don t wait for them to come to your dealership n.
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Don’t wait for them to come to your dealership ! PowerPoint Presentation
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Don’t wait for them to come to your dealership !

Don’t wait for them to come to your dealership !

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Don’t wait for them to come to your dealership !

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  1. Don’t wait for them to come to your dealership! You go to them at the 31st Annual Greater New Orleans International Auto Show!

  2. Auto Show ROI New Orleans...#2 In Tech Job Growth in US! - 2013 94% Employment percentage - GNO, Inc. 2013 New Orleans…#1 Economic Recovery Brookings Institute 2012 #1 Growing Metro Area for Employment -Metro Monitor New Orleans New Frontier for Business -Forbes 2013

  3. Auto Show ROI #2 Best Big City for Jobs in the United States - Forbes 2012 America’s Best City for School Reform Topcity for entrepreneurs on two separate lists #1 America’s Biggest Brain Magnets for drawing people under the age of twenty-five with college degrees.

  4. You will see more interested consumers in 3 days than in 3 months

  5. Auto Show ROI That New Car Feel and Smell doesn’t come from Television, Radio, Newspaper, Magazines, Billboards, Email, Internet, Word of Mouth or Direct Mail It only comes from actually getting in the car!

  6. Marketing ROI Study 51% indicated that the auto show influenced their interest in a brand or type of vehicle Foresight Research 2012

  7. Marketing ROI Study 30% indicated that prior to coming to the auto show they did not plan to visit the display of the brand they ultimately chose. Consumers are more likely to be swayed to a different brand at the Auto Show. Be Sure You Are There!

  8. Marketing ROI Study 39% said it influenced their decision to shop at dealerships for that vehicle

  9. Auto Show Visitors • Discover brands and carlines that they would have otherwise overlooked! These consumers would have never shopped your dealership! Not familiar with your current product! Don’t think your product is for them!

  10. Your Participation pays off… in other ways, too! Your vehicle(s) promoted in auto show media • Television • Radio • Internet • Email Promotions You’ll receive back much more in advertising than cost of space!

  11. Do you get this many people… in 3 days or even a month after running this type of advertising

  12. Do you get this many people… in 3 days after you run a ¼ page ad 3x in classified NO DAILY PAPER

  13. Do you get this many people… in 3 days after you run 4 x Prime Time TV Spots

  14. But, you can …. in 3 days 1000 sqft $3950 includes mentions in auto show advertising, carpet, carpet cleaning and visqueen. See thousands of consumers whose sole purpose in attending the Auto Show is to see the new products.

  15. 1000 sq ft $3850 Greet consumers that may never shop your dealership. 30% of Auto Show Visitors ultimately chose a brand that was not on their shopping list.

  16. Regional, Mid Size and Smaller Marketsoffer the best ROI in auto show marketing

  17. Better ROI According to a groundbreaking consumer survey just completed by Foresight Research… auto shows are still of great value to automakers delivering better return on investment than many other forms of marketing

  18. New Orleans Study3 Months Later 1500 respondents from email addresses collected at show

  19. New Orleans Study3 Months Later More than 45% of show visitors either purchased or are actively shopping due to visit to Auto Show

  20. Auto Show ROI New Orleans is committed to a cost-effective Show. $3.95 sq ft - includes carpet, carpet cleaning, visqueen Each manufacturer’s vehicle(s) of choice is promoted on radio, television and the internet at no extra charge Marketed regionally from Baton Rouge to Mobile

  21. The Auto Show and the promotions surrounding it, stimulates the car buying public into new car fever, more than any other single event. Seize the Moment.

  22. Order Space Now • Call Jeffrie Schultis Fricke 504-831-8863 • Email