JRN 302: Introduction to Graphics and Visual Communication
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Thursday, 2/20/14 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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JRN 302: Introduction to Graphics and Visual Communication -ID and PS demos: swatches, gradients -Exam 1 Review. Thursday, 2/20/14. Class Objectives. Lecture ID and PS Demos: swatches, gradients Exam 1 Review Homework assignment Study for Exam. Photoshop and Swatches.

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Thursday 2 20 14

JRN 302: Introduction to Graphics and Visual Communication-ID and PS demos: swatches, gradients-Exam 1 Review

Thursday, 2/20/14

Class objectives
Class Objectives

  • Lecture

    • ID and PS Demos: swatches, gradients

    • Exam 1 Review

  • Homework assignment

    • Study for Exam

Photoshop and swatches
Photoshop and Swatches

  • Default swatches are tedious to delete one at a time

  • To clear them out, click on swatches panel flyout

    • Replace them with the file called “empty_swatches.aco” (found on our class web site Tutorials page or our JRN 302 server folder)

  • To save them and move them to another Photoshop and computer, click on swatches panel flyout

    • Save swatches (as ACO files) or…

Moving ps swatches to id
Moving PS Swatches to ID

  • In PS, instead of “Save Swatches”, you’ll want to choose Save Swatches for Exchange” and save an ASE file

  • In InDesign

    • Look at Swatches tab

      • Click on the flyout and “Load Swatches”

Use the kuler extension
Use the Kuler Extension

  • Open up Kuler

  • <Window <Extensions <Kuler

  • Go to Browse, Find a color scheme (last 7 days, 30 days, all time…)

  • (Left) click on name of scheme

    • (left) click on arrow- add to swatches panel

  • On Swatches panel, appears at the end

Ps gradients
PS: Gradients

  • Can use default gradients Photoshop gives you

    • How to do (own your own) http://help.adobe.com/en_US/photoshop/cs/using/WSfd1234e1c4b69f30ea53e41001031ab64-77e1a.html

    • Select gradient button (behind paint bucket)

    • Choose type (most common to do linear)

    • Click on color box showing gradient

      • Can change the color swatches

      • Can add color to gradient

      • Can change opacity

Ps gradients1
PS: Gradients

  • Can apply gradients to entire design

  • Can apply gradients to whatever you have selected

    • In the case of text… choose a “beefy” font

      • “Rasterize” the Text layer (to change it to pixels by right clicking on layer name and “Rasterize Type”)

      • Select the type pixels

      • Apply Gradient to it

    • Same thing with shapes

      • Rasterize the layer

      • Select pixels

      • Apply Gradient to it

Ps free gradients grd files
PS: Free Gradients (.grd files)

  • On your own…

    • Also can upload free .grd files www.deviantart.com is good

      • Do search for “grd gradients”

      • Downloads are .rar files

        • I used 7-zip (http://www.7-zip.org/) to open these to extract and get grd

Id gradients
ID: Gradients

  • Most commonly used gradient is one color to white in a simple shape (us PS for complex shapes)

    • Draw your simple shape/object

      • In toolbar, make fill be gradient

      • To edit gradient, <Window <Color <Gradient

        • Type is normally linear

        • Can angle

        • To change to color… click on one of the color blocks

          • <Window <Color

          • On flyout, change to RGB

          • Select your new color

Id gradients1
ID: Gradients

  • To add a color stop to your gradient

    • Have object selected

    • <Window <Color <Gradient

      • Click on the gradient to get a new color

      • In <Window <Color, change that color

  • If you want a gradient to go from one color and blend to a transparency… do this in PS