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Business Ethics and Technology

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Business Ethics and Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Search the Web If you are interested in ethics conversations regarding technology, visit Business Ethics and Technology. 8. Chapter Eight Objectives. Identify the role of technology in business Understand the technological environment and its relationship to ethics

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business ethics and technology

Search the Web

If you are interested in ethics conversations regarding technology, visit

Business Ethics and Technology


chapter eight objectives
Chapter Eight Objectives
  • Identify the role of technology in business
  • Understand the technological environment and its relationship to ethics
  • Identify technological benefits and side effects
  • Realize an appreciation of society’s fascination with technology and its impact
  • Discuss information technology and biotechnology and their ethical implications
characteristics of technology
Characteristics of Technology

Benefits of Technology

  • Increased production of goods and services
  • Reduced labour to produce these goods and services
  • Reduced injuries in the workplace
  • Increased standard of living
characteristics of technology1
Characteristics of Technology

Side Effects and Challenges of Technology

  • Environmental pollution
  • The depletion of natural resources
  • Technological unemployment
  • Diminished work satisfaction
ethics and technology
Ethics and Technology

Concern over the ethical use and implications of technology:

  • Avoid amoral applications of technology
ethics and technology1
Ethics and Technology

Society’s Obsession with Technology

  • Favour the quick fix
  • The fear and worshiping technology
  • Blur the distinction between what is real and fake
  • Accept violence as normal
  • Love technology as a toy
  • Live our lives distanced and distracted
information technology
Information Technology

Two Key Impact Areas of Information Technology

  • Electronic commerce
  • Computer technology
information technology1
Information Technology

Issues Concerning Electronic Commerce

  • Scams
  • Invasion of privacy
top 10 online scams
Internet Auction Fraud

Internet Service Provider Scams

Internet Web Site Design/Promotions - Web Cramming

Internet Information and Adult Services - Credit Card Cramming

Multi-level Marketing/Pyramid Scams

Business Opportunities and Work-At-Home Scams

Investment Schemes and Get-Rich-Quick Scams

Travel/Vacation Fraud

Telephone/Pay-Per-Call Solicitation Frauds (including modem dialers and videotext)

Health Care Frauds

Top 10 Online Scams
e commerce privacy issues
E-CommercePrivacy Issues
  • Identity theft
  • Revealing personal information
  • Dispersing personal information
  • Fraudulent websites
  • Government distribution of information
  • Spying – by employer or spouse or stranger
  • Cyberstalkers
e commerce and government protection
E-Commerce and Government Protection
  • The Financial Services Modernization Act
  • FOIP
  • Proposed legislation
    • Consumer Online Privacy and Disclosure Act
    • Online Consumer Protection Act
    • Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Mail Act
e commerce and business initiatives
E-Commerce and Business Initiatives
  • Ethical leadership
  • Privacy policies
  • Chief privacy officers
e commerce questionable businesses and practices
E-Commerce: Questionable Businesses and Practices
  • Pornography
  • Gambling
  • Downloading
  • Monitoring technology
the workplace and computer technology the good news
The Workplace and Computer Technology – The Good News

The Employee’s Impression of Technology

  • Expands job-related knowledge
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves communications with clients
  • Relieves job stress
the workplace computer technology and surveillance the not so good news
The Workplace, Computer Technology and Surveillance The Not-so-good News

Types of Monitoring

- e-mail and Internet usage

- fax usage

- workers via video camera

- cell phone usage

- GPS equipped vehicles

unethical workplace employee activities
Unethical Workplace Employee Activities
  • Engaging in dangerous activities (cell phones & vehicles don’t mix)
  • Blaming errors on technology
  • Copying company software for home use
  • Accessing corporate files without permission
more unethical workplace employee activities
More Unethical Workplace Employee Activities
  • Computer shopping
  • Invading a co-worker’s privacy
  • Visiting porn sites and playing games
  • Seeking employment on company time
  • Bioethics deals with ethical issues embedded in the use of biotechnology.
  • Proceduralism deals with elaborate protocols to ensure classical ethical dilemmas do not arise, such as informed consent.
biotechnology genetic engineering
BiotechnologyGenetic Engineering
  • Stem cell research
  • Cloning
  • Genetic testing and profiling
biotechnology genetically modified foods
BiotechnologyGenetically Modified Foods
  • Safety issues
  • Labelling issues