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Individual Counseling Service PowerPoint Presentation
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Individual Counseling Service

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Individual Counseling Service - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Individual Counseling Service

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  1. Individual Counseling Services The main motive of Individual Counseling Service is to assisting people with n numbers of concerns. Anna Chandy, a professional and experienced transactional analyst practitioner certified in Art Therapy and Neuro Linguistic programming. She is a passionate counselor, supervisor, trainer and motivational speaker. In this individual counseling, she helps people to explore their emotional and behavioral issues to immediately solve them.

  2. About Anna Anna is the first Supervising and Training Transactional Analyst Practitioner from India accredited to International Transactional Analysis Association with a specification in Counseling. She is also certified in Neuro LInguistic Programming and Art Therapy. Anna is passionate About her work in coaching, mentoring and work life balance. She has more than 19 years of experience and still travels every year to learn, train and increase her skills and knowledge to benefit her clients. Anna has travelled the globe in her quest for learning and has had meaningful learning and training experience in the Netherlands, India, Oxford and USA.

  3. Programmes Relational Coaching Coaching involves working with an individual or group, towards enhancing their skills, knowledge or work performance. Anna offers coaching: For individuals who want to develop professional excellence at the workplace. For individuals who want to transition to entrepreneurship. For individuals who want to change career path or come back into professional space after a break.

  4. TA - Advance TA Advance facilitates a deeper understanding and application of the TA theories in an individual’s personal and professional life. It is ideal: For those having experienced a brief TA101 and wants to experience a more in depth experiential understanding and insight to themselves towards enhancing their resources,strengths and abilities. For therapists, counsellors, coaches, educators, social and community workers to build professional expertise and excellence. For those who want to become TA Practitioners by certification. For those who want to “Invest in Self”. For those want to learn for learning.

  5. TESTIMONIALS Priya Mathikalath I have known Anna for over 7 years now. Met her as a counsellor and she has played multiple roles i.e. coach, TA supervisor and consultant. Her contemporary approach to TA supervision, counselling and coaching have supported me in reflecting and gaining different perspective, both professionally & personally. She periodically hones her skills through travel & exposure to other approaches in TA space and shares it abundantly with her TA group. She has also worked as consultant in Titan and Mahindra Retail in building gender sensitivity, group & leadership coaching and she is on board the Anti Sexual Harassment committee. The one word that comes to my mind is “Abundance”. That’s what Anna offers in her space……abundant support to empower people.

  6. Contact Us Address:Anna Chandy1102,Alila Hotel & Residences,100/6 Varthur Road, Bangalore 560066e-mail / info@annachandy.comCALL for Pricilla 91 7411 485664 Website: