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Hotel Management

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Hotel Management

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Hotel Management

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  1. HOTEL MANAGEMENT Presentation by ANNA KOCH Professor , Hotel Management College, Chennai.

  2. HOTEL MANAGMENT Hotel management is one of the largest business activities across the globe. It is important because good hotel management can give a boost to the local economy. However, the impact on the economy varies from country to country.

  3. Hotel Management becomes vital when a country wants to become a top tourist destination in the world. Most of the biggest hotel chains in the world have their corporate headquarters in the United States.

  4. There are more than a million hotels in the United States of America and almost seven million food service operations. The food service industry is the number one private employer in the United States.

  5. Hotel Management Courses in Chennai can be taken from the SaiInternational Institute of Hotel Management and Catering. Sai is also the only Indian Institute to provide Carving courses. THE INDUSTRY

  6. HOTEL MANAGEMENT COURSES • Hotel Management Course In Chennai • Hotel Management & Catering Technology • Degree In Hotel Management, International Institute Of Hotel Management • Diploma In Hotel Management • Bsc In Hotel Management • Top Hotel Management Colleges In India

  7. With the thriving food service and tourism industries, there are a lot of job opportunities available for someone who wants to excel in this field. With so much competition, hotels are looking to hire the graduates from a good degree program in Hotel Management

  8. Broadly, the industries of food service, hotels, tourism and travel are referred to as Hotel Management Industry. So, most schools in the United States are named of Hotel and Restaurant Administration.

  9. The main objective of these schools is to train the students to become successful managers in either the lodging industry or the food service industry. Lodging industry includes all hotels, motels and resorts, while restaurants, bars, nightclubs and food service on cruise ships etc. come under the domain of food service industry. 

  10. Catering Courses in chennai is being conducted by Sai International Institute of Hotel Management, Catering & Carving for students who are all passed or failed in their 10th and 12th exams. Jobs are guaranteed, and even part time jobs and accomodation are provided while learning. Learn Vegetable Carving & Fruit Carving courses Sai International which is the only Indian institute to offer this course. Characteristics of The Hotel Management

  11. The boom in the Catering Courses industry has resulted in the immense growth of hotel industry. Now these days Well-qualified hotel managers are now in ever increasing demand in cities and tourist resorts across the globe and so the acquisition of the relevant skills, and evidence of those skills, can provide for an exciting and very rewarding career in the widest choice of locations CAREER IN HOTEL MANAGEMENT INDUSTRY

  12. The Functions and Departments of a Hotel

  13. HOTEL MANAGEMENT Learn Advanced Hotel Management & Catering Technology at Sai Internation Institute of Hotel Management in Chennai. Sai is also the only indian institute to provide carving course with a foreign tie ups. Sai international institute of hotel management is the only Indian Institute that has a standards of an International range. Sai offers Diploman in Hotel Management, degree in hotel management, bsc in hotel management and Masters in culinary skills. For More information Please Visit : Hotel Management