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Top 10 Malware Removal Tools For Windows PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 10 Malware Removal Tools For Windows

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Top 10 Malware Removal Tools For Windows - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Here is the best malware removal software for Windows detects and removes malware and viruses your antivirus will miss.

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top 5 best malware removal software

Top 5 Best Malware Removal Software

It’s not a secret anymore that there are thousands of malware on the Internet,

and we get a new version of it every day. We hear of individuals and business

getting malware on their computer and the end up losing their data and business.

We have compiled a set of 5 best malware removal tool that can protect your

computer from random attacks and alert you when there will be an intrusion.

Best Malware Removal Tools for 2018

1. Comodo Antivirus

2. Malwarebytes

3. Avira

4. Avast

5. Emsisoft

Comodo Antivirus

So far the best in the industry, because Comodo Internet Security is know to be

the best the best tool. The only antivirus company that brings battle tested,

proven containment technology to enterprise. The technology ensures Endpoint

Security while defending high volume and sophisticated threat.

Comodo BOClean is a software that protects and automatically detects different

type of malware.

Comodo Anti malware has a built-in fully featured malware scanner that can track

and remove the virus, hidden files, rootkits, and malicious registry keys embedded

deep in your system files. Using the latest heuristic technique the scanner is highly

configurable, and are known to detect previously unknown viruses.

featured as first class malware removal

Featured as first-class malware removal capabilities, it is capable of detecting

hidden drivers and services loaded during system start-up.

The key features are

● Instantly identify and stop every untrusted process running on an endpoint

with a single click

● Powerful antivirus scanner capable of removing malware, rootkits, hidden

files and malicious registry keys are hidden deep within a system

● Forensic level stats and graphs allow internal processes and resource usage

to be analyzed with unrivaled granularity

● Integration with Comodo cloud scanners provides real-time safety verdicts

for unknown processes

● Perfect for ensuring network endpoints are totally clean of threats


Malwarebytes have their product called Junkware Removal Tool (JRT). It sweeps

up and removes all traces of notorious viruses and malware on your system. JRT is

a software that has a combination of fast scanning and seamlessly removes virus

in short time. It will typically disinfect your computer and clean it before you are

ready for the next coffee break.

Malwarebytes has been maintaining a low affair like Comodo, but like all good

things, JRT also comes with a feature where it installs in the Temp folder and can

be removed when and as you wish.

A portable tool, it moves with you, and like Comodo, you need not have to install

it on your computer but can run it on a USB. It is easy and it runs on a flexible

Command Line Interface (CLI). No system footprints, Malwarebytes are designed

to keep things simple.

how it works for you

How it works for you

Popup ads that spawn most of the computer these days, like Conduit,

Malwarebytes instantly clears it.

Any unwanted toolbars are uninstalled, this gives more flexibility for the user to


Potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) have no place in your computer with

Malwarebytes, it is instantly deleted.

Any traces of PUPs are cleaned and no footprints are left.


Avira is also a major player in the removal of Malware and Virus from computers

across the world. Unlike Comodo and Malwarebytes, Avira’s tool needs to be

installed on the system to eliminate major distinct threats.

Avira’s tool does not replace any solution, but the user will have to keep it

updated all the time. It protects your privacy and saves time on everyday tasks.

The company claims that it protects you in real time against those 4-million

threats that loom large on a daily basis.

One of the best things about Avira is that it employs cloud technologies and

artificial intelligence, and this allows the endpoint to be fully protected from all

types of malware, Ransomware, Trojan or spyware etc.

The Real-time cloud scanning is the extended version of Artificial intelligence,

which provides early warning to users before it puts the files from the cloud. This

is called real-time protection.



Avast is lightweight and there is not much load on the resources. The software

has an added level of protection that blocks and detects any kind of intrusion. In

the event of ransomware, it will not allow the files to be encrypted without the

knowledge/permission of the user.

One of our best 5 antivirus software Avast, when it comes to security and

protection it raises the bar with intelligent threat-detection. Avast gives you a

wide range of choice with added security for your system, network, browser, and

passwords. Again, the user will have to install it on his computer.

For business and protection of customer data where everything has to be

protected, they have a ready all-in-one solution to protect your resources. The

antivirus is enhanced with the server, that includes email, and VPN protection.

Some of the features they have is;

File Shield

To ensure that any files that land onto your computer are malware-free this tool

automatically scans files before they are opened.

Web Shield

The website that you visit is free from malware or ensure its trustworthiness, the

tool has this mechanism in the URL and website certificate before it connects with

your network.

Email Shield

all the email is thoroughly scanned before

All the email is thoroughly scanned before the attachment is saved onto your the

system files. Similarly, the outgoing emails are also checked if they are malware


SecureLine VPN

Make every connection private no matter what network or WiFi your employees

use to prevent their identities, or your data, from being seen and stolen online.


Is the best scan engine which works faster than most of the other software we

have been talking about. It is a combination of two antivirus and anti-malware

technologies, and this partnership makes it work efficiently. The company claims

that the scanner never fails to let go any malware undetected. It is not hard on

the hardware resources.

One of the greatest features of Emsisoft is that of the custom scan. It allows the

user to decide for themselves what is important for them and what is not. The

custom scan setting has all the options, in which a few of them are enabled by

default while others are not, so this gives room for the user to know what they


It allows you to have

● Rootkits Scan

● Cleaning rootkits

● Traces scan

● Pup detection

● Scanning of compressed archives, and more.