child abuse policy
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Child Abuse Policy

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Child Abuse Policy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Child Abuse Policy. Revised Summer of 2008. HEAD START of Greater Dallas, Inc. 3954 Gannon Lane Dallas, TX 75237-2919 Training Department: (972) 283-6428 or (972) 283-6427. Child Abuse Policy.

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child abuse policy

Child Abuse Policy

Revised Summer of 2008

HEAD START of Greater Dallas, Inc.

3954 Gannon Lane

Dallas, TX 75237-2919

Training Department: (972) 283-6428 or (972) 283-6427

child abuse policy1
Child Abuse Policy
  • A person observing a child with bruises, scratches, etc. must report it to Child Protective Services (CPS). If the person observing is unsure if it is child abuse or neglect, he/she, in conjunction with the Site Manager, will make the report.
child abuse policy2
Child Abuse Policy
  • No attempt to investigate
  • Do not delegate making the report
  • Call to CPS can be anonymous or in your name
child abuse policy3
Child Abuse Policy
  • If you identify yourself you must complete Child Abuse Incident Management Checklist Forms #1 and #3 and forward this to the Site Manager by the end of the working day.
child abuse policy4
Child Abuse Policy
  • A Site Manager following an accusation of child abuse must not conduct or initiate an investigation of the alleged incident. This could contaminate the evidence.
  • The responsibility for the investigation is with CCL.
child abuse policy5
Child Abuse Policy
  • A call to CPS (1-800-252-5400), a police report will be generate
  • Reporting employee will complete Licensing Violation Incident Management Checklist forms #1 and #3

If an employee is accused of Child Abuse the following will happen

child abuse policy6
Child Abuse Policy
  • The Site Manager will notify parents of the report.
  • The Site Manager will notify the Human Resources Manager who will notify the Associate Head Start Director.
  • The forms will be delivered to the Human Resources Director that day.
child abuse policy7
Child Abuse Policy
  • CCL will be contacted and informed of the report (forms 1 & 3).
  • The HRD & AHSD will determine the placement status of the employee involved.
  • If the employee is reassigned or placed on approved leave, the employee will be notified via hand delivered or certified letter.
child abuse policy8
Child Abuse Policy
  • No staff member will discuss the incident unless it is on a need to know basis.
child abuse policy9
Child Abuse Policy
  • Minimum Standards 746.2803
  • A caregiver may only use positive methods of discipline and guidance that encourage self-esteem, self-control, and self-direction
child abuse policy10
Child Abuse Policy

Minimum Standards 746.2805

  • Discipline and guidance must be consistent and based on individual needs and development
  • Positive methods which encourage self-esteem, self-control, and self-direction
child abuse policy11
Child Abuse Policy

Some violations of minimum standards:

  • Lack of supervision
  • Inappropriate discipline and guidance
  • Cruel of unusual treatment
  • Corporal punishment or threats of this
  • Pinching, shaking or biting
  • Hitting a child
  • Humiliating, ridiculing, rejecting or yelling
  • Harsh, abusive or profane language
child abuse policy12
Child Abuse Policy

Following an accusation of 746.2803 or 746.2805

  • Contact Site Manager
  • Site Manager will contact Licensing Rep. and the HRD
  • Site Manager will complete Licensing Violation Incident Management Checklist forms #2 and #3.
  • Site Manager will notify parents
child abuse policy13
Child Abuse Policy
  • Site Manager will hand deliver forms #2 and #3 to the HRD that day
  • The HRD and AHSD will determine leave status and or placement of the accused individual
  • Formal notification will be given to the accused if reassigned or put on leave status
  • No discussion of incident
child abuse policy14
Child Abuse Policy

In all cases that involving a possible violation of minimum standards the determination of the accused status with the agency during the investigation period and afterward will be made by the Site Manager, Associate Head Start Director, Head Start Director, and the Human Resources Director.

child abuse policy15
Child Abuse Policy

If a staff or volunteer is arrested for any criminal offense of the Penal Code it is to be reported to the Human Resources Department within 24 hours.

child abuse policy16
Child Abuse Policy
  • Alleged offender will be suspended until the matter is legally resolve.
  • Staff members will be suspended without pay until it is resolved.
  • After 60 days of suspension position could be filled.
  • After 120 days employee will be terminate.