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Friends of Saint Patrick Young Ambassador Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Friends of Saint Patrick Young Ambassador Program

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Friends of Saint Patrick Young Ambassador Program
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Friends of Saint Patrick Young Ambassador Program

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  1. Friends of Saint PatrickYoung Ambassador Program Picture: Antrim Coastline

  2. Congratulations! Welcome to the Friends of Saint Patrick Young Ambassador Program. You should consider your acceptance to the program a great accomplishment. You are about to embark on an invaluable and unforgettable experience. The purpose of this PowerPoint is to help with the preparation for your trip to Northern Ireland, and to also outline some of the expectations and responsibilities as Young Ambassadors. Hopefully, this will answer most of your questions, however, please feel free to contact your FOSP chapter President, or any of the previous Young Ambassadors. We have provided a list of contact information on the last slide. On behalf of all of the Friends of Saint Patrick organization, congratulations and thank you for your participation!

  3. Table of Contents • Northern Irish Culture Tips • Program Expectations • Packing Help • Before Departure • Expected Agenda • Dundrum • Dissertation • Contact List Picture: Saint Patrick Centre. Downpatrick

  4. Northern Irish Culture • “The craic” (pronounced “crack”) is a common term used in Northern Ireland. No, it is not a hardcore drug. It simply means fun, lighthearted entertainment/way of life. Ex. “Where’s the craic tonight?” • Tipping: Tip about 10-15% at the table. It’s not necessary to tip the bartender, but feel free to buy him/her a drink. Tip taxi drivers about 10%. • Relax. You are now on Northern Irish time and attitude, which is different from that of America. It is imperative to understand that things may not be planned out to perfection. Embrace and enjoy the spontaneity. • The Troubles. Obviously, it will be important to gain information about the conflict and current peace process, as many of your dissertation topics relate to the issue. Most people are willing to talk, just be mindful and sensitive to how you approach these conversations. Picture: Streets of Dundrum.

  5. YAP Expectations • Positively represent the United States and the Friends of Saint Patrick Program while in Northern Ireland. • Upon arrival home, promote a greater understanding of the shared cultural heritage of Northern Ireland in North America. • While in Northern Ireland, collect necessary research relating to your proposed dissertation topic. • Upon arrival home, complete your cultural research project in a timely and efficient manner. • Maintain an open mind, and willingness to be flexible while in Northern Ireland. • You will be on call when you arrive home. There are several required events you will need to attend as a Young Ambassador representing the Friends of Saint Patrick. • Have fun and enjoy the craic! Picture: View from cottage in Dundrum

  6. Packing HelpClothing • Friends of Saint Patrick polo • A couple pairs of nice khaki pants/skirts. For most formal group outings, you will be wearing your FOSP polos and Khaki bottoms. • 2-4 business casual outfits. These will be for when you go to your placements. • 3-6 free-time outfits. Keep in mind that you will be do everything from hiking in the Mourne Mountains, to visiting Northern Irish historical sites, to frequenting the local pub for a traditional Irish session. You will be able to do laundry. • Comfortable walking shoes • Raincoat • Weather in Northern Ireland during the month of June generally hovers around 65 - 75˚F. Though June is one of the sunnier months, expect some rain. Picture: Mourne Mountains, Silent Valley. Newry.

  7. Packing HelpExtras • Umbrella • Converter AND Adapter. In the UK, you do need both. • Laptop. If you have a laptop, you will have access to Wifi. • Camera • Towel (Dundrum cottages do not provide towels) • Peace garden rocks

  8. Pre-Departure • Dissertation prep? • Peace garden rocks? • Do your research - read up on history,political environment, culture, and geography.

  9. Expected Agenda - Week 1 Note this is just an example of last year’s schedule, This WILL change.

  10. Expected Agenda - Week 2 Note this is just an example of last year’s schedule, This WILL change.

  11. Dundrum You will be staying in the Dundrum Cottages in Dundrum. Most transportation is provided for group activities. You will, however be bussing into Downpatrick. The bus stop is about a 1 minute walk from the cottages. You’ll be taking the Ulsterbus system: Brennan’s and Spar are two convenience stores that are a five minute walk from the cottages. Suggested hotspots in Dundrum: Dundrum Inn (one of the best pubs in Northern Ireland) Dundrum Castle - a ruined Norman castle with great views of Dundrum, Dundrum Bay and the Mourne Mountains. Buck’s Head - nice restaurant, on the more expensive side though. Mourne Seafood Bar - great, fresh seafood. Newcastle is a fun town that is a 10 minute bus ride away, good for a little shopping and pub life. Dundrum

  12. Dissertation • Upon arrival back to the States, you will have 1 month to complete your dissertation paper on your pre-approved topic of choice. • There are no page requirements or limits, however the average paper is 7-15 pages in length (double spaced). • The paper does not have to be a formal research paper. Most are, but you do have creative freedom. Past dissertations have come in the form of school lesson plans, musical analysis and interpretations. Feel free to provide pictures and graphics. • Once finished, email the paper to Dr. Campbell and your Chapter President. Picture: Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Armagh

  13. Contacts • Allie Donnegan: • Bridget Ward: • Colleen White: • Jim McLaughlin: • Kate Whipple: • Mame Croze: • Maren Hagman: • Meghan Davy: