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Nagai Hideyuki. By: Felipe Giraldo Grueso. Introduction. Nagai Hideyuki aka Hide is a 21 year old Japanese artists with tremendous drawing skills. The ability to turn simple pencil drawings into 3D is just amazing . . Biography.

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Nagai hideyuki

Nagai Hideyuki

By: Felipe Giraldo Grueso


Nagai Hideyuki aka Hide is a 21 year old Japanese artists with tremendous drawing skills. The ability to turn simple pencil drawings into 3D is just amazing.


Nagai was born the 7th of February, 1991 in a little town of Japan called Wakayama. Since he was a little kid he showed his amazing skills drawing in his school notebooks.

Hugo lugo
Hugo Lugo

Hugo Lugo was born in Los Mochis, Mexico, 1974. Right now he lives and works in Tijuana, Mexico. He has developed his work in several disciplines mainly drawing, painting and photography.


His work has been exhibited in cities like Caracas, Amsterdam, Paris, Mexico, Hong Kong, Bogota, Singapore and Rio de Janeiro. Hugo Lugo likes to elaborate his work focusing in two different things, the idea of the subject as a representation and the representation as itself. He has a very realistic style of painting and he likes his work to mean something that is deep and not only the painting.  


Even though this two artists are from a different time one if from the 80’s and the other one is from the 90’s, the work of this two artists is recognized and admire by the world. And the resemblance of them both is very similar.




Both of them try to show their work in a 3D way. They both use notebooks to paint their drawings. Their technique is very similar, because both of them use pencil for most of their drawings and they both like to leave one part in colors and the other one in black and white. For the visual language element they use lines and colors and the resemblance is very noticeable, it can be said that Nagai is influenced by Hugo Lugo considering their different ages.

Some different artists seen this year
Some Different Artists Seen This Year

Hugo Lugo

Yoshitomo Nara


Osamu Tezuka

Claudio Gallina

Roy Lichtenstein

Mariko Mori

Katsushika Hokusai


Hiroshige and Hokusai

Technique: They both paint Ukiyo-e.

Concept: they both like to draw the nature of the world.

Place of Reference: They are both from Japan and the drawings are pretty similar because the place are very similar as well.


Yoshitomo Nara and Hugo Lugo

Time Reference: They are both form the 90’s.

Technique: They are both very realistic even though one draws ant the other one does an kind of installation.

Concept: Their work has a deep meaning.


Hugo Lugo and Hiroshige

Landscape: They both use a natural landscape like a forest or a mountain.

Technique: Their technique is very realistic and the drawings look like photos because they are so real.