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Agenda. Take Notes Collect Map and Map Keys – in basket staple maps 1 st Note Cards. Day 3 Review: . Africa, Imperialism, the Russian Revolution, South Asia & Indian independence, WWI, WWII & the Holocaust .

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  • Take Notes
  • Collect Map and Map Keys – in basket staple maps 1st
  • Note Cards
day 3 review

Day 3 Review:

Africa, Imperialism, the Russian Revolution, South Asia & Indian independence, WWI, WWII & the Holocaust

Direct democracy – government where people make decisions and rule for themselves (ex. ancient Athens, New England town meetings)

Indirect democracy – government where people elect representatives to rule with their consent (ex. a republic)

north africa geography
North Africa: Geography
  • The Nile (union of Blue and White Nile)
  • Silt deposits
  • Aswan High Dam
  • The Sinai Peninsula (E.of Nile)
  • Suez Canal between Sinai and Egypt - connects Red Sea to Med.
  • The Sahara: world’s largest desert
    • Sand dunes and dry streambeds
  • Atlas Mountains N.west side of Sahara (13,600 ft)
african culture animism

African Culture:


African Culture: Animism
  • There is one Creator God & Lesser Gods associated with Sun, wind, rain, trees, rivers & other nature
  • These Gods can bring harm/ benefit to Humans
  • Souls of the departed can intervene in descendants lives
  • African ritual:
    • Prayers, animal sacrifice, ceremonies
    • Honor deities, spirits, or ancestors
    • African Diviners: Individuals who have an ability or by special training can mediate between humanity and supernatural beings


Political Rivalry



Source for









For Colonization

Military& NavalBases

Markets forFinishedGoods



Places toDumpUnwanted/Excess Popul.


Soc. & Eco.Opportunities


the african slave trade
The African Slave Trade
  • 1500’s demand for slaves increases as colonies are settled- Americas need for a large, free labor source
  • 1600’s demand for slaves increases because of plantations
  • West Coast of Africa affected the most
  • Middle Passage: route between Africa and the Americas

1. Abolition: movement to end slavery


2. 1807: End of slave TRADE

3. 1834: Slavery illegal in Great Britain

4. 1865: Slavery illegal in U.S.

5. ****Industrial Revolution: slavery less profitable*****

Effects: Diaspora of West African people

  • seasonal wind that dominates the climate of South Asia
  • Benefit:
  • plant seeds in dry land
  • plants take root before the rains come


  • rains too late – plants die
  • too much rain – plants wash away
south asia india the independence movement
South Asia- India & the Independence Movement
  • 1800s Indians resent British rule- Indian National Congress forms
  • Mohandas Gandhi leader of indep. movement of 1920s/30s
  • Gandhi’s Salt March = Strategy of Civil Disobedience/nonviolent protest
  • GB finally agrees- tensions between Hindu & Muslim communities call for separate nations - avoid civil war GBcalls for partitionof India
  • 1947 Two indep. Countries formed: Partition of India & Pakistan
the russian revolution
The Russian Revolution:

1. 1914 Russia enters WWI- widespread discontent (Causes: economic issues, class issues & famine)

2. Tsar Nicholas II Abdicates- collapse of tsarist regime

3. Provisional Govt. takes control

4. Fall of 1917 Lenin & Bolsheviks

overthrow provisional Gov.t

5. Lenin dies 1924- power struggle- Stalin wins- implements 5- Year Plans, Collectivization, Great Purges

origins of wwi
Origins of WWI
  • Causes of WWI: MANIA (Militarism, Alliances, Nationalism, Assassination)
  • Turmoil in the Balkans “The Powder Keg of Europe”
  • Rival Nations: Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, & Serbia battle for territory
  • Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand visiting Sarajevo in Bosnia- assassinated by member of Serbian Black Hand
  • Austria blames Serbia  AH declares war on Serbia, Germany declares war on Russia & France  GA goes through neutral Belgium  Great Britain declares war on GA

Allied Powers:

Central Powers:

World War I

  • 1919 Paris Peace Conf.:
    • Wilson
    • Orlando
    • David Lloyd George
    • Clemenceau
  • Treaty of Versailles:
  • Germany not even allowed to send delegates
  • Article 231 – GA must accept full blame for war
  • GA forced to give up overseas colonies
  • Disarmament-
  • Rhineland =DMZ
  • War Payments: GA war reparations $300 billion
wwii 1939 1945
WWII 1939-1945
  • The Axis Powers: Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy , & Japan
  • The Allied Powers: Great Brit, France, the Soviet Union, & the US
  • Appeasement- policy of letting the aggressors have what they wanted, in hope they would demand no more
  • Fascism: a Hyper nationalistic system in which common causes and enemies are identified
  • Nazi-Soviet Pact/ Non-Aggression Pact- Hitler seeks to reach agreement with Stalin b4 invading Poland- therefore agreement keeps USSR neutral & allows for his invasion
  • Sept. 1st 1939 Hitler’s invasion of Poland
the end of wwii
The End of WWII
  • US new Pres. Truman (feared an invasion of Jpn, would cost millions of lives) warns Jpn of its new weapon- they refuse so US drop atomic bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki
  • June 1944 D- Day invasion (Operation Overlord. Normandy) Brit, French, Canadian and American troops, ships, and aircraft land on coast of France
  • Surrender of Axis 1945

Jpn continues struggle

The Holocaust- The systematic annihilation of six million Jews

effects of wwii
Effects of WWII:
  • Superpowers- US & the Soviet Union
    • Cold War: new struggle between US & Soviet Union
    • 1940-1970 massive wave of decolonization (freedom to African & Asian colonies)
    • Shift of internatl. trade