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Hand Hygiene

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Hand Hygiene
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Hand Hygiene

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  1. Hand Hygiene

  2. Introduction Thousands of people die every day around the world from infections acquired while receiving health care. Hands are the main pathway of germ transmission during health care.

  3. Hand hygiene is the single most effective measure that healthcare workers, patients and the public can undertake to prevent healthcare associated infection which affect hundreds of millions of patients around the world every year.

  4. Any health care worker, caregiver, or person involved in direct or indirect patient care needs to be concerned about hand hygiene and should be able to perform it correctly and at the right time.

  5. Objectives 1- To teach the patients about their rights of health care workers hand hygiene and its importance. 2- To help in enhancing the awareness of the health care workers about the moments and methods of hand hygiene. 3-To create a reminder about the importance of hand hygiene to keep it in the mind

  6. Hand Hygiene Day 15th Oct.

  7. Message Hand hygiene is the single most important practice for patient safety as it takes only minutes but can literally save lives and drastically reduce Health care Associated infections (HCAI). Of note, is that according to the institution of medicine report, HCAI are second to medication errors in adverse events in hospitals. Therefore, we share in advocating patient safety through “Clean hands save lives”.

  8. We believe that focus should be addressed at simple acts that have a large impact statistically, rather than large acts that have minor or even limited impact.

  9. Our hand hygiene campaign aimed for both health care workers and patients using evidence based Programs for patient and staff empowerment in the context of hand hygiene improvement. Our activities included educational, motivational and reminder strategies.

  10. What else??

  11. Clean hands save lives ! Thank you

  12. Done by: Ohud Aljohani Haifa Kashkari RafahAtallah ReemaFelemban Dana Sawan MahaAlattas Rawan Hafiz KholudAtarji NoufAljedani BayanTash