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European cuisine recipes

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European cuisine recipes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Poland France Italy Ukraine Germany. European cuisine recipes. The most famous dishes of Poland. POland. White borscht Short description : soup made ​​with leaven of flour having a distinctive sour taste. The most famous soup. Recipe for white borscht.

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the most famous soup

White borscht

  • Shortdescription: soup made ​​with leaven of flour having a distinctive sour taste.
The most famous soup
recipe for white borscht
Recipe for whiteborscht

Ingredients:pork ribs - 500 gramseggsKnorr white borscht, or other concentrateclove of garlic - 1 piececarrot - 100 gbay leaf - 1 piececelery - 100 gramsmarjoram - 1 pinchParsley - 100 gramsallspice - 2 or 3 grainspor - 100 gramscream - 150 grams

recipe for white borscht1
Recipe for whiteborscht

Method of preparation:

Boil the eggs, then peel the hard-boiled eggs and cut them into quarters, then set aside.

Peel and cut vegetables into smaller pieces. Then wash the meat, add the vegetables, pour about 2 liters of cold water and bring to boil.

Collect the resulting foam on top, then add the spices.

Boil the broth slowly for about 2 hours, then remove all of the vegetables.

Add the contents of Knorr soup handbags into a bowl, add some cream, and then distribute them into a small amount of broth.

Add everythinginto the boiling soup, stirring constantly – you dont wont to have to any lumps. Cook forabout 5 minutes. When the borscht is ready,serve it with pieces of eggs and a pieces of ribs.

the most famous main course


  • Shortdescription: for traditional Polish cuisine, Lithuanian and Belarusian dish of cabbage and meat.
The most famous main course
recipe for bigos
Recipefor Bigos


- 1.5 kg sauerkraut

- 0.5 kg white cabbage

- 0.3 kg of bacon

- 0.7 kg of pork (shoulder or pork)

- 0.5 kg sausage (such as Śląska, Podwawelska)

- 1 jar of tomato paste

- 2 bay leaves

- A few grains of allspice and black pepper grain

- salt

- Spices, eg Kucharek

- 2 glasses of red wine

- cumin

- marjoram

- Oil for frying

- Two tablespoons plum jam

- 2 ounces of dried mushrooms

recipe for bigos1
Recipe for Bigos

Method of preparation:

First rinse sauerkraut, putit into a pot with water and cook. Fry diced pork shoulder in oil

Secondlyadd the meat, spices, shredded cabbage, jam, mushrooms and tomato paste.

Then dice sausage and bacon and fry it in a pan. Add it to the pot with the rest of igrediens.

Stew it until it is tender over low heat. At the end of the cooking, pour some wine. Note that the stew has a better flavor when it is heated over low heat.

the most famous dessert


  • Shortdescription: thin, crisp pastries sprinkled with powdered sugar
The most famousdessert
recipe for faworki
Recipe for Faworki

Ingredients:     2 cups of flour     5 egg yolks     4 tablespoons of thick cream (22% is perfectly OK) 1 tablespoon of alcohol (6% of poverty vinegar)     2 tablespoons of butter     icing sugar for sprinkling     fat for frying (oil, lard)     pinch of salt

recipe for faworki1
Recipe for Faworki

Mix all the ingredients. Roll out the pastrythinly (1 mm) and cut it into strips of a few centimeters long (8-10) and 3-4 cm wide. Cut the strips along their center – to make a hole. Turn eachof the strips up –catch one of the ends and pull it through the hole. Fry faworkis in a large amount of fat until they are golden brown for about 5 minutes.


The Most Famous

Dishes of France

the most famous soup1

Onion soup

  • Shortdescription: meat and vegetablewith fried onions.
The most famous soup
recipe for onion soup
Recipe for onion soup

Ingredients:     6 large onions     6 tablespoons butter     tablespoon of flour     1 1/2 l vegetable stock     4 slices of bread     5 grams gruyere cheese or Emmentaler     cup dry white wine     tablespoon thyme     bay leaf     salt and pepper

recipe for onion soup1
Recipe for onion soup

Method of preparation:Peel onions, cut into thin slices. Simmer the butter until it becomes soft and transparent. Stir all the time and care that it does not brown too much, because at that time begins to determine the taste. Add the thyme and bay leaf. Simmer over low heat about 30 minutes.Increase fire to the color of onion has become golden brown. If you want the soup was suspension can brown tablespoon of flour and onions. Pour in the wine. Stir, and when the liquid has evaporated, pour the hot broth. (This may be water or broth with cubes, but gives only a taste of the power of true essential broth.)The soup simmer for about 20 minutes, taking off from the top forming a foam. Season with salt and pepper. The soup can be prepared a little earlier, well cool, and store (about 2 days) in the refrigerator.

most famous main course


  • Shortdescription: Snails can be cooked by boiling, roasting on a grill or stewing in the sauce.
Most famousmaincourse
recipe for snails
Recipe for snails

Ingredients:- 60-80 live snails- 2 handfuls of saltsauce:- 75 ml of water- 750 ml white burgundy- 1 small onion- 5 cloves- A bunch of herbs (dill sprigs of 3 thyme and parsley)Perfumed butter:- 40 g of butter- 4 grams of chopped shallots- 3 cloves garlic, chopped- 3 tablespoons parsley- salt- pepper

recipe for snails1
Recipe for snails

Method of preparation:Snails put into a container and cover. Leave in a cool place for a week. Put into a bowl and fill with salt. Stir until you get rid of the juice. Thoroughly rinse, set aside some time and rinse again. This operation, repeat 4-5 times.Put the snails into the pot and pour over cold water. Bring to a boil and cook 10 minutes. Encirclement and remove the snails from shells (shells intact.) Cut out and discard the black part of the snails.Make sauce: Stir the water with wine, spices, salt and pepper, throw in onions and cloves overloaded with a bunch of herbs.Put the snails and cook 3 hours on low heat. Drain (save the sauce). Melt the butter, add shallots, garlic and parsley. Cook for a minute, seasoning with salt and pepper.For each shell pour a spoonful of sauce cooking snails. Insert the screw and pour fragrant butter.Serve warm.

most famous dessert


  • Shortdescription: dessert, made with cream, egg, sugar, crowned with a layer of caramelized sugar. Usually served chilled in bowls.
Most famousdessert
recipe for creme brule
Recipe for cremebrule

• 500 ml double cream high-percentage 36%• 6 egg yolks• 1/3 cup white sugar• 5 tablespoons brown sugar• 1 vanilla beanwhen stored in a cream base with eggs, cream and sugar, crowned with a layer of caramelized sugar. Usually served chilled in bowls

recipe for creme brule1
Recipe for cremebrule

Method of preparation:In a saucepan, slowly boil the cream with white sugar and grains husk with a cut along the vanilla pod. When it starts to boil at the edges, take off the heat and gently cooling.     Yolks beating, but not quite, not fluffy. Pour warm cream with sugar, a spoonful, stirring each time, while trying not to aerate the cream. It is to be smooth, stiff and glossy but not fluffy.     Fill the molds, pouring the cream through a sieve.     Inserts for 50 minutes in the oven, preheated to 100 degrees.     Cooled down cream is cooled in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours or preferably overnight.     Each cream sprinkle 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and karmelizuję the sugar is dissolved and slightly flushed and formed a characteristic shell.

the most famous soup2

Minestrone soup

  • Shortdescription: soup based on vegetableses specially zucchini,

beans, carrots,green peasand spinach.

The most famous soup
recipe for minestrone soup
Recipe for minestrone soup

Ingredients:     1/2 cup dry white beans     1 small leek     a sprig of celery (or celery root quarter)     1 large onion     1 large carrot     1/4 head savoy cabbage     2 large tomatoes     2 medium potatoes     pumpkin patch (optional)     a few sprigs of parsley     bay leaf     a few leaves of basil     4 tablespoons olive oil     2 handfuls of noodles (short tube or elbow)

recipe for minestrone soup1
Recipe for minestrone soup

Method of preparation:Pour the washed beans overnight with 2 liters of cold boiled water. Carrots, potatoes, pumpkin and dice the celery, leeks, cabbage and onion coarsely chop.Cook beans in water, which is soaked after 30 minutes add the vegetables. Cook time 10 min. Blanch tomatoes, peel, remove seeds and chop, chop the parsley and basil and throw it all into a pot of beans. Boil for 10 minutes. Cook the pasta according to the recipe on the package (so that it remains firm). Drain, add to soup. The soup plates, sprinkle with freshly grated parmesan cheese.Minestrone can also cook the beans fresh. Then, a few hours of soaking, and vegetables add to the cooked beans after 15 minutes. If you use canned beans, cook vegetables first, we throw beans to the soup at the end.

most famous main course1

Italy pizza

  • Shortdescription: In the basic version is a flat cake of dry yeast dough (focaccia), spread with tomato sauce, sprinkled with grated mozzarella cheese

and herbs, baked in avery warm oven.

Most famousmaincourse
recipe for italy pizza
Recipe for italy pizza

Ingredients:0.5 kg of flour0.5 teaspoons of sugarteaspoon of salt0.5 cups of water30 g of yeasttablespoon of olive oiltomato pasteons (cheese, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, ham, sweet corn)

recipe for italy pizza1
Recipe for italy pizza

In a bowl, break the yeast, add the sugar, water, stir. When the solution will have the consistency of thick cream, allow to sit for several minutes. Sprinkleparties flour, salt and olive oil.Briefly knead the dough with your hands. Sprinkle flour until dough does not stand out from the hand. Make it into a ball, cover with a cloth and allow to rise.Carefully roll out the dough on floured countertop powder. Grease a baking tray and spread with fat in the dough, forming a raised edge.The top smear very thick tomato concentrate. Place the additives on the pizza, sprinkle with grated cheese. Bake about 25 minutes in the TEM. 250 degrees.

most famous dessert1


  • Shortdescription:dessert, which consists ofa layer of sponge cake soaked invery strong espresso coffee andAmaretto, Intowhich a layer of creammascarpone cheese,eggs, sugar and cream,and the whole sprinkled with a layer ofcoarsely ground flakes of dark chocolate.
Most famousdessert
recipe for tiramisu
Recipe for tiramisu

Ingredients:6 egg yolks6 heaped tablespoons of sugar50 grams of mascarpone4 tablespoons amaretto (can be replaced with another strong and clear alcohol)about 20 biscuits1.5 cups of strong coffee, freshly brewed and completely with cold (can be instant)2 tablespoons of the bitter, natural cocoaOptional: 2 tablespoons grated dark chocolate

recipe for tiramisu1
Recipe for tiramisu

Put yolks into a bowl, add sugar and grated mixer on high speed for 8-10 minutes, until the turn into fluffy kolgiel-mogoel -colored off-white.

I add to the weight of mascarpone and blend one minute, until completely connect to the egg.

Add amaretto coffee.

Biscuits immersion in cold coffee for 2-3 seconds, then gently shaking them, removes excess fluid. In a flat dish arrange a layer of biscuits, pour them 1/3 of. In her arrange another layer of soaked sponge cake, pour the cream.

I repeat again for (number of layers depends on the size of the vessel, sometimes there are more, sometimes less, at the top is to be ground).

Dish carefully wrap with plastic wrap, and place at least 4 hours (or even better the whole night) in the refrigerator.

Before serving dessert cuts into squares with a knife dipped briefly in hot water and gently take out the bowl. Sprinkle each portion of cocoa and chocolate.

the most famous soup3


  • Shortdesciription: Cooked with beets, cabbage, vegetables, bacon and a significant amount of cream.
The most famous soup
recipe for ukraine borsht
Recipe for ukraineborsht

Ingredients:- 0,5 kg of beef on the bone;- 0.4 kg white cabbage,- 0.25 kg beetroot,- 150 tomato puree 30% (3/4 jar)- 0.4 kg of potatoes,- 1 parsley root,- 2 medium carrots,- 1-2 onions,- 4 kopiaste tablespoons sour cream 18%,- 2 tablespoons sunflower oil- 1 tablespoon vinegar- 1 tablespoon sugar- Flour for the roux,- 50 g butter,- 5-6 cloves of garlic,- 6 grains of pepper,- 4 grains of allspice,- 4 large bay leaves,- Salt.

recipe for ukraine borsht1
Recipe for ukraineborsht

Method of preparation:Boil broth, drain, separate the meat from the bones, put separate. Peel beets and cut them into small strips. Add the beets to the skillet, add oil, vinegar, sugar and tomato paste. Add a little broth and simmer beets in przecierze półmiękkości to the state. In another skillet, fry in butter, diced onion, and sliced ​​into strips, carrots and parsley root. Throw in the potatoes to the broth and boil, then add shredded cabbage. After 15 minutes, add the contents of both pans and pepper, allspice, bay leaves and cook another 15 minutes. At the end add a roux made ​​with butter, crushed garlic and parsley. Allow the pot for at least an hour. Serve reheating, being careful separately for each plate: first serving of beef from the broth, then a large spoonful of cream and sprinkle with a mixture of everything posiekaej pietrzuszki parsley and dill.

most famous main course2


  • Shortdescription: Potato Cutlets meat, prepared with minced meat and potatoes. Served with salads topped with butter.
Most famousmaincourse
recipe for galushki
Recipe for galushki

Ingredients:     1 kg potatoes, cooked     15 g of ham, chopped     2 tablespoons flour     3 tablespoons sour cream     1 egg, beaten     2 tablespoons butter     salt and pepper

recipe for galushki1
Recipe for galushki

Method of preparation:To prepare gałuszki, potatoes and sausage to grind in a food processor, then mix with flour, butter, cream, egg, season with salt and pepper. From the resulting mass to form small balls and bake in the oven until golden color.

most famous dessert2

Dumplings with chesse

  • Shortdescription: filled with white cheese with the addition of raisins.
most famous dessert
recipe for dumplings with chesse
Recipe for Dumplings with chesse

350 g of flour     1 egg     approximately 125 ml of lukewarm water     salt     400 g of cheese     50 g of sugar     1 egg yolk     20-30 g przesmażonej orange peel and sugar     50 g of raisins     splashing butter dumplings     1 tablespoon breadcrumbs     250 ml sour cream

recipe for dumplings with chesse1
Recipe for Dumplings with chesse

Grate cheese with egg yolk and sugar in a uniform, relatively thick mass. Add the finely chopped orange peel and rinsed raisins. Mix thoroughly. Roll out the dough thinly. Cut a circle of diameter 6-7 cm. For each ring stuffing (not too much, because the cheese expands in cooking and dumplings may break, make the dough in half and stick together. Boil in plenty of salted boiling water. Throw parties to the boiling water, stir, cover, and when you rise to the surface, remove the lid, cook for 1-2 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon, drain, transfer to warmed platter. Serve topped with melted butter. You can also sprinkle with buttered bread crumbs brown. Separately give a thick, sour cream.

the most famous dishes of germany


The Most Famousdishes of Germany

the most famous soup4


  • Shortdescription: a thick soup, cooked meat, fish or mushroom broth with aromatic spices herbs
The most famoussoup
recipe for soljanka
Recipe for soljanka

Ingredients:1.5 l of strong beef stock (or can be of cubes)200g of good smoked bacon200g roasted, aromatic sausage intense flavor2 medium onions (preferably red)1 hot red pepper50 g green olives50 g black olivesa handful of capers3 cloves of garlic3-4 pickled cucumbers more1/2 cup drained from pickled cucumbers ("solianki")1/2 cup thick tomato puree2 bay leaves3-4 grains allspiceteaspoon marjoramteaspoon hot pepper powderfreshly ground peppersmall lemonsour cream

recipe for soljanka1
Recipe for soljanka

Method of preparation:Bacon slicing a small cubes and fry in a strong heat, stirring frequently. whenbegins to brown, I add diced sausage and cook for a big fire,until bacon is crispy. Cooked Translate into a bowl, and the remainingthrow fat diced onion. When is soft, add a very smallchopped peppers (without seeds!) and press by prague garlic. frya few more minutes, stirring.All the fried ingredients are put into boiling broth. Pour solianka ofcucumber and tomato puree. Add the bay leaves, allspice,marjoram, paprika and pepper to taste (do not need to, or slightlysalt). Cook 10 minutes on a very high heat (soup should be slightly bubbling), theand add olives, capers and some chopped cucumber in small cubes.Cook another 10 minutes.Before giving to any portion impose a "blob" of sour cream and a slicelemon, peeled.

most famous main course3

white sparaguswith dutchsauce

  • Shortdescription: Dutch sauce served with potatoes and parsley
Most famousmaincourse

Recipe for białe szparagi w sosie holenderskim

Ingredients:after 9 white and green asparagus (peeled cleaned)with 2 slices lean bacon, smoked ham and Parma ham Grandma5 g of oscypek in thin slices1.5 tablespoons of buttersugarsalt200 ml clarified butter1 eggjuice of 1/2 lemonsugarsaltpepper

recipe for bia e szparagi w sosie holenderskim
Recipe for białe szparagi w sosie holenderskim

Method of preparation:Make the sauce: egg, lemon juice and seasoning mix in a high bowl. Pour the melted portions, warm butter, mixing until the sauce thickens slightly. Cook asparagus in salted boiling water and posłodzonym (green 4 minutes, white minute longer). Encirclement and fry in hot butter, remove, and at the same butter, sauté the slices of bacon, ham, and Parma ham Grandma. Encirclement sausage on a paper towel. In casserole arrange slices oscypek, the asparagus and ham them. Pour Hollandaise sauce. Turn on the oven grill (or set the upper heating at high temperatures), insert a form with asparagus. Bake 4-5 minutes.

most famous dessert3


  • Shortdescription: hot apple pie. Dish consisting of a slightly sour apples, raisins dipped in rum and cinnamon wrapped in a sheet of thin paper like dough.
most famous dessert
recipe for apfelstrudel
Recipe for Apfelstrudel

Ingredients:     250g plain flour type 550     1 egg     pinch of salt     1 tablespoon soft butter     1 tablespoon vinegar     100ml milk     approximately 1.5 kg of apples (should be sour)     100g raisins     3 tablespoons rum     100g of sugar     70g breadcrumbs     50g butter

recipe for apfelstrudel1
Recipe for Apfelstrudel

Method of preparation:Preheat oven to 200 ° C.Mix flour, oil, egg, water and lemon juice to produce a dough. Roll out the dough very thinly, spread with butter, sprinkle with breadcrumbs.Peel apples and cut into thin slices.The cake rozwałkowane put apples, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Close all in a roll.Bake about 45 minutes in preheated oven at 200 ° C.Sprinkle with hot strudel with icing sugar.