checked the DR ABC?

6. Can we do first aid correctly after reading this passage?


Answers to questions

1.Because seconds count in an emergency ,and knowing

what to do can mean the difference between life and death.

2.To say calm and not to be panic.

3. They recommend that we use the letters DR ABC

to remember what to do when we have to think fast.

4. “D” stands for “Danger”; “R” stands for “Response”; “A” stands for “ Airway” ; “B” stands for “Breathing”; “C” stands for “Circulation”

5. We should give the first aid that is needed and call for an ambulance.

6.No. This passage doesn’t contain enough information

for us to do first aid correctly.

we have to study with a teacher for a few hours.


1.Witness n. person who sees an event take place

vt. be present at sth. and see it

e.g.I was a witness to their quarrel.

He witnessed the accident.

2.keep in mind ( remember sb./sth.)

3.panic n. sudden irrational feeling of great fear

vt. /vi.(panicked , panicked ) cause a person or an animal

to be affected with panic

e.g.I got into a panic when I found the door was locked.

4. roll over

e.g. The goat rolled over and died .

He rolled over in bed .

5.mange in change of ; run ; succeed in doing sth.

e.g. Can you manage children well?

mange to do sth. (succeed in doing sth.)

e.g. Li Hong managed to finish her work in time.


Work in pairs.Use the letters DR ABC

to tell your partner how to give first aid

First, __________________________________________

Second, ________________________________________




make sure that the accident scene is

no longer dangerous.

you should try to get a response from the injured person.

you should make sure that the person’s airway is clear

you should check if the person is breathing

you should make sure

that the person’s blood is circulating



Remember DR ABC

and learn by heart new words