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Dianna DaSilva -Glasgow Researcher

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Dianna DaSilva -Glasgow Researcher - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Research Work at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Guyana Presentation to the University of Guyana Economics Society (UGES) November 12, 2012. Dianna DaSilva -Glasgow Researcher. IDS Overview.

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dianna dasilva glasgow researcher

Research Work at the Institute of Development Studies, University of GuyanaPresentation to the University of Guyana Economics Society (UGES)November 12, 2012

Dianna DaSilva-Glasgow


ids overview
IDS Overview
  • The IDS is a Department within the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Guyana. It enjoys usual status of a university department operating under the framework of a duly constituted Faculty.
  • The IDS has its own staff. These are employed on the University of Guyana’s budget. However, part-time staff may be recruited as needed. The staff is financed by, and work for, various research projects, which the IDS undertakes.
ids overview1
IDS Overview
  • All members of the Faculty of Social Sciences, if they so desire, can participate fully as staff of the IDS, in research projects initiated by them or the IDS.
  • The IDS also makes provision for Visiting Academics/Researchers by granting attachments as Associates.

e.g. Tim Laing, PhD Candidate, London School of Economics

organizational structure
Organizational Structure
  • The IDS is the research arm of the faculty of Social Sciences, University of Guyana and therefore falls, administratively, under the purview of the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Technical management of the Institute, however, comes under the ambit of an appointed Director, Professor Clive Thomas, who is supported by a Coordinator.
current researchers at ids
Current Researchers at IDS
  • Professor Clive Thomas
    • Research Focus:
  • Dianna DaSilva-Glasgow
    • Research Focus: Regional integration and Development, International Trade and Agricultural Development
  • Dhanraj Singh
    • Research Focus:
past researchers of ids
Past Researchers of IDS
  • Desmond Thomas
  • Maurice Odle
  • Garfield Barnwell
  • Thomas Singh
  • Oneal Greaves
how does ids contribute to research
How does IDS contribute to Research?
  • Participating in conferences, seminars etc.
    • “Future Orientations For Research And Development In ACP Sugar Industries”. Clive Thomas (May 2009). Eleventh special ACP Ministerial Conference On Sugar “Adapting To Sugar Arrangements Under EPAS”
    • “Reflection on the Motives for Caribbean Integration and the European Union Experience Considered”. Dianna DaSilva-Glasgow, Mark Bynoe (PhD),(June 2012). Islands of the World XII Conference.
how does ids contribute to research1
How does IDS contribute to Research?
  • Publications in Journals, books, magazines etc.
    • Economic Partnership Agreement, ECLAC. CY Thomas
  • Production of Transition Journal and working papers
how does ids contribute to research2
How does IDS contribute to Research?
  • Collaboration with other Researchers and Research organizations such as:
    • The World Economic Forum, annual competitiveness study
    • Latin America Public Opinion Survey, Vanderbilt University, Texas
    • Adolescent Health and Well-being Study, University of Alabama
other activities
Other Activities
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Institutions with which IDS has worked:
    • Guyana Human Rights Association,
    • Ministry of Foreign Trade
other activities1
Other Activities
  • Consultancy
other activities teaching
Other Activities- Teaching
  • All full-time Academic Staff Members of the IDS are required to teach at the University preferably in the Faculty of Social Sciences. This teaching is at the maximum, limited to approximately one-third or a full-time teaching load.
other activities seminars
Other Activities- Seminars
  • “Tomorrow’s Guyana- A View from Today: Discussing the 2011 Budget Together”
  • Book Launch Consociationalism and Governance in Guyana, Transition, Special Issue (38-39),
  • Faculty Seminars, 2010 to present
types of research publications
Types of Research Publications
  • Journal- Transition, published every year since 1963
  • Periodicity of publication
  • Nature of subscriptions
  • Cancellations and refunds
  • Method of payment
  • Obtaining copies
types of research publications1
Types of Research Publications
  • Working papers, 20 produced to date
types of research publications2
Types of Research Publications
  • Newspaper articles
    • Guyana and the wider world article series
    • Budget series
    • Globalizations series
    • Guyana Norway Agreement
    • Low Carbon Development Strategy
    • EPA series
    • Global Financial Crisis
accessing ids publications
Accessing IDS’ Publications
  • Direct Subscription
  • Transition Journal
    • Institutional subscriptions (Overseas and Local)
      • US$25 or Gy$5000 plus the cost of postage
    • Individual subscriptions
      • US$15 or Gy$3000s the cost of postage
  • Working papers
    • US$6 or Gy$1200s the cost of postage
  • Special 15% discount rate for students.
how to subscribe
How to Subscribe?
  • Fill out and return the interest form
accessing ids publications1
Accessing IDS’ Publications
  • University Libraries
  • National Library
  • Libraries of overseas Universities
  • International Organizations and Embassies
  • IDS website
  • http://idsguyana.org/