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Make Me Feel Important!

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Make Me Feel Important!. How to Get Everything You Want Out of Life! Fred Schafer Objectives. Make Yourself Feel Important Make Your Leader Feel Important Make Your Client (Member) Feel Important Make Your Teammate Feel Important Challenge you to grow your own future.

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make me feel important

Make Me Feel Important!

How to Get Everything You Want Out of Life!

Fred Schafer

  • Make Yourself Feel Important
  • Make Your Leader Feel Important
  • Make Your Client (Member) Feel Important
  • Make Your Teammate Feel Important
  • Challenge you to grow your own future
why should i listen to this guy
Why Should I Listen to this Guy?
  • 53 years old, Studying High Performance Success 37 years
  • Multiple management/supervisory careers – Thousands employees
  • National award employee recruiting/retention
  • National award sales/marketing
  • State/regional awards business & organizational leadership
  • Ten years conference keynote/break out speaker
  • Own Medical Fitness/Personal Training Practice
  • Business consultant/Career Coach
  • Masters Degree Wellness, Wellness book
  • Suffered Serious Hair Loss
why are you here
Why are you here?

What do you hope to leave with?

the five pillars of high performance service
The Five Pillars of High PerformanceService
  • Purpose Pillar – What is your dream/cause beyond $$ ?
  • People Pillar - Who will be your “dream team” to get there?
  • Physical Power Pillar - How will you fortify yourself for the dream?
  • Professional Prowess Pillar - What dream and team building knowledge, attitudes and behaviors do you need to bravely lead?
  • Passion/Perseverance Pillar – How will you maintain enthusiasm & commitment in the face of adversity?
part i the purpose pillar draw the dream
Part IThe Purpose Pillar – “Draw the Dream”
  • The first essential Business skill - skill of imagination
  • “Drawing the Dream” – Describe the Business/Career of your dreams
  • “Yea right sure, heard it all before”
  • Grass is greener? Acres of Diamonds
  • “Living” words with emotion and belief vs dead sentences disappoint
  • “Cutting edge” psychological technique beyond “just get to work”
  • Asking You Consider Writing Own “Bold Declaration Statement”
the goal is not to work harder
The Goal is NOT to Work Harder

The Goal is to work better and easier

A leader is made more whole, strong and functional by having a clear, defined and meaningful dream

Why census workers die early?

the challenges of working and living
The Challenges of Working and Living

Emotionally negative, distressed states

selectively produce rises in cortisol to accompany

the cardiovascular and catecholamine activation.

Therefore, cortisol may be specifically sensitive to

negative emotional states such as fear

puts you in the drivers seat
Puts You in the Drivers Seat

“Emotionally positive, activating challenges call forth increased cardiovascular and catecholamine responses without activating cortisol.

gives you and the dream team a game plan to follow
Gives YOU and the “Dream Team” a Game plan to Follow

Someone needs to cast the vision

People resist following those who do not know where they are going

the people pillar build your team
The People PillarBuild Your Team
  • Your Mighty Forces?
  • Your Leaders
  • Members/clients
  • Employees
  • Suppliers
  • Financiers
  • Professional peers
  • Teachers/coaches/advisors
  • Family/friends
your superior
Your Superior

Before you can lead well, you should consider following well

Ask Them the “Cartwheel” Question

Invite them to Give You Honest Critique

Thank them for their honesty

Take some sort of action on their coaching

your employees hire smart or manage tough
Your Employees – Hire Smart or Manage Tough!
  • Find’em
  • Serve’m
  • Groom’em
  • Broom’em?
going to work is going to life
Going to work is going to life
  • The Secret is always a System!
  • Could you franchise your hiring, training and retaining operation?

“People get jacked up when their doing better”

what is the real objective
What is the REAL Objective?
  • “Find and/or keep good/great employees – do more with less?”
  • Connect with them and do better– hire work for – reach them where they live to “work with”
  • Build authentic, sincere systems to do that
  • Consider this objective – See your business as a talent and opportunity factory
  • “If you ever leave here, you will leave better than you before arrived”
  • “You can get everything you want out of life if……
draw the dream the start of the training program
Draw the DreamThe Start of the Training Program

Zero Limitations

Passionate, fun words and language – Truth versus fact

Research Worlds Best Practices – It CAN be done here!

Outline 1-6 most important tasks next five years

Priority task needs daily attention – Drip, Drip, Drip

Broadcast it to your team

what who are you looking for
What/who are you looking for?
  • Can You Describe Your Ideal “Player” Without a Script?
  • Is it Written Down Anywhere?
  • Benefits everyone when expectations are clear
  • Helps in acknowledging good performance
  • Helps in correcting wayward performance
  • Take 5-10 to Describe the Ideal Person for your team
your help wanted ads
Your “Help-Wanted” Ads?

Are they filled with life?

Do they “draw the dream?”

Do they say “unique”, velvet rope?

hiring seminar sets up velvet rope culture
Hiring Seminar?Sets up “Velvet Rope” Culture

Tell your core story/“Strong Dream”

Outline Vision for future plans

Outline “Expectations” of the ideal person

Pre-screen at the end

  • How do you feel you could contribute?
  • Tell me about one past example of a similar contribution
  • Give me three references people I can call
  • What are you doing now to prepare for mastery?
few good questions to consider
Few good questions to consider?

“Sell us this pen”

Do you have any dreams for your life you would be comfortable sharing with us?

Who is your hero and why?

What is the last book that you read and what did you learn from it?

If you were hiring for this position, tell us the top four things you would look for in the person you were hiring

work environment what can they get from you they don t get out there
WorkEnvironmentWhat can they get from you they don’t get “out there”?
  • Orientation-First Day
  • Team up with a winner
  • Eye contact, name, smile, talk to, “grandma/pa rule”
  • The Sign on everyone’s forehead
  • Insist on CPR – Courteous, professional and respectable
  • The “Boss” has a much bigger impact than the boss thinks
killing fields of the spirit
Killing Fields of the Spirit?

Find Their Cause - Forget About Your Mission Statement

Reach them where they live

Culture of Excellence, Meaning & Fun

Look REALLY, REALLY hard for their strengths

Executor- Relater- Influencer-Analytical

Separate Performance from Performer

stupid is the germ of genius how to get more great ideas from your team
Stupid is the germ of geniusHow to get more great ideas from your team

“Your staff withholds 2/3 of what they are capable of contributing to your educational community in the form of talents, skills, experience, information and ideas. Apparently this is due to the fact that they don’t feel appreciated.”

“Mark Twain said that he could live contented for two months on one compliment. Compliment generously, genuinely and specifically.

You are the driver, passengers (They see things we don’t)

Reward and implement and give credit where due

connecting with your clients co workers and coaches
Connecting with Your Clients, Co-workers and Coaches

Use “GLUE”

  • Give Advice
  • Learn Something
  • Understand Them
  • Enjoy Them

The Four Emotions that move people?

  • Mad
  • Sad
  • Scared
  • Glad
frisk sets you free
FRISK Sets you free!
  • Hire slowly, fire quickly
  • Facts
  • Rules
  • Impact
  • Suggestions
  • Knowledge
12 rules for bringing out the best in people book by alan loy mcginnis highly recommend
12 Rules for Bringing Out the Best in People(Book by Alan Loy McGinnis, highly recommend)
  • Expect the Best from the people you lead.
  • Make a thorough study of the other person’s needs.
  • Establish high standards for excellence.
  • Create an environment where failure is not fatal.
  • If they are going anywhere near where you want to go, climb on other people’s bandwagons.
  • Employ models to encourage success.
  • Recognize and applaud achievement.
  • Employ a mixture of positive and negative reinforcement.
  • Appeal sparingly to the competitive urge.
  • Place a premium on collaboration.
  • Build into the group an allowance for storms.
  • Take steps to keep your own motivation high.
four basic functions in a business
Four Basic Functions in a Business

Operations – Delivering your product or service

Finance – Accounting, administration, MIS

People Development – Developing expertise

Marketing – (sales, advertising & research, service)

All functions matter – Nothing sold, nothing else matters!

how do you increase members and the products and services they benefit from
How Do You Increase Members and the Products and Services They Benefit From?

Basically only Two ways to do that

1- Fantastic product and service - Positioning

2- Ask everyone to buy it- Prospecting

Duplicable systems get better both daily

what do your members clients want
What Do Your Members/Clients Want?
  • Greater control – predictable, pleasurable outcomes
  • Biggest frustrations in your field?
  • Visual – Emotional – Financial – Functional frustrations??
  • Figure out where you best solve that - become the best
  • Tell Everyone on the planet who could benefit from you
  • Expose the frustration – Agitate it – Offer yourself solution
the professional prowess pillar
The Professional Prowess Pillar

Superior skill or ability

Superior strength, courage or daring in battle

  • The team is only as strong as its leader
  • Identify attitudes, knowledge & behaviors
  • Visit the best, study the best
  • Learn, practice, fortify things identified
  • Repetition is the Mother of Mastery
  • 4,000 things, 12 times or 12 things, 4,000 times???
  • Child prodigy – Ten years, never miss a day
coaching teamwork
Coaching teamwork
  • Great Teams are coached by leaders constantly getting better at leadership/coaching essential skills
  • Before improve usually must improve way we think
  • “Only the mediocre are always at their best”
  • “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better…..
  • So, what do you need to get better at?
what makes a great team leader
What Makes A Great Team Leader?

Your Strengths?

The strengths of your mighty forces??

Your biggest pay off activities – your vital few

Five Minutes to Fortify

Communication skills $$$$$

The only thing we really have control of is what we think and

the words we use

Every word counts $$$

You might consider getting better with words

Read – Listen – Write – Speak – Sell/persuasive

how to do it
How to Do It

“You will be the exact same person you are right now five years from now except fro the people you meet and the books that you read”….Charles “Tremendous” Jones

Identify the top 12 books or CD programs that will increase and improve your knowledge, attitude, and skills towards building stronger dreams and teams then invest in and pound them into your brain and heart, one per month.

what about you your personal productivity plan
What About You?Your Personal Productivity Plan?
  • “Influencers of Thought”
  • Your future, your responsibility
  • Self-study system??
  • How win friends, greatest salesman