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Various. I’ve been learning how to use Vidyo (EVO replacement) Some (slightly contradictory) instructions here… https :// and http ://

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Presentation Transcript
  • I’ve been learning how to use Vidyo (EVO replacement)
    • Some (slightly contradictory) instructions here…
      • and
    • The most painful parts are dealing with the Tandberg and muting people
    • I will make “easy” instructions and run them by Misha for the CSC meeting tomorrow…
    • We can try this meeting soon, if there is interest?
  • 25ns scrubbing that had been planned for Thur-Sun is postponed
    • They cannot inject enough to make it happen
    • My impression: there needs to be a breakthrough or there will be ~no 25ns this year…
  • Need to go sit with folks working on ME1/1 electronics
    • Request “… either sit with us and explain them or update the source code to properly handle the new DCFEBs and TMB?”
    • I think I’ll sit with them tomorrow…
  • Need to flesh out idea to make the efficiency numbers more useful
    • Presently have “Delivered,” “Recorded,” and “Golden”
    • I think it is easy to quantify hardware problems and time spent commissioning
    • May be tough because people like to blame people for problems, not quantify them

G. Rakness (UCLA)

to do
To do
  • Run Coordination
    • Work on “Golden” certification + documentation of hardware downtimes
    • Talk at October Upgrade/CMS week by Run Coordination
    • Follow up database check
    • Follow up HCAL reconfiguration after clock changes
    • Rework shift leader training
    • Make shift summary Elog template for shift leader
  • CSC
    • Check ALCT slow control firmware at 904… then at p5 on chamber with strange ADC values
    • Finish documentation of CSC timing
    • Put firmware into SVN
    • RAT firmware loading
  • As well…
    • Make neutron skims

G. Rakness (UCLA)