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Presented By: Jeanne Foulon, President October 7, 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Presented By: Jeanne Foulon, President October 7, 2010

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Presented By: Jeanne Foulon, President October 7, 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Expanding Your Website’s Reach. New Jersey Bank Marketing Association Fall Seminar. Presented By: Jeanne Foulon, President October 7, 2010. Building A Website Is Not Enough. How Do You Get Found by Your Prospects & Customers?. Online Marketing Tactics for Expanding Your Website’s Reach.

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Presentation Transcript

Expanding Your Website’s Reach

New Jersey Bank Marketing Association Fall Seminar

Presented By: Jeanne Foulon, President

October 7, 2010

online marketing tactics for expanding your website s reach
Online Marketing Tactics for Expanding Your Website’s Reach
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Advertising
    • Local Search
    • Banner Ads
    • Pay-Per-Click
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
email marketing9
Email Marketing
  • One of the most powerful marketing tools available for developing and retaining relationships with your customers
  • Email can help make your website a

financial resource center for your


  • Drive existing customers to website

or landing pages for cross-selling

and promotions

email marketing10
Email Marketing


  • Easy to implement
  • Use online banking customer list to start
  • Build list from website
  • Low cost – high ROI
  • Go to market fast
email marketing11
Email Marketing


  • Trackable
  • Allows for testing
  • Allows for segmentation
  • Helps you gather information from


online advertising local search
Online Advertising - Local Search
  • Local Search Marketing
    • Create a local business profile or listing on Google Maps, Google Places & YAHOO! local
    • List with local online directories -,
    • Listings are free in most cases
    • Time and effort to implement and maintain
online advertising banner ads
Online Advertising – Banner Ads
  • Multiple size &


    • Skyscraper
    • Rectangle
    • Tile
  • Multiple options

for ad placement

  • Pay per impression – like print newspaper ads
  • Smaller websites may charge annual fee, not by impression
Use for
    • Branding
    • Grand Opening
    • Rate Driven Products
  • Look for local section
  • Easy to change campaigns and graphics
  • Geo-target campaigns to fit your profile
  • Flight time: 3-6 months
  • Average click through rate on banner ads: .05%
online advertising pay per click
Online Advertising – Pay-Per-Click

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising?

  • PPC involves creating and placing ads containing keywords in prominent positions on search engine results pages.
  • Advertisers bid on

keywords the search

engine uses to

determine ad

placement and how

often the ad will be



Online Advertising – Pay-Per-Click

  • Only pay for an ad when a visitor clicks on ad and is taken to the advertiser’s Website
  • Ads are targeted to the local, regional or national market served

Pay-Per-Click Ads

online advertising pay per click18
Online Advertising – Pay-Per-Click

Benefits of PPC

  • PPC drives qualified leads through
    • Email
    • Landing pages
    • Form submissions
    • Phone calls
  • Track results with online, on-demand reporting
  • Specialist assigned to your account
  • Change keywords and campaigns on the fly
  • Multiple ads running during campaign
  • Ongoing campaign optimization
online advertising pay per click19
Online Advertising – Pay-Per-Click

Costs of PPC

  • Set up fee
  • Monthly ad budget for purchase of keywords
  • Monthly maintenance and reporting fee
  • Suggested flight: minimum of 3 months

How To Get Started

  • Your creative or web agency
  • Google or YAHOO!
  • Network Solutions
  • In-house

Use For

  • Rate Driven Products
ppc vs seo
  • When you enter a keyword at a search engine like Google, you get back two types of results:
    • Paid search ads or “sponsored listings”
    • Natural or “organic” results
  • Getting your website to rank as high

as possible in natural search results is accomplished through SEO.


Natural or Organic Search

Paid Search – PPC

seo search engine optimization
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization is the process of making changes to your Website to improve its chances of ranking well on search engines. This includes:
    • keywords that people might use to search for your business
    • putting the keywords in right place in your Website’s content
    • having sufficient content on each of your Website pages
seo search engine optimization24
SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Basics of SEO

  • Optimize your website’s content for keyword phrases specific to your business
    • Search engines look for keywords or phrases in specific areas of your Website
    • To rank higher in search results you should identify the most effective keywords
  • Create your own keyword list or use

online keyword suggestion tools

  • Google’s Free keyword suggestion tool:

seo search engine optimization25
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Look at your competitors’ Websites. Using Internet Explorer, view their keywords by selecting “View” and then “Source” from the menu bar at the top of your browser.
  • Look for a line in the code called “Keywords Content” which will list the keywords used on that page.


seo search engine optimization26
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Place keywords in the parts of your Website where the search engines will look
    • titles
    • headings
    • subheadings
  • Spread keywords throughout the content of your site
    • Each page should contain about 250 – 600 words of unique content with 4 or 5 occurrences of your targeted keywords
    • Use no more than three keywords per page
seo search engine optimization27
SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Page Title

Meta Name Keywords

Meta Description Tag

seo search engine optimization28
SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Get your Website “Crawled” by the Search Engines

  • Significant factors determining your site’s search ranking is the presence of links from other sites to yours
  • The more Websites linking to your site, the more search engine spiders will visit your site and find new content quickly
  • Here are some methods for obtaining links:
    • 1. Ask for links
    • 2. Directory links
    • 3. Press Releases
    • 4. Blogs
  • You can find out who links to you already:
seo search engine optimization29
SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Tracking and Measuring Results

  • Use a keyword ranking program to see how your keyword phrase ranking positions go up and down over time
  • Use web analytics to track to what your visitors are doing on your site
    • See how many visitors you get each day
    • Which search engines your visitors are using to find your site
    • Which keyword phrases they are using to get there

Maintain Good Results and Use Best Practices

  • Tweak and change the content on your Website
  • Add new keywords occasionally
  • Constantly add new or update content
seo search engine optimization30
SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Be Patient and Consider Professional Help

  • Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing, gradual process of testing, measuring, and refining
  • Do not expect a top ranking in Google overnight
  • Achieving high rankings can take as long as 6 to 12 month
  • Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving - consider professional help
in summary
In Summary
  • Understanding of Online Marketing Tactics for Expanding Your Website’s Reach
  • Picked Up a Few Tips
  • Didn’t Fall Asleep 
questions answers
Questions & Answers

Jeanne Foulon, President