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but why wait when you can be the change

Waiting for a Change?

But Why wait when you can Be the change?

The New Age Media welcomed Websites like Facebook, Flipkart, Yebhi, Orkut and Many More and now Its time for

the power of youth
The Power Of Youth just Needs To Be Channelized and To Do So We have This Platform where Youth Can Connect and Share there Thoughts amongst an Audience which they have been Desiring for and i.e.


Youth is no Longer a Minority or Lacks Intellect. In India itself , around 30% is Youth. Once They are Bind Together Then they can Turn the Whole Country Upside Down.

Each One Of Them Is An “ANNA” in themself.

They Only Need a Direction and

Cupispeaks.comis making an Effort To Do So.

cupid speaks and youth

Cupid Speaks and Youth ?

Cupid and Youth ?

Seems to be an unusual combination isn’t it ? But When Orkut could an impressive social network then can flare with impressive work.

Cupid Speaks

is metaphorical to the fundamental of Sharing and Sharing with Love. On we welcome everyone to share their opinion , views, ideas, and much more!

how when and why was launched by On 21st April for a Test Run By Two Passionate Individuals Akshita Jain And Ankul Barar. The Concept behind the Website was to have a Volunteer Platform where Youth can explore there talents, Talk out what They Really Feel and Explore What the Fellow Youth Is “Upto”.

  • The Website sees its audience In The Age Group of 16 to 30 Years but there is something for everyone In
  • speaks about Technology , Movies, Sports , Reviews, Fashion , Shopping and Much More.

This makes The Experience Of Each Visit as Fresh as The First Visit will be !

How, When and Why ?
cupid speaks network is an volunteer online magazine which gives opportunity to the youth to connect and share there thoughts in the form of articles , poems, features and sharing comments.

Site’s Beta Version was Launched

On 21st April ‘ 2011

You can Visit It At:

Visit and Catch the Vibe

Cupid Speaks Network:
being a chatter box

Chatar Patar :

A Discussion board which was launched on 21st August’2011. It’s a Discussion Board which will be Student oriented where students can discuss the new Buzz on Campus , Share Notes, get Free E-books, Free Software Downloads but that is not it. Chatar Patar also enables its users to share updates on Bollywood, Hollywood, Movies, Sports, Spirituality and More!

Being A Chatter Box
feed your intellect with documentaries

On 21st September is taking another new step and expanding its Network By Launching One of The Largest Documentaries Library for Our Audience. This is going to be not only a treat for Media Students but also for Young Film Makers but also for people who are sensitive about world issues and happening and are willing to seek Truth Behind what Media Reports.

Feed Your Intellect With Documentaries
shop at cupidspeaks com

Cupidspeaks.comis not just a online magazine but A Network for The Youth and to create that Team of is soon going to venture into Online Shopping Arena which will not only enable the youth to get the Best Deals but also to enable them to monetize there Art and Earn from It. It will enable them to share there Talent and Art With Others.


Shop At
our vision

To be For Youth Of Not Only India but Around The Globe.

  • Deliver The Audience with content which They will Cherish For A Long Time.
  • Provide Today’s Youth an aspiring, intellectual and challenging Atmosphere.
  • To Make YouthPut Their Best Foot Forward.
for more queries

Contact Us At:

+91-9873842728, +91-9654818264

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