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A Day of Fasting PowerPoint Presentation
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A Day of Fasting

A Day of Fasting

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A Day of Fasting

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  1. A Day of Fasting 2006 Talibiddeen Jr.

  2. It’s Ramadhan!

  3. Time for a month of fasting and blessings, insha Allah

  4. What’s it like to fast for Ramadhan?

  5. Come with me and see!

  6. Brnngggg! goes the alarm clock. Ummy sets it extra early so that we can get up to eat suhoor

  7. Since I’m a little older this year, I’m going to help make suhoor.

  8. Some days we eat egg sandwiches…..

  9. Some days it’s a nice hot bowl of oatmeal….

  10. and on the days we wake up a little late ….

  11. It might be leftovers….

  12. Suhoor’s cooking up, so I go and wake up the rest of the fasters….

  13. We serve and eat suhoor. Everyone eats and keeps an eye on the clock….

  14. Sometimes we have lots of time until the adhan….

  15. And sometimes we finish just in the nick of time……

  16. That’s the adhan for Salatul Fajr Now we must stop all eating and drinking until Maghrib….

  17. What’s next? Well, it depends….

  18. Sometimes we go back to sleep for a while….

  19. Sometimes we stay up and read or recite Quraan..

  20. A little later we may read a little bit about Ramadhan or fasting and do some school work….

  21. The afternoon rolls around. Sometimes I am very hungry…..

  22. Some days, Ican’t believe it is almost time to break my fast… I’m not hungry at all..

  23. About half an hour before maghrib, everyone rushes around cleaning up and deciding what we will have to break our fast.

  24. Then the time we have been waiting for is here…….

  25. The muadhdhin calls the adhan for Salatul Maghrib…..

  26. Everybody takes a bite of food and a sip and says the duaa for breaking the fast….

  27. Those who are at the age of praying, pray Salatul Maghrib

  28. and then we sit down at the maidah to a yummy dinner.

  29. And that’s how a day of fasting usually goes for my family…. How about yours?

  30. The End Tell or write about a day of fasting in your family in your very own Ramadhan Journal from Talibiddeen Jr. Stop by Talibiddeen Jr. for more stories and Islamic and general homeschooling learning materials