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ÁDAMMO. Beginning. Adammo is the new pop revelation of the Peruvian scene. Adamm began with the idea of Ezio Oliva and Jose Monzon that was to play some issues that had made when they were at high school.

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  • Adammo is the new pop revelation of the Peruvian scene.
  • Adamm began with the idea of Ezio Oliva and Jose Monzon that was to play some issues that had made when they were at high school.
  • The band si form with four young musicians: Ezio (vocals), Nicholas (guitar), Renzo (bass) and Diego (drums)
  • They joined forces and decided to work together to achieve their music dreams.
  • The band's name comes from a Greek dialect which means "the pleasure of doing something." In this case, the pleasure of making music.

Garage Bands

  • Their career began on 2007, when they decided to participate in "garage bands“, the biggest rock bands contest in the country, organized by Studio 92, one of the main radios here in Peru
  • More than 200 national bands participated there
  • Adammo got discovered because they won the contest

Before the fame

  • The next year, after reaching an agreement with management Kandavu Productions, Adammo started playing on shows that had excellent response from the audience.
  • Finally, in August of 2008, they had the opportunity to be carriers of the group Camila.
  • There were hailed and listened by nearly 10,000 attendees who knew little or nothing of them.

"Sin Miedo"

  • At the end of 2008, they sent the video of their single “Sin Miedo" to MTVLA, where shortly afterwards ranked among the top 10 rated videos.
  • They even reach the top of the ranking of the agenda 10 + orders, a position they held for 30 days.
  • Total surprise: out of the blue they appeared and almost beat bands which a large trajectory.
  • They had a great reception by the Latin American audience.

Debut Album

  • Since March 2009, it is available their debut album, also titled “Sin Miedo."
  • In April of this year at the club Voce, there was the official presentation of their disc
  • Everything were a great experience: fans waiting before the show, sold out and a signing session that lasted almost 2 hours.
  • Confirmed: Adammo fever is now a reality.

"En tus Sueños"

  • A few months ago they also finished recording a clip from “En tus Sueños", the second single.
  • The video was made by the director of the first and has a high level of production.
  • There career has really taked off and now they are becoming very famous.

What is it?

  • Musically, Adammo is a musical band with an interesting proposal, mixed with good results: the aggressiveness of rock and pop versatility.
  • The songs have a great control of the composition and arrangements, together result in a new disc full of energy
  • Adammo is that and more, is the energy between four friends and that is what they transmit to the public in every song

What would happened if...

  • If they had not formed a band, they would not have been famous
  • They probably would have sung alone, if they would not joined.
  • If they had not sent their video “Sin Miedo” to MTVLA, they probably would not have had that fame.
  • They had talent and they were at the right place at the right time, didn't they?