Completing the 2013-14 California Dream Act Application - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

completing the 2013 14 california dream act application n.
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Completing the 2013-14 California Dream Act Application PowerPoint Presentation
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Completing the 2013-14 California Dream Act Application

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Completing the 2013-14 California Dream Act Application
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Completing the 2013-14 California Dream Act Application

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  1. Completing the2013-14 California Dream Act Application Event link: To see the presentation Event number:  669 765 060 Call-in phone number: 415-655-0001

  2. For help with the Dream Act Application Schools and advisors should call 888-294-0153 Students should call 888-224-7268

  3. Who is the Dream Application for? What assistance is available through the Dream Application? Accessing the Dream Act Application Signing the Application Where are the instructions and help for the application?

  4. Who is the Dream Application for? • The California Dream Act Application is for students who meet the qualifications of AB 540 • An eligible AB 540 student is a student who: • Attended a CA high school for 3+ years • Graduated from a CA high school or the equivalent • Enrolls in an accredited CA college or university • In case of student without lawful immigration status, filed an affidavit with institution stating that he/she has filed an application to legalize status or will file as soon as he or she is eligible

  5. AB 130 • Become effective for the 2012-13 year • Allows students who meet AB 540 criteria to apply for & receive private scholarships administered by the public colleges and universities, including • scholarships funded through private donors • alumni contributions • individual departmental efforts • For information about how and when to apply, AB 540 students must contact their financial aid offices

  6. AB 131 • Becomes effective January 1, 2013 as part of the 2012-13 year • Allows students who meet AB 540 criteria to • Apply for & receive institutional grants like UC Grant, State University Grant, Educational Opportunity Program (CSU) and Educational Opportunity Program & Services (CCC) • Apply for & receive Board of Governors fee waivers at the California Community Colleges • For 2013-14 year - Apply for & receive state financial aid, including Cal Grants and Chafee Foster Youth Grants for use at eligible public and private institutions

  7. Accessing the California Dream Act Application



  10. User ID Password Security Question

  11. Complete the Application Questions Find and check the Student Signature box near the bottomHit “Submit”

  12. You should get a Submit Success MessageIf not, check the application carefully for missing or incorrect information

  13. With successful completion you’ll see the Confirmation PageIf you see comment code 108, you need a parent signature. Click on the Parent Signature button

  14. Enter all data to retrieve the Parent PIN codeOnly one parent has to sign. Hit Continue

  15. Additional fields will appear.Complete and hit Continue.Note: You must enter the same wages data as entered for that parent

  16. Parent PIN will appearWrite it down!Hit Continue

  17. Important Facts Regarding the Parent PIN • You and your parents must decide which parent will sign the application • Only one parent can obtain a PIN number and this PIN is tied to the individual student • If there is more than one student submitting a Dream Application in the same household, the parent will have obtain a PIN number for each student. • Every time the student makes a correction on the application the parent will need to sign again.

  18. Now hit “Sign a Student Application”

  19. Enter all data and select “Submit Parent Signature” Hit Continue

  20. Now, enter the parent PIN and hit Continue.

  21. Parent will sign by clicking “Submit Signature Electronically” andHitting Submit Signature Button

  22. Now hit “Retrieve my Application”

  23. Next, enter your User ID and password

  24. “Click on this link to see your current Dream Act Application confirmation page”

  25. Note your Dream ID# and Expected Family Contribution Hit “Print this Page” Or Write them down.

  26. Once application is signed and a confirmation page with no corrections needed, the application information will be sent to all colleges listed on the application More colleges can be added by reentering the application and adding the colleges.

  27. What does the student do next? • Contact the colleges that will be receiving the Dream Application information to ask what is the next step • If a high school student – be sure to graduate • Keep those grades up!