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T.A.S.K. A proposal by Andrei Dolezal. The Shark’s are Dying!.

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T a s k

  • A proposal by Andrei Dolezal

The shark s are dying
The Shark’s are Dying!

  • Worldwide hundreds of millions of sharks are fished and shark finned. If this continues the whole food chain will be messed up. Including populations like Octopus will get larger as the plankton population gets smaller. This is a chart of shark attacks. You can see that this rarely ever happens.

Shark fining
Shark Fining

  • Shark fining is when the fishermen catches a shark. The fisherman brings the shark up on to the boat and cuts off its fin. Then throws the shark into the water, which then either bleeds to death,gets

  • eaten by other fish or drowns. As you have seen some people are very mean to sharks.

Shark fin soup
Shark Fin Soup

  • MENU

  • Shark fin Soup 175.00 that is how much shark fin soup costs. Most people say that the shark fin is bitter. Yet it is still very popular and the demand for it continues to grow. It is referred to as a good luck charm. It was announced a soup by the Chinese empire.


As a citizen of Tiburon suggest we help the sharks. After all Tiburon does stand for shark.


Tiburon Against

Shark Killing

My plan for t a s k
My Plan for T.A.S.K.

  • Work with Bel Aire student council to raise awareness in the school.

  • Raise money at Friday Nights on Main to contribute to organizations that are fighting to save the shark.

  • Finally, convince mayor to put up a permanent collection box in front of the shark fountain downtown.

Contact me
Contact me takes everyone to save the sharks.

Andrei Dolezal

20 Hillcrest Rd.

Tiburon, CA 94920

415 435 4613

4th Grade Bel Aire School